Volume 1 Chapter 75 - Invitation from the Business Union

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 75 Invitation from the Business Union

After visiting the Angola Tribe, Xu Yi stayed for another half a day and gave some information on material research to chief Siluka and chief Monto before finally leaving.

Camby didn’t leave with him and chose to remain.

After chief Monto prepared the hundred dwarves, Camby would lead them back.

As for Xu Yi, naturally he needed to head back to Banta City first to prepare some things.

Because there was a road leading to the main road from Norma City, the travel schedule didn’t require an entire day’s travel like before. However Xu Yi left the Norma Tribe at noon and when he arrived in Banta City, it was already turning dark.

Even though it was a bit late, Xu Yi directly headed to the factory outside the city.

Although it was already under the cover of night, the two factories were brightly lit up and it was clear they were working overtime.

During this time, working overtime had already become a habit for the two workshops.

The dwarves in the magic machine workshop were all working hard on the agricultural magic machines the nobles had made orders on. As for the household magic machine workshop led by Heinz, they were all working until dark because of how popular the Magic Rice Cooker was.

Actually there were some interesting developments with the Magic Rice Cooker.

Xu Yi had designed the Magic Rice Cooker because of a sudden idea that had appeared in his mind, he didn’t think that much about it back then. When the Magic Rice Cooker was made, he found that there was a serious problem. It was that the staple food source around Banta City was grains and the bread made from those grains were the staple food around Banta City.

The Magic Rice Cooker’s abilities were very simple right now, it could only be used to cook rice and it couldn’t be used to cook bread at all. So unlike what Xu Yi had expected, the sales inside Banta City weren’t that high.

After realizing this problem, Xu Yi immediately changed his strategy. He marketed the Magic Rice Cooker to the surrounding cities, especially selling large amounts in Karma City that was famous for their rice paddies.

This chance in their plan was very appropriate. After seeing how convenient it was to cook rice with the Magic Rice Cooker, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce immediately received large amounts of orders.

Just in Karma City alone, from the companies that worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the Magic Fans before, their orders added up to a total of over seven thousand.

Adding in the orders from other cities, as well as the demand from Banta City, the task the household magic machine workshop faced now was having to make over sixteen thousand Magic Rice Cookers in a month!

Even if it was much easier to make Magic Rice Cookers compared to Magic Fans, which made it much faster to make, this was still a very tiring task.

But for a fellow like Heinz who only knew how to worry about not having any work to do, this was a very happy thing for him.

During this time, Heinz had been in the workshop daily supervising everything, even sleeping in the workshop at night, rarely returning to Banta City. There were many times when Heinz’s wife had come looking for him and they had started arguing in front of Xu Yi.

But Heinz became very excited every time the factory was filled with work, so how could he have the mind to listen to others.

After Xu Yi found that talking to him didn’t work, he just let him do what he wanted.

Heinz as the factory manager went all out, so the workers under him naturally couldn’t be lazy.

There was no need to mention the hundred slaves he borrowed from Viscount Leslie, even the hundred workers recruited after all worked very earnestly. Whenever one entered the workshop, they would always see a bustling working scene.

Of course, the reason why the workers were so full of zeal was that Xu Yi had told them through Heinz that they would receive overtime pay!

This was a very new thing for them.

For these workers, they had never heard of the concept of working overtime before.

In their knowledge, since they came to work here, they did whatever the boss told them to do, or they wouldn’t receive their wages.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had opened their eyes.

Because the Magic Rice Cooker hadn’t been sold yet, so the workshop’s work wasn’t too heavy, so they strictly followed the work schedule of eight hours a day.

The workers were confused back then. Clearly there were many things to do still, so why was their rest time each day for so long?

There were many workers who were even unsettled by this. Such a strange company, could it be there was a problem?

After being here for a few days, as the Magic Rice Cooker was sold to the other cities and large amounts of orders came in, Heinz announced that they would by working overtime. The workers all became assured and felt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just like any other company.

But at this time, Heinz then announced that they would also receive overtime pay which confused the workers even more.

