Volume 1 Chapter 9 - Long term goal

Chapter 9 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 9 Long term goal

His meeting with Great Magician Camilla was longer than Xu Yi had expected.

Great Magician Camilla had asked many questions about the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan and in order to make a good impression on Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi had to extensively answer every question.

But most of Great Magician Camilla’s questions weren’t related to the Magic Array at all. After all, the Revolving Wind Array was only a low level Wind Magic Array. No matter how Xu Yi modified it, it was impossible that it would stump a Great Magician like Camilla.

Most of his questions were because he didn’t understand the design of the Magic Fan.

When it came to questions on design, most of them contained mechanical engineering knowledge.

It could be said that this knowledge had never appeared on the Sines Continent before. Xu Yi had quite a bit of trouble explaining these things to Great Magician Camilla, sometimes he even had to start with the most basic knowledge.

But because of this, when Xu Yi finished answering Great Magician Camilla’s questions, Great Magician Camilla gave him praise that surpassed Xu Yi’s expectations.

“I had thought that this Magic Fan was something you casually designed, but I never thought it contained such rich knowledge. Moreover, putting aside the things that I didn’t really understand when you explained them, just based on the Magic Array itself, it lets me see that you have quite a bit of talent for magic.” After saying this, Great Magician Camilla paused before looking at Xu Yi with a bit more expectation, “Xu Yi, I feel that you really aren’t bad. How about this? Are you interested in becoming my assistant for my magical research?”

Xu Yi was instantly stunned.

Assisting Great Magician Camilla’s magical research? According to the tradition of the Sines Continent, this was basically Great Magician Camilla wanting to take Xu Yi in as an apprentice!

If it was any other magician, they would be filled with wild joy and would accept without any hesitation.

Camilla was considered a top Three Star Great Magician even on the entire Sines Continent. Being able to become his apprentice, that was the dream of many young magicians!

If any other magicians in the Magic Tower knew about this, they would die from their jealousy of Xu Yi!

But Xu Yi thought about it and didn’t immediately reply. He just said that he would consider it.

Great Magician Camilla was clearly a bit surprised and disappointed, but he didn’t force Xu Yi to agree. He just waved his hand to let him leave.

When he left the top floor of the Magic Tower, he was hit by a heat wave that caused Xu Yi to be covered in sweat, while also calming him down.

Becoming Great Magician Camilla’s apprentice?

If it was two months ago, or even a month ago, he definitely would have agreed without any hesitation. But now he found that he wasn’t moved by this prospect at all.

“Why am I suddenly unmoved?” Xu Yi asked himself with a frown.

After the confusing thoughts circled his mind a few times, a familiar object appeared in his mind, the Magic Fan.

That’s right, it was the Magic Fan!

This fused magic with the mechanical engineering of earth, it was made after Xu Yi completely focused his mind on creating it. During this process of studying it, he frequently had the misconception that he was back in his lab on earth.

Xu Yi didn’t feel anything back then, but thinking about it now, he found that it was completely the effect of the mechanical engineer’s soul inside his body.

That’s right, he loved machines since he was young. In his previous world, he had completely thrown himself into the mechanical industry.

Even though he couldn’t use pursue his hobby and use his ability after coming to this magical world, forcing him to study magic, his heart had not changed.

Now that he had realized the joy of researching machines through the Magic Fan, how could he be willing to give it up?

“That’s right! I’ll study machines in this magical world! I want to perfectly combine magic and the mechanical industry together! Not only a fan, but also air conditioners and refrigerators! Even steam boats and airplanes! I want to create an industrial system on this continent! I want to create a magic industry empire!”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly felt like his entire body was filled with his epiphany and his body was completely filled with excitement.

He understood. This was because after wasting three years in this world in a daze, he had finally confirmed his goal.

His goal could be considered lofty and even unlikely, but it was still a goal, it had motivational power!

As for the difficulty? It would be overcome.

Xu Yi’s footsteps were faster when he returned to the lab. What welcomed him were gazes filled with envy, jealousy, and questioning.

His colleagues didn’t understand at all, why was a new person that had been in the Magic Tower for less than two months suddenly summoned by Great Magician Camilla. It had to be known, these people rarely saw Great Magician Camilla and there was no need to mention being summoned by him.

Xu Yi didn’t care about the strange gazes his colleagues were giving him at all. He now had a goal, he didn’t care about anything else now. He had a faint smile on his face as he casually returned to his spot.

Although he didn’t plan on being Great Magician Camilla’s apprentice, Xu Yi didn’t plan on leaving the Magic Tower.

