Volume 1 Chapter 82 - Strange guest

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 82 Strange guest

Two days later, Camby finally led the hundred dwarves from the Angola Tribe to Banta City.

Xu Yi had already prepared the worker dorms for these dwarves and had requested Camby as the manager of the magic machine workshop to make further arrangements for them. At the same time, he asked Camby and the hundred dwarves from the Norma Tribe to quickly familiarize them with their work, so they could start working as soon as possible.

The magic machine workshop’s work was very heavy and from what could be foreseen, the future work would be even heavier, so naturally it was best for those Angola Tribe dwarves to familiarize themselves with their work as soon as possible.

“Do you see it? From here to beside the river and then from the side of that workshop to five hundred meters to the west, this large empty space, I want to create a large workshop. Moreover, that workshop must be very tall, it can’t be less than four meters. Can you do it?” Xu Yi was standing in the empty space outside the magic machine workshop, talking to a middle aged man with blue linen clothes and a swarthy face about something.

The middle aged man looked at the area Xu Yi had described and thought about it before slightly knitting his brows, “Chairman Xu, your requests are a bit high. I’m afraid it’ll be a bit difficult to build this house.”

“Not mentioning how hard it is, can you do it or not? If you can’t, I can only find someone else to do it.” Xu Yi said.

The middle aged man forcefully patted his chest and confidently said, “Of course it’s no problem. If our Amrit couldn’t do it, no one else would be able to do it!”

Xu Yi nodded, “Then that’s good.”

This middle aged man was called Wayne Riley, he was a manager for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. He was mainly in charge of outstanding construction projects for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

In a normal situation, for a small workshop like Xu Yi wanted, there was no need for the manager to personally head out.

But when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made this construction request to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Moon Cruise had found Riley and had him personally oversee this construction.

Based on chairman Cruise’s cautious approach, Riley knew that the chairman attached great importance to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So when he was facing Xu Yi, he was very polite and even respectful.

“Manager Riley, this workshop I’m requesting needs to be sturdy enough because there will be four-five hundred workers inside the workshop most of the time. If a problem occurs, it will mean the lives of hundreds of people, can you give me a guarantee?” Xu Yi said.

Riley revealed an insulted look and said with a red face, “Chairman Xu, do you not believe me?”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and patted Riley’s shoulder, “It isn’t that I don’t believe you, rather it is to tell you the importance of this matter and to hope that you will properly supervise it. Whether it is materials or workers, I want the best, money is not a problem. Do you understand what I mean?”

Riley gave a strong nod, “Be assured, sir chairman Cruise has personally assigned me to this task. We will definitely be careful during construction and won’t make careless mistakes, I will definitely be paying close attention.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Very good. Chairman Cruise is my good friend, I believe in his promise.”

Seeing Riley take measurements based on his requirements, Xu Yi looked into the distance and tightly knit his brows.

When they rented this hectare of land from Viscount Leslie, Heinz had thought it was too big. With the scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce back then, they didn’t need this large space at all and only needed to use one mu of land.

Xu Yi had denied Heinz’s thoughts. He was very clear that as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became bigger, they would need more and more space for their factories, so one mu was far from enough.

But what Xu Yi didn’t expect was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would develop this quickly. Once the magic machines were released, they were greatly welcomed in Banta City and the surrounding cities. The orders the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received kept increasing, so naturally they had to construct more factories.

Xu Yi thought one hectare would be enough at first, but looking at it, it didn’t seem like it was enough.

The household magic machine factory Heinz led was still fine because most household magic machines were small machines, so they didn’t take up too much space.

But it was different for the magic machine workshop led by Camby and the dwarves.

Even if the small Magic Harvester had the word “small” on them, the area taken by one was several times that of the Magic Fan or the Magic Rice Cooker. There was no need to mention the even bigger magic production machines.

So Xu Yi chose to expand the magic machine workshop first.

With the current output of the magic machine workshop, as well as the large demand that would come in the future, Xu Yi directly decided to increase the magic machine workshop by ten times.

