Volume 1 Chapter 85 - Fluorescent Grass

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 85 Fluorescent Grass

Leaving the «Banta Times» office, Xu Yi went to the research lab to the west of the city.

After knocking on the door, the one who answered was Evita and not Akali who chose to live on the first floor.

Seeing Xu Yi, Evita revealed a somewhat surprised and somewhat happy expression.

“Chairman, why are you here?”

Xu Yi pointed at his stomach with a smile and said, “Vivian is out on an autumn outing with her classmates today, so no one is home to make a meal for me. I don’t want to eat at a restaurant, so I came here to mooch off you. You won’t welcome me?”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Of course you’re welcome, please come in.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile. It it was Akali here, she would definitely tease him a few times. Evita’s personality was completely different from Akali’s, she was much more calm.

After walking around and not seeing Akali around, Xu Yi casually asked, “Where’s Akali?”

“She’s out today.” Evita replied.

“Went out?” Xu Yi was surprised, “What? She had something to do?”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Sir chairman, did you forget that today is Sunday? You said yourself that you would give us Sunday off each week.”

“Of? Right, I forgot and I even said I wanted to see your research progress.” Xu Yi patted his head, thinking that he really was too busy, even forgetting what day of the week it was. He looked at Evita and notice that there was a thick apron outside of her clothes, “Since it’s Sunday, why are you still wearing this? Could it be you’re still working?”

When mentioning work, Evita’s eyes instantly lit up, “Chairman, I had some new discoveries lately and wanted to research it with you. You came right on time today, do you want to see my new discoveries first?”

“Oh? New discoveries, what is it about? Is it the Magic Air Conditioner?” Xu Yi asked.

It was about to become winter soon, so Xu Yi had given Still’s group of three a new research task, which was to make a new Magic Air Conditioner.

The first generation Magic Air Conditioner was a cold air conditioner for the summer. Now that the weather was getting colder, Xu Yi had them research a Magic Air Conditioner that could release cool and hot air.

Of course, what they needed to solve first was the Magic Array for the heat controlling side.

Who would have thought that Evita would shake her head, “No, it is related to the Magic Lamp.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “This quickly? You’ve solved the consistency problem of the Flashing Thunder Array in just a few days?”

Evita shook her head again, “Although we’ve had some progress, we haven’t really solved the problem yet. I’m talking about another new discovery.”

“What is that?” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

“I’m afraid you won’t understand if I explain, so let me show you.” Evita waved her hand at Xu Yi before heading to the second floor.

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before calming down and giving himself a smile of self ridicule before following her up.

He had already come to the research lab many times, but this was his first time on the second floor.

Compared to the mess on the first floor, the second floor was incomparably neat. Looking at it, everything was neatly put away and very clean, even the workbench materials were meticulously put in place, not showing any signs of mess at all.

Other than this, Evita even put a few flower pots in this room that was considered spacious. Even though it was close to winter, these plants lush and vibrant, adding a bit of life to the room.

Xu Yi looked around and saw many decorations on the walls that seemed to be made of rags.

The material was simple, but it was finely designed, with a bit of elegance and a bit of cuteness. It wasn’t inferior at all to the ornaments designed by professional craftsmen in stores at all.

“Evita, you made of this yourself?” Xu Yi pointed at a rag in the shape of a flower on the wall to his right.

A blush filled Evita’s face as she gave a slight nod.

“Your hands are truly skilled.” Xu Yi praised before sighing, “You can even do this kind of thing. If it was Akali or Still, I really wouldn’t be able to imagine it.”

Evita’s face became even redder. She wanted to say a few words for Akali and Still, but she found she had nothing to say.

With their personality, how could they be patient enough to make a complicated ornament from rags.

It was a good thing Xu Yi didn’t keep asking about this matter as he asked Evita, “Alright, where is the new discovery you made? Let me take a look.”

Evita calmed herself down and took a small club from her workbench that she handed over to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took a look before asking in a daze, “Isn’t this Fluorescent Grass? This is your new discovery? How is this thing related to Magic Lamps?”

Evita gave a slight nod, “Chairman, when you gave us the Magic Crystal Lamp last time, didn’t you say that there was another method? You said that after a metal filament was heated, the filament would release light and that could be used to make a Magic Lamp?”

