Volume 1 Chapter 88 - Confidentiality contract

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 88 Confidentiality contract

“Xu Yi, just what kind of things are you thinking?” Still knocked on Xu Yi’s head without any politeness. She looked around before revealing a strange expression, “Wella clearly admitted that she stole the technology for the production magic machines from you, you still want to hire someone like her? You aren’t afraid that she will steal even more important technology?”

“If I was afraid, I would just give up researching since anyone could steal it from me, right? For example, Evita and Akallie, or even you.” Xu Yi pointed at Still as he spoke.

“Nonsense!” Still slapped Xu Yi’s hand away, “Are the three of us the same as Wella? You weren’t that close to Wella before and the three of us are at least good friends with you.”

“Good friends?” Xu Yi revealed a smile. In the face of enough benefits, not to mention a good friend, it wouldn’t be strange even if a family member or a spouse were to betray you.

But Still reminded Xu Yi that he had not taken any security precautions yet. If Evita and Akali were naive enough to sell the technology they had because of money, he would have no defense against that.

Because the technology they were currently researching was quite low level and didn’t involve any high level technology, this wasn’t as important. When they were here longer and grasped more key technology, if this situation were to ever happen, it could deal a heavy blow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention that those large companies in Banta City, they definitely want to obtain these core technologies.

If they knew about the existence of Evita and Akali, knowing that these two little girls grasped many of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s important technology, they would use a high price to entice those two and make them sell these things.

“Hey, Still, what do you think about me signing a confidentiality contract with you?” Xu Yi asked Still.

“About the magic machines?” Still asked back. Seeing Xu Yi nod, Still revealed a smile and pushed back her golden locks as she revealed a proud appearance, while saying, “What? You only thought of this now? Dear sir chairman, do you know that there are many companies that have looked for my grandfather and even me? They asked how much of the magic machine technology we had and even offered to buy them at a high price.”

“Oh? How high are their prices? If it’s high enough, I can sell to them too.” Xu Yi said with a relaxed smile.

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi and said with a cold snort, “Uncle, you’re not worried? I’m still fine, but if grandfather is moved after knowing how important these things are to those companies, you’re not afraid of suffering a large loss?”

“Of course I’m not worried. His excellency Great Magician is not that kind of person, how could he agree to do such a villainous thing?” Xu Yi shot a smile at Still before adding, “Of course, a noble and beautiful miss like Young Miss Still would never do something like this.”

Still looked up slightly and gave a soft snort, “At least you understand. But I’ll be serious with you, you should add some security measures. For example, when grandfather signs magicians to his Magic Tower, the contract has a security clause, stating that they can’t reveal the research results they obtained in the tower. If they go against it, not only will they be kicked out of the tower, grandfather will report them to the Magicians Guild and they’ll lose their qualifications as magicians if it is serious enough.”

“It’s a pity that magic machines aren’t protected by the Magicians Guild right now. The penalty will just be some gold coins, I’m afraid the restrictions aren’t enough.” Xu Yi helplessly said.

This was the problem Xu Yi currently faced.

There was no intellectual property protection on the Sines Continent and the Magicians Guild will not protect any form of magic application. The only form of punishment was punishment through the kingdom’s laws.

But the kingdom’s laws only protected a company’s property and they didn’t consider technology as a company’s property. So when company’s faced this situation, most of them would retaliate in secret.

Xu Yi was not willing to do this, but if he didn’t have enough punishments, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s technology was very likely to be revealed.

Still thought about it for a while and found that there really wasn’t any good method. She could only say in a depressed voice, “Then just raise the compensation a bit higher, make it so they can’t pay even if they sold everything they had. That will put the fear in them.”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “I can only do that for now.” He looked at Still after saying this and hesitated a bit before asking, “Still, I can definitely trust you and his excellency Great Magician, so you don’t need to sign the confidentiality contracts. But as for Evita and Akali……It isn’t that I don’t trust them, but I’m not that close to them, so I’m worried that when I have them sign the confidentiality contract, they might have some ideas because of it……”

“Relax, they won’t. They are my good friends, I understand them very well. They are not that petty. If you feel like it isn’t good for you to mention this, I can do it for you and take responsibility for it.” Still patted her tall chest, speaking in an honest voice.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “This is good. Alright, let’s go see your grandfather.”

The two were talking on the top floor of the Magic Tower. They pushed open the door to the side and walked into Great Magician Camilla’s private research lab.

Seeing the two walking side by side, a smile flashed on Great Magician Camilla’s face. He waved his hand at Xu Yi and said, “Come, Xu Yi, see this Magic Array.”

