Volume 1 Chapter 81 - How about I marry you?

Chapter 81 of 100 chapters

The horse carriage’s wheels rolled over the tiles and it made faint sounds, as it headed into the night in a relaxed manner.

The compartment was as silent as the night outside. Akali who was always filled with words had been silent since coming into the carriage for an unknown reason, as her head was down while she was thinking something. Xu Yi was leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed, revealing an exhausted look on his face.

This first meeting with president Rank’s group could be considered both sides being happy on the outside, with both sides being satisfied with the result.

But Xu Yi as very clear that this effect was very hard to achieve.

Based on the display of president Rank and the others, they had already made up their minds. They wanted to swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But their table manners were just too ugly, actually without even waiting for Xu Yi to agree to joining the Business Union, they proposed that Xu Yi take out the core technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If Xu Yi didn’t have other plans, he would have slapped the table and left.

Thinking of the joyful expression president Rank and the others had when he agreed to transfer the technology, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a cold laugh in his heart.

Those fellows, they made it sound so nice, saying that as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce joined the Business Union, he would be able to enjoy the many benefits and that he would be able to cooperate with the companies of the Business Union. But if one looked at it closer, they would find that they had dug a large hole for him to jump in.

If Xu Yi was really that stupid, sharing the technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, with the difference in ability between a real large company and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would have been swallowed not long after.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi felt it was strange. Properly speaking, those fellows were chairmen of large companies, so their minds wouldn’t be weak, so did they really think Xu Yi was that stupid?

Thinking about it, Xu Yi understood.

Those fellows didn’t think Xu Yi as stupid, but they were certain that the conditions they gave as a large enticement to Xu Yi.

To Xu Yi’s Frestech Chamber of Commerce, being able to join the Business Union was already very prestigious matter. Being able to cooperate with those large companies, they would be incomparably lucky. If it was another small company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they definitely wouldn’t reject this kind of enticement.

But why did they never consider that Xu Yi’s image of the development of magic machines had already surpassed everyone else on the Sines Continent. He was already thinking about creating a complete industrial system on the Sines Continent, how could he be enticed by these small enticements.

Those fellows had dug a hole for Xu Yi to jump in, but they never would have thought that Xu Yi had dug an even bigger hole for them.

The plan Xu Yi took out in the end for president Rank in the end was simple because on the paper, Xu Yi proposed that he would share the Magic Fan building technology with all the members of the union. If the other members of the union wanted to build Magic Fans, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would support them with technology and would help the other members establish a production line.

The only condition that Xu Yi raised was that when the other members sold a Magic Fan, they would have to pay the Frestech Chamber of Commerce five silver coins each time.

Compared to the two gold coin price of the Magic Fan and the over a gold coin profit, five gold coins weren’t even worth mentioning.

So president Rank was very surprised because he thought the condition Xu Yi raised was too simple.

Of course he was clear on the fact that asking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to transfer their magic machine technology was a very excessive matter, so Xu Yi would definitely raise many conditions. But he never would have thought that Xu Yi would only raise this simple condition.

From what president Rank could see, Xu Yi’s plan was basically the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving up the large market of Magic Fans.

This was because as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave up the Magic Fan production method, with the powerful might of their companies, they could easily squeeze the Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of the market.

Even with this condition, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gaining five silver coins for each Magic Fan sold, compared to the large profit of the Magic Fans, these five gold coins was just the fat skimmed off the soup.

After seriously reading through Xu Yi’s plan and after questioning him a bit, president Rank and the chairmen of the other five large companies were all filled with zeal over Xu Yi’s plan. President Rank even immediately announced that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was joining the Business Union.

Although Xu Yi had only given up the technology for the Magic Fans, these people knew that president Rank wanting Xu Yi to give up all his magic machines was like the lion opening its mouth too wide. No matter how dumb Xu Yi was, he would never agree to this matter.

Having him give up this Magic Fan technology was already taking the most crucial first step.

With the first step, there could be a second and a third.

Anyway, Xu Yi had already joined the Business Union and there was time and opportunity to slowly swallow the technologies the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had one by one.

After clinking wine glasses to celebrate, chairman Rank’s group was happy, but Xu Yi’s smile was happier.

These fellows thought that they had earned a large bargain getting this Magic Fan technology, but they never knew that in Xu Yi’s eyes, they had fallen into Xu Yi’s hole.

Actually before these fellows, there was another company that had already obtained the Magic Fan technology, which was Saltan City’s Farsak Chamber of Commerce.

