Volume 1 Chapter 93 - Majestic Lord Viscount

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 93 Majestic Lord Viscount

Two days later, a companion of seven horse drawn carriages slowly entered the Lampuri Kingdom’s capital, Anvilmar City.

The cavalcade had just entered the city gates and passed the first corner when Baron Hannas jumped down from the first carriage.

“Leslie, Xu Yi, I’ll be going back home alone first. I’ll come find you guys when I have time. That’s right, Xu Yi, perhaps my father will be interested in seeing you.”

“That would truly be my honour.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Baron Hannas knit his brows and shook his head, “My father, he……Forget it, since it’s hard for you to take this trip, seeing more people should be a good thing for you. Alright, we’ll decide it like this. I’ll be leaving first, see you.” He waved his hand to Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie after saying this and then he turned the corner.

“Is he going to walk back?” Xu Yi watched as Baron Hannas leisurely walked through the streets filled with people and was a bit surprised.

“Marquis Theuer’s manor isn’t far from here.” Viscount Leslie casually explained before giving an order to the driver. The cavalcade began to move in a different direction.

As the capital of the Lampuri Kingdom, how lively Anvilmar City was was far from something a small Banta City could compare to. The cavalcade didn’t move smoothly and after spending half an hour, they had only crossed three streets.

“If we didn’t bring so many things, we could also jump out of the horse carriage. Walking there would probably be faster.” Xu Yi opened the window curtain and looked at the bustling crowd outside. He thought about traffic jams back in the large cities on earth, he never thought that he would encounter them in this world too.

“There’s no other way. Anvilmar City is the biggest city in the kingdom, so naturally there are more people here compared to Banta City. Then again, it’ll be the Magicians Guild’s certification exam soon, so there are more people in the city compared to usual. It would be strange if it wasn’t this busy.” Viscount Leslie also looked out the window and he didn’t look rushed at all, rather he had a faint smile, “I would frequently wander the streets alone as a child, so seeing this scene brings up fond memories.”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders. He really couldn’t resonate with Viscount Leslie in this aspect.

The cavalcade slowly moved forward on the large street and it was a good thing their destination wasn’t far away. Xu Yi was not in a rush, so he looked out the window in a relaxed manner.

It was like Viscount Leslie said, because if was close to the Magicians Guild’s certification exam, there were more magicians in their magic robes in Anvilmar City. Some came alone, some wandered in groups of twos and threes, while there was also a group of young children who were around ten years old.

“Those children should have been arranged by a magic academy.” Viscount Leslie looked at the children to the right of the carriage in the same uniforms before looking back at Xu Yi with a strange smile on his face, “Hey, Xu Yi, I’ve heard that you’ve arranged something called the student aid fund at the Baron Rickto Magic Academy a few days ago? Are you planning to trick those students to work at your company?”

“What tricking?” Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie, “I was very clear on the conditions, how could it be considered tricking someone? Then again, it isn’t bad for them to come work at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The wage isn’t low and we give them a large space to develop. This is such a good thing that some people can’t even obtain it if they wanted.” He pointed at the group of children outside the carriage after he said this, “Let me tell you, if it is possible, I want to establish the Frestech student aid fund in every magic academy. It’s best if all the children of magic academies knew about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Viscount Leslie took a deep look at Xu Yi, “Are you planning to change the views of magicians starting with the children?”

“You can tell?” Xu Yi revealed a smile before revealing a bit of a helpless look, “There’s no other way. It is just too hard to change the views of adult magicians, I can only start planning long term.”

“Actually it isn’t as hard as you think.” Viscount Leslie said in a thoughtful voice, “Think about it, since you could convince Great Magician Camilla, it means that you can also convince the other magicians. To be blunt, as long as you can give them enough benefits, it isn’t impossible to change their thoughts. Of course, if you want to change the thoughts of the entire Magicians Guild……With your current strength, it isn’t too likely.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Lord Viscount, you’re just wasting words.”

Viscount Leslie gave a laugh, “Anyway, I won’t interfere with how the company is managed, so I’m just giving you my thoughts. As for whether you listen or that, that’s up to you.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at Viscount Leslie. When he wanted to curse him a few times, there was suddenly a pitiful cry and several shocked calls that cut through their conversation.