“Oh? Your excellency Great Magician has come up with new innovation?” Xu Yi came over and looked over the Magic Array on the workbench. For a while, he didn’t know if he should say he understood or that he didn’t understand.

His meaning of understanding it was that Xu Yi could tell from a single glance that this was a mix of a Frost Array and a Flame Array. Moreover, it was a mix between the two opposing attributes, causing these two Magic Arrays that weren’t that complicated to become much more complicated.

What he didn’t understand was that Xu Yi didn’t know if this Magic Array could still be considered a single Magic Array anymore.

“This…..Your excellency Great Magician, can this Magic Array work normally?” Xu Yi couldn’t help asking.

According to normal magic theory, a normal Magic Array couldn’t be mixed with another Magic Array, not to mention one that was of a completely opposite attribute.

This was because this was related to the elemental magic energy gathered by the Magic Array and its attribute. If it was interrupted by another form of magic, it would affect its operation and even make it unable to start.

Magic was a very strict thing and if even one tiny mistake was made, it could greatly change the result.

“You’ll know after trying it.” Great Magician Camilla said while pointing at the Magic Array.

Xu Yi and Still looked at each other. They really didn’t know what medicine Great Magician Camilla had taken today.

“I’ll try it.” Still reached a hand out to inject magic into the Magic Array.

There was a faint blue light that flickered on the Magic Array and Xu Yi and Still felt a chill coming from the array.

It was already winter and now that they were suddenly hit with this kind of chill, the two of them couldn’t help shivering.

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Array and found that only half of the array lines were releasing this faint blue light. The other half wasn’t moving at all, like it wasn’t affected by the magic.

Looking more closely, he found that the half releasing this light was clearly a Frost Array.

Moreover, the half that wasn’t being affected was a Flame Array.

Xu Yi suddenly understood.

“Your excellency Great Magician, you overlapped this Frost Array and Flame Array? But won’t it create conflict like this? Now that the Frost Array is activated, how can you activate the Flame Array?”

Faced with Xu Yi’s questions, Great Magician Camilla didn’t respond and had Still remove her hand. He made a small adjustment in the Magic Array, moving a small line to another place before injecting magic into the Magic Array.


A red light quickly filled the Flame Array and a small flame that was less than a centimeter appeared, covering the entire Magic Array.

After a while, the Magic Array’s surrounding area was filled with heat, instantly dispelling the coldness in Xu Yi and Still’s bodies.

Xu Yi was instantly filled with joy seeing this.

“Your excellency Great Magician, you even adjusted the flame height of the Flame Array! This is great! This kind of Flame Array can be used in the Magic Air Conditioner!”

When Xu Yi had Still’s group of three research the Flame Array, because the flames of the Flame Array reached half a meter tall, it couldn’t be used in the small Magic Air Conditioner at all. So Xu Yi had them make some changes to the Flame Array, letting it maintain its same high temperature while compressing the height of the flames.

Still’s group of three had limited magic power, so the research was not fast. But he never thought that Great Magician Camilla would actually solve it for them.

“No, this Magic Array was not made by just me, I just put their ideas together.” Great Magician Camilla waved his hand and modestly said, “Actually, the only thing I did was modify the Flame Array a bit, making the flames a bit smaller.”

Great Magician Camilla made it sound simple, but Xu Yi knew that the most difficult part of the Magic Array was changing the Flame Array.

If it wasn’t for a powerful magician of the Great Magician level helping, with Still, Evita, and Akali’s level of magic, it would take them a long time to do something like this.

Of course, this Magic Array also had a very clever design. It was the way the Frost Array and Flame Array came together and they didn’t clash with each other at all, as well as being able to change between arrays with a single modification.

When Xu Yi was designing the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner, in order to put in both the Frost Array and the Flame Array, he had made the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner very big. It caused the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner to be more than twice the size of the Cold Magic Air Conditioner, so it was too conspicuous hanging it on the wall.

But now with this modification, the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner can save quite a bit on space. In the end, it would be a bit bigger than the Cold Magic Air Conditioner, but it would only be a tiny bit bigger.

“That’s right, your excellency Great Magician, did you say that these little things aren’t interesting at all, so you didn’t want me to take these things out to bother you with? Why now……” Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Array and asked in a curious voice.

Great Magician Camilla looked at him before answering, “Kid, you’re going to Anvilmar for the certification exam in a few days and I’ve heard from Still that you’ve been worrying about this Magic Air Conditioner for the past few days. I decided to help you solve this so you won’t have anything to worry about during the exam. Understand?”

Although Great Magician Camilla had put it very modestly, Xu YI’s heart filled with warmth.

This Great Magician, he really was too good to him.

But to really have him have nothing to worry about, was it really that easy to do?