When the new magic machine workshop was finished and they recruited enough craftsmen, this workshop would be able to increase their productivity by tenfold.

At that time, not only would they be able to satisfy the needs of Banta City and the surrounding cities, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s antenna could even reach further cities.

What Xu Yi anticipated the most now was meeting the king.

Two days ago, the Lord City Lord had sent someone to tell Xu Yi that the king was very interested in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s agricultural magic machines, so he decided to summon Xu Yi.

When Xu Yi went to Anvilmar for the Magicians Guild’s certification test, he should immediately report in and wait for the king’s summons at any time.

Xu Yi had already lived on the Sines Continent for three years now, he was very clear on how important the agricultural business was on this continent with a low production output.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had released agricultural magic machines that could raise farming productivity, increasing the yield of grains, it would be highly valued by the kingdom’s upper class.

Xu Yi was even certain that as long as the king confirmed the conveniences brought by these agricultural magic machines, he would definitely use quite a bit of power to support these agricultural magic machines.

When that time comes, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive many orders for these agricultural magic machines. If he wasn’t prepared beforehand and couldn’t accept the king’s request, not mentioning the fact that they would miss out on a good chance, this good thing could turn into a bad thing.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly revealed a bitter smile.

Heinz always said that he was thinking too far, but Heinz didn’t know that if he didn’t think further and more about the future, how could it be easy to create a complete industrial system on the Sines Continent without any foundation.

Like when Heinz found out that Xu Yi really gave the Magic Fan technology to the Business Union, he immediately flew into a rage at Xu Yi. He said that Xu Yi was digging his own grave, but Xu Yi couldn’t explain it at all.

This was because it was impossible for Xu Yi to make Heinz believe. What they could only do now was hope that those large companies would be limited by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He couldn’t tell Heinz that the other reason for doing this was to have more people and powers on the continent invest into magic machines, helping him create an industrial system.

Heinz would not understand Xu Yi’s thoughts, no one on the Sines Continent could understand his thoughts.

So even if Xu Yi wanted to tell president Rank and the others that he could even give up all the technology he had, hoping that everyone would create an industrial system together, creating a beautiful future, he could only keep this in his heart for now. He could only keep manipulating president Rank and the other, out of fear that the small Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be swallowed by these giants.

“I’ve suddenly noticed this, but do I have masochistic tendencies?” Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a self taunting smile.

After smiling, Xu Yi took a deep breath and forcefully slapped his cheeks. He shook his head and threw out all these random thoughts that had popped into his mind.

Although there were many problems, since he had already recognized his goal, he could only walk towards it step by step.

If he couldn’t learn how to be tough like the machines, how could he be qualified to be a mechanical engineer?

He suddenly heard rushed footsteps from behind him and Xu Yi turned back to take a look. He found Alex holding a blueprint in his hand quickly running over.

“Chairman, there is a guest looking for you.” Alex stood in front of Xu Yi while panting, handing the blueprint in his hand over, “This guest is very strange, she won’t even show her face. She just told me that you would meet her if I showed you this.”

Xu Yi looked over the paper and laughed, “Here already, it seems like it really is anxious.” He looked up at Alex to ask, “The guest? Where is she?”

“She said she didn’t want to see anyone but the chairman, so I put her in the office for now.” Alex replied.

“Un, very good. Go back to your work, I’m going to see the guest.”

Alex looked at Xu Yi for a second and hesitated for a bit before asking in a worried voice, “Chairman, this guest is very strange, I think……I think you should have someone with you when you meet them. If something happens……”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and looked at Alex, “Did you forget that I am a magician?”

“But your magic level…..” Alex cut himself off halfway.

Xu Yi snappily waved his hand at him, “Alright, stop wasting words. Go back to your position, I’ll go see her.”

After sending Alex away, Xu Yi went to the office.

When he opened the door, he saw a person wrapped in a long cloak sitting on a chair in the office.

Although she was facing the office door, because her face was tightly wrapped up, people couldn’t see her appearance at all.

Xu Yi looked over this person before saying with a smile, “Didn’t you say you don’t believe in humans? Dear miss Agnes?”