Right now, the Farsak Chamber of Commerce with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s help had already established a Magic Fan production line and it could be said they had many of the core technology for the Magic Fan. Moreover, they had sold over three thousand Magic Fans last summer, earning a profit of over three thousand gold coins.

And this as profit earned while being suppressed by the Leo Chamber of Commerce. Now that the Leo Chamber of Commerce had many serious quality issues, the Farsak Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Fan sales would increase by a large amount next year.

On the surface, it seemed like the Farsak Chamber of Commerce who had grasped the Magic Fan technology was already earning a stable profit from the Magic Fan technology. It seemed like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had lost a large market in Saltan City because of this.

But Xu Yi saw this as a completely different matter.

The Farsak Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Fan production line completely relied on the magic production machine the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them. Just based on selling these magic production machine, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already earned several hundred from the Farsak Chamber of Commerce. And compared to this sale, adding in the maintenance and repairs for these magic production machines, they could earn even more profit.

The more important thing as that because the Farsak Chamber of Commerce used the magic production machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided, it meant the Magic Fans produced by chairman Farsak were all produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s standards.

For example, there were two kinds of screws currently being used in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan. A small three centimeter screw and a large five centimeter screw. The Magic Fans produced by the Farsak Chamber of Commerce used these to kinds of screw because their Magic Thread Rolling Machines came from the Frestech Chamber of commerce, so they couldn’t change the shape of the screws at all.

Not to mention that Xu Yi had carefully designed the Magic Fan, so casually changing it would cause large problems.

In short, the Farsak Chamber of Commerce was earning a large profit from these Magic Fans, but they were conforming to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s standards because of these Magic Fans. If they couldn’t rely on themselves to make any large technological breakthroughs, they would be led by the nose by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But how could breakthroughs in technology be as easy as talking about them?

Xu Yi could design these magic machines with the powerful mechanical engineering knowledge and practical knowledge accumulated over hundreds of years from earth. The Sines Continent didn’t have this kind of foundation at all, so how could they compare with Xu Yi on this matter at all?

Now that president Rank’s group wanted to obtain the magic machines technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, naturally Xu Yi would not reject them.

Of course it was impossible giving them all the technology related to magic machines at once, so Xu Yi had to throw a rich bone like the Magic Fan technology to satisfy their hunger first.

They would definitely be very satisfied gnawing their teeth on this bone, but as for whether they can take their teeth out or not……Xu Yi wouldn’t promise anything.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing.

Akali who had her head down as she thinking about something suddenly heard Xu Yi’s strange laughter and couldn’t help looking at him. She asked in a curious voice, “Sir chairman, what are you suddenly laughing at?”

“Ah? Ah…..nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Xu Yi came back to his senses and rubbed his face. He looked at Akali and suddenly remembered that this little girl had been silent the entire time, so he couldn’t help being curious, “That’s right, what are you thinking about? You’ve been quiet the entire time, it’s not like your normal style.”

“I…..” Akali opened her mouth, but she suddenly gave a sigh and looked down. After a while, she said in a depressed voice, “Sir chairman, I just suddenly felt that there is a large difference between my life and rich people’s lives, but I also envy them. What do you think I should do……”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, it seemed like Akali had been enticed by the banquet.

As a normal girl from a normal family, Akali had seen the lives of rich people since she was a young girl. Being stimulated by this banquet wasn’t strange at all.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi answered, “There are to methods. One is to find a way to make yourself rich and the other is to marry a rich person, which will you choose?”

Akali looked up at Xu Yi in a daze before saying with a frown, “Sir chairman, you really are straightforward. I thought that you would comfort me by saying that the lives of rich people aren’t that good and they also have many things that trouble them, but I never thought you would use such ugly words.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Good words are things that little boys say to little girls. Although it’s the truth, as an old man who is already twenty seven and is called an uncle by Still, I feel that saying things like this doesn’t have any meaning at all.”

Akali couldn’t help laughing and rolling her eyes at Xu Yi before asking, “Then this uncle, what words do you think have meaning?”

Xu Yi thought about it before saying with a serious look, “No matter what, we have to admit that rich people are better off in terms of material compared to normal people. It is very normal for you to envy them, it is normal for humans. But, unless you are born into a rich family or money falls out of the sky, allowing you to enjoy a rich person’s life, you can only use the two methods I told you about. Which one will you pick?”

Akali looked over and suddenly gave Xu Yi a sweet smile.

“Sir chairman, how about I marry you?”