If he wanted to do some things in Banta City, with some things related to magic, he had to maintain a good relation with Great Magician Camilla. Xu Yi was not dumb enough to cut off this relation on his own initiative.


Three miles to the west of Banta City, there was a small manor that occupied a space of less than ten thousand square meters.

Although this manor was not big, it was very famous in Banta City because it was the only magic academy in Banta City, the Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

As the only magic school in Banta City, the Baron Rickto Magic Academy gathered all the children with magical talent in Banta City and around Banta City.

To these children that wanted to become powerful Great Magicians, it was very important for them to study here. It was even to the point that they could give up eating and sleeping.

According to convention, other than studying basic magic knowledge each day, the students also had to learn some knowledge about Magic Arrays.

Only during the time set for discussing Magic Arrays today, the second grade fourth class professor surpassed all the students’ expectations and brought out an ugly clump of iron.

“Isn’t that a Magic Fan!” The sharp-eyed students instantly recognized it.

The Magic Fans had been a hot product in Banta City during these past few days. It was not especially expensive and had a low consumption, so something that let people cool down was welcomed by everyone.

Most students of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy had decent family backgrounds, with many of their families buying the Magic Fans immediately. So naturally they could easily recognize it.

But it wasn’t anything to recognize the Magic Fan, why did the teacher bring it out in the classroom?”

“Students, today’s main lecture will be studying this Magic Fan. Accurately speaking, it is the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan.” The teacher quickly gave an explanation to the students.

“Che, isn’t it a toy used by commoners? What value is there in us studying it? Teacher, are you sure you aren’t making a mistake?”

The one who spoke was a slightly chubby youth who was around sixteen-seventeen years old.

This youth was called Orin Zetaman, the second son of Banta City’s Viscount Zetaman. He was the one with the best family in the second grade fourth class. It’s said that every room in his house had a large scale Frost Array, so naturally he looked down on the Magic Fan.

Hearing Orin’s words, the teacher’s face sunk. He strictly said, “Orin, you can look down on the Magic Fan, but as a magician, you can’t look down on the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan. I can tell you that the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan is exquisite, it is something a normal magician cannot create. I can even make a bold analysis that the one who made this Magic Array was someone at the Great Magician level!”


“It can’t be, right? Great Magician?”

“That’s right, why would a Great Magician do something like this?”

“Our Banta City only has his excellency Camilla, the only Great Magician, right? Doesn’t he dislike magicians working together with merchants?”

“Perhaps he has changed his views?”


After a while of talking, the students began to understand their teacher’s thoughts.

Even if the Magic Array inside wasn’t created by a Great Magician, the level of magic contained in this Magic Array far surpassed their imaginations.

Since it was like this, it was natural for the teacher to want them to study it.

When the teacher opened the Magic Fan and revealed the Magic Array to the students, the students were even more shocked.

As second year students of Baron Rickto Magic Academy, they were not new students who knew nothing about magic. They could naturally see the astonishing level of magic contained within this Magic Array.

Although many students could tell this should be a variant of the Revolving Wind Array, there was not a single student that could understand every part of the array.

There were many students who couldn’t even understand how this Magic Array was activated and maintained, so there was no need to mention them understanding how the Magic Fans could run on his Magic Array.

It had to be known, there were many magical geniuses in the second year fourth class. They were even honoured as the most talented class in the Baron Rickto Magic Academy!

The more these proud young men and women studied this Magic Array, the more profound they found this Magic Array. They were filled with incomparable admiration for the magician who made this Magic Array.

Only they didn’t know that they magician they were secretly admiring was not that far from them right now.

In the student management office of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy, the director Shearer was looking at the unexpected guest with a frown on his face. Based on the symbol on the black robe he was wearing, he could confirm that he was Great Magician Camilla’s subordinate.

“Young man, are you here for something? Or did Great Magician Camilla send you here?”

“No, this is not related to Great Magician Camilla. This is my private matter.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile.

“Private matter? What is it?”

“This is not anything troublesome. I am here because I want to hire some students.”

Shearer’s expression sunk, “We are a magic school, not a mercenary school! You’ve come to the wrong place!”

Xu Yi was not surprised, he just said with a faint smile, “Then Director Shearer, what if I said that this work would not only pay the students and also help them raise their magic level?”

Shearer was stunned, “Are you joking? How could there be such a good job?”

“Of course there is.” Xu Yi had a radiant smile, “If you don’t mind, I can slowly explain this to you…..”