“Un, I did say that. But I also said that we couldn’t make that metal filament right now, so temporarily, we can’t make that kind of Magic Lamp.” Xu Yi looked at the Fluorescent Grass in Evita’s hand before saying with a frown, “You wouldn’t be saying that this thing could replace the metal filament, right? This thing would immediately turn to ashes if it were to catch on fire.”

“It’s not wrong to say it can be used to replace it, but it isn’t using the heating method you mentioned.” Evita revealed a smile and returned to her workbench, pointing to a Magic Array already prepared as he said, “Chairman, take a look, this is the Flashing Thunder Array we’ve changed a part of. Although it can’t release stable light like you wanted, but it can discharge electrical light for up to a minute continuously.”

Xu Yi nodded as he praised, “Very good. If you can make this Magic Array continue to release light under the support of a Magic Crystal, the Magic Lamp could be easily completed.”

Evita looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit before making her decision to say, “Chairman, acutally……Actually, don’t you think that even if we change this Magic Array to continuously release electric light, it wouldn’t be very suitable for a Magic Lamp?”

“Oh? Why?” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“This is because the light it releases is too strong. Akali and I have tested it at night and while the light released by the Magic Array could light up the entire room, the light was just too strong and we couldn’t even open our eyes. I think that if this was turned into a Magic Array, it wouldn’t be useful, right?”

“It’s like this?” Xu Yi thought about it before slowly nodding, “Your words are quite reasonable, but I feel this problem isn’t that hard to solve. As long as the might of the Magic Array is weakened, it’ll be fine if the light released is softer.”

“I’m afraid not.” Evita shook her head, “We have consulted this with his excellency Great Magician Camilla and his excellency Great Magician said that Thunder Attributed Magic is a high level Wind Attributed Magic, it requires a certain intensity to work. This Flashing Thunder Array can released electric light without the might of a bolt of lightning, so it is a failed Thunder Attributed Magic Array, but it is still a Thunder Attributed Magic Array, so it also has a high requirement for magic intensity. This Flashing Thunder Array has already reached its lowest threshold requirement. If the power of the array is weakened again, this Magic Array will completely fail and it won’t release the flash of electric light.”

“His excellency Great Magician said this?” Xu Yi knit his brows.

He could only at most grasp Fourth Grade Magic, so he didn’t understand anything of high level Thunder Magic. So naturally he could only listen to his excellency Great Magician’s specialized knowledge.

“Then according to what Great Magician Camilla said, this Magic Array was studied in vain and it was all for nothing?”

“We can’t say it was for nothing. Chairman, please look.” Evita lifted the Fluorescent Grass and put it in the middle of the Magic Array.

Evita place a finger on the Magic Array and sent in her magic power, causing a faint blue glow to fill the array, as it instantly activated.

Xu Yi watched the changes of the array and felt magic elemental energy gathering in the center. In the blink of an eye, large amounts of magic elemental energy was gathered in the center of the Magic Array.

According to Evita’s demonstration from before, there should have been a flash of lightning from the center of the array before it released a bright light.

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and prepared for the bright light, but he found that there was only a faint flash of light from the center of the Magic Array. It seemed like it was being sucked into the Fluorescent Grass, entering the Fluorescent Grass.

“This…..” Xu Yi wanted to open his mouth in a daze when he saw the Fluorescent Grass suddenly light up. The light it released was gentle and bright.

When Evita took back her hand from the Magic Array, the glow of the Magic Array faded, but the Fluorescent Grass kept releasing light.

Before Xu Yi could react, Evita had already closed all the blinds to the room.

Even blocking off all the light from outside, because of the light from the Fluorescent Grass, they could still clearly see every part of the room.

Xu Yi looked at this Fluorescent Grass in a daze for a while. He found that although the light it released was bright, it wasn’t dazzling at all and it was quite gentle.

“This is your new discovery?” Xu Yi looked at Evita as he asked this.

Evita gave a slight nod, “I remember reading a recording in a book once. It said that on the Pamir Prairies in the Candra Empire, there was a patch of Fluorescent Grass and each time there was lightning, that patch would release a gentle light that was very beautiful. When I was studying this Flashing Thunder Array during these days, I suddenly remembered this recording and guessed that the Fluorescent Grass would be useful, so I ran a few tests. Chairman, what do you think of these results?”

Xu Yi laughed and was about to praise Evita when there was a scornful voice that came from the door.

“Hey, dear Evita, on such a bright day, what are you doing with our respected sir chairman in a room with the blinds closed?”