Volume 1 Chapter 77 - Transferring slaves

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 77 Transferring slaves

“Xu Yi, you really want to go to that boring banquet?” Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi with knit brows as he was filled with confusion, “Could it be that you can’t tell those fellows don’t have good intentions? Although your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed well, there is still quite a big difference before you become a real large company. Those fellows trying to pull you in now, it is nothing more than wanting the technology you have.”

“Lord Viscount, you have a 30% share in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it shouldn’t be ‘your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’, but rather ‘our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Alright, since it is ‘our’ Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I have even more right to talk about this. I am explicitly telling you that I am against you going to this banquet and oppose you getting together with those sly old foxes.” Viscount Leslie serious said, “Although I don’t like boasting, you have to admit that in Banta City, I as Viscount Leslie have a bit of influence. As long as you don’t seek your own death, I can promise that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can develop safely. You don’t need to care about those fellows at all, you just need to focus on developing more magic machines, why do you need to care about them?”

“Of course I believe the Lord Viscount has this ability. But Lord Viscount, your understanding of business is a bit shallow.” Xu Yi said without any politeness.

Viscount Leslie gave a snort, “Oh? Then tell me, what is a not shallow understanding like? As a little fish, you want to jump into a tank of sharks to seek your own death?”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Perhaps you’re right, compared to those large companies in the Business Union, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a small fish. But Lord Viscount, not a single company can exist alone. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products are unique and there are no copies, but you must understand that our company is still closely related to other companies. For example, the most important material in making magic machines, iron. We are currently buying from the Falcao Chamber of Commerce because they control all the iron mines around Banta City, so we have no other choice.”

Viscount Leslie nodded and said in a deep voice, “I’ve heard that half a month ago, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce increased the price of pig iron by another 10%, right?”

“That’s right. Recently our company has made large orders, so naturally we needed large amounts of pig iron. For the Falcao Chamber of Commerce to seize the chance to raise the price is a very normal thing.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile.

“You can still smile?” Viscount Leslie looked at the smile on Xu Yi’s face and he became angry without knowing why, “The Falcao Chamber of Commerce raised it by 10% this time, but what if they raise it by another 10% next time? Could it be that you’re willing to keep suffering?”

“What can we do if we don’t suffer? Lord Viscount, I think you’re more clear on this, but who is the master behind the Falcao Chamber of Commerce?” Xu Yi said without any changes to his expression.

Viscount Leslie was a bit surprised as his anger scattered and he waved his hand in an annoyed manner.

Of course he was more clear on this than Xu Yi. The Falcao Chamber of Commerce didn’t seem that special, but behind the company that held 40% of the Lampuri Kingdom’s iron trade was the giant Jole Family.

The Jole Family was one of the top families in the Lampuri Kingdom. Not to mention a small Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even the family behind Viscount Leslie had to think it over before provoking them.

“Then what can we do? Iron is the most fundamental material in making magic machines, we can’t just not use it. If the Falcao Chamber of Commerce keeps raising the price, how do you plan on dealing with it?” Viscount Leslie couldn’t help asking.

Xu Yi didn’t have any anxiety on his face, rather he lifted a cup to take a sip before slowly saying, “Lord Viscount, you don’t need to worry about this. The rise in the pig iron price is expected and I would have found it strange if it didn’t rise. But for stuff like raising prices, there is a certain limit. There are just too many places that need pig iron and there are many companies that need it as well, it isn’t just our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If the Falcao Chamber of Commerce raises the price too high, there is no need for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to do anything and the other large companies would do something for us. No matter how excessive the Falcao Chamber of Commerce becomes, they wouldn’t go as far as selling to other companies at a different price than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right?”

“They definitely wouldn’t dare, but Xu Yi, don’t you feel this is too passive?”

“Of course I feel that way, so I agreed to go to the banquet.” Xu Yi revealed a smile as he returned to the original topic, “There are some things where if you don’t participate, you won’t have the right to say anything. Naturally, everything else will require you to be passive.”

“But aren’t you afraid that after you participate, you’ll be swallowed by them?” Viscount Leslie said with a frown.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Lord Viscount, if I was that easy swallow, it would be good news for you. It can tell you that I am not worthy of your investment, don’t you think?”

Viscount Leslie gave a cold snort. He nodded at Butler Brunei who had been silent on the side the entire time and Butler Brunei turned to pick up a document.