What was overtime pay? Didn’t we already discuss our salary? Could it be that after we finish the work we should do, the company will pay even more money to us?

Of course, having extra money is a good thing and the overtime pay wasn’t small. Calculating this, it was more effective to work overtime than to work their normal jobs.

So not only did the workers not reject overtime, they were actually hoping for it.

Now that they were working overtime each night, Heinz found that even though these workers were exhausted each day, they actually were quite enthusiastic when they worked overtime.

Heinz was very confused about this situation, but Xu Yi felt it was very normal.

This system was copied exactly from earth and compared to the Sines Continent, this system from earth was much more advanced.

In terms of increasing enthusiasm among workers, compared to the Sines Continent’s method of treating their workers as pack animals, there was no doubt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s system was better.

The most obvious example was that the household magic machine workshop’s work efficiency actually increased and there were fewer problems that occurred. It was clear that the workers were focused on working and invested all their minds on it.

With their current speed, it was no problem for them to finish the order.

When Xu Yi walked into the household magic machine workshop, Heinz was inspecting the final assembly process of the Magic Rice Cooker with a very focused expression. Only when Xu YI walked over and patted him on the shoulder did he react.

“You’re back?” Perhaps it was because he had shouted too much in the workshop, but Heinz’s voice was a bit hoarse, “How did it go?”

“It’s done. If nothing unexpected happens, Camby will bring back another hundred dwarves. You…..” Xu Yi suddenly stopped.

He wanted to have Heinz prepare places for the hundred dwarves, but seeing Heinz’s red eyes, his words stopped.

“What about me?” Seeing that Xu Yi suddenly stopped, Heinz asked this in a confused voice.

“Nothing.” Xu Yi shook his head. He looked over the workshop before patting Heinz’s shoulder and saying with a sigh, “You’ve worked hard. With such a large order, you must have been working hard for several days now, right? Heinz, I urge you to pay attention to resting and give some matters of the workshop to Alex to handle. If you really collapse from exhaustion, Ria will curse me to death.”

Heinz gave a cold snort, “What does she know? She just needs to stay home and take care of the kids, does she need to care that much?”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. Based on how Ria treated Heinz before, he must not have had a high position in his home before. Now that Heinz earned more and more money from investing in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could stand straight when facing Ria.

“No matter what, you need to take care of your body. We have few managers in our company right now and if we’re missing you, the factory won’t be able to hold on.”

Heinz loved hearing this the most and he immediately stood straight while patting his chest. He said in a strong voice, “Relax, my body is fine, there won’t be any problems. But you’re right, my work right now is very important, so I will pay attention to my body.”

“Then that’s good.”

After talking to Heinz about a few things related to the factory, Xu Yi prepared to leave, but Heinz seemed like he suddenly remembered something.

“That’s right, Xu Yi, the Business Union of the city sent you an invitation the day before yesterday. It seems like they want to invite you to their whatever banquet.”

“An invitation from the Business Union?” Xu Yi was surprised before revealing a smile, “Heinz, it seems like our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is becoming a large company in Banta City.”

Heinz laughed, “That’s right, if those fellows didn’t recognize it as a large company, they definitely wouldn’t have invited you as the chairman to their banquet. So? Are you going?”

“Yes! Why wouldn’t I go?” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “As a large company recognized by the Business Union, it is a very significant matter. How could I give up such a good thing?”

Heinz also smiled and kept nodding, “Right, right, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has only been established for three months and it’s already being recognized by the city’s Business Union. Not to mention being the first in the Lampuri Kingdom, we’re probably even rarely seen on the entire Sines Continent. This is something others will envy if they learn of this.”

Heinz took out the invitation after he said this. Xu Yi took it to look over and found that the invitation was indeed sent by Banta City’s Business Union and it was actually signed with the Business Union president’s name.

Based on this, it seemed like the Business Union felt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was quite important.

He waved his hand to let Heinz return to his work and Xu Yi looked over the invitation again. The look of joy that he had gradually disappeared and this time he slightly knit his brows.

“It seems like those fellow really have keen noses, they’re already locking onto us this quickly.”