“This is the transfer contract for those slaves, look it over.” Viscount Leslie put the documents in front of Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie with a somewhat surprise gaze, “Lord Viscount, I never thought that you would actually agree!”

When it came to payday at the factory a few days ago, Xu Yi was worried by the wages of the household magic machine factory’s slaves again.

This was because those slaves were the property of Viscount Leslie, so it was very hard for Xu Yi if he wanted to give them wages.

He couldn’t directly give them gold coins and it was troublesome giving them benefits, plus he had to ask for Viscount Leslie’s agreement first.

After that, Xu Yi tried proposing to Viscount Leslie to directly sell him those slaves, saving him the trouble.

Viscount Leslie had disagreed back then and Xu Yi thought it was hopeless, but he never thought that he would be thrown a transfer contract now.

“You already said it before, this is my investment in you. Those hundred slaves is a part of that investment, I hope that you can pay me back for this investment.” Viscount Leslie said without any expression.

Xu Yi quickly looked over the contract and found that there were no problems. He immediately signed his name onto the contract.

As long as this document was verified by a kingdom’s law enforcement institute, it would immediately come into effect. From now on, those hundred slaves belonged to Xu Yi.

Viscount Leslie took the contract from Xu Yi’s hand to look over, but he didn’t immediately sign it. He looked at Xu Yi and raised his right index finger.

“I can give you those hundred slaves, but there is a condition. I have not written it in the contract and it is a verbal agreement between us, so listen well.”

Xu Yi wasn’t that surprised, he just gave a gentle nod.

“In a month, there will be three hundred slaves who enter the factory. You must teach those three hundred slaves how to produce all the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently has. Including the household magic machines like Magic Fan, the Magic Rice Cooker, and the Magic Air Conditioner, as well as heavy magic machines like the small Magic Harvester and the small Magic Plowing Machine. Do you understand my meaning?”

Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie with narrowed eyes for a bit before slowly asking, “Lord Viscount, can I ask you where those three hundred slaves are coming from?”

Viscount Lesli’s face turned cold, “It’s best if you don’t ask too much, there aren’t any benefits to you. I am only asking you, can you agree to this?”

Xu Yi spread his hands and said with a bitter smile, “Can I not agree? Not counting the fact that the Lord Viscount is a major shareholder, just based on the fact that you are transferring a hundred slaves to me, I have to agree to this. No problem, I will talk to Heinz and Camby and tell them to properly train those three hundred slaves, they will not hide anything. Of course, Lord Viscount, I cannot guarantee that those three hundred slaves can understand everything since every person is different.”

Viscount Leslie nodded, “I understand this, you just need to properly teach them.”

“Then that’s fine. I still have another question, how long will they stay? If the time is too short, I don’t think they will be able to learn anything. If their stay is longer, it’s best if you give me an estimate time so I can make preparations. Otherwise, once they leave, it will affect the work speed of our factory.”

“It’s estimated to be half a year. We’ll see what changes there are in half a year and I will tell you ahead of time,” Viscount Leslie said.

“Alright, I understand.”

Seeing Viscount Leslie sign his name on the contract, Xu Yi revealed a smile from the bottom of his heart.

Hearing that Viscount Leslie wanted to place three hundred slaves in, Xu Yi was a bit surprised. But after he heard his request, Xu Yi wanted to laugh.

Viscount Leslie had requested him to teach the three hundred slaves how to produce the light and heavy magic machines, but he had forgotten a very important technique. Which was the manufacturing technique for the magic production machines.

It had to be known that although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many production lines, producing close to ten different kinds of magic machines, the foundation of that were the simple magic production machines that made the component parts without stopping.

If one could grasp the production method of the magic production machines, one could truly grasp the core technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi guessed that these three hundred slaves came from the family behind Viscount Leslie. They wanted these three hundred slaves as a foundation to create another Frestech Chamber of Commerce, creating benefits for the family behind Viscount Leslie.

The family behind Viscount Leslie had large influence and if they grasped these techniques, as well as invest into a company, their scale could instantly surpass that of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But Xu Yi couldn’t understand why Viscount Leslie didn’t ask him to teach those three hundred slaves how to make the magic production machines.

Viscount Leslie was not stupid, he was very clear on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was impossible for him not to see the important use of the magic production machines.

“Could it be that it was on purpose?” Xu Yi tried guessing, “But why would he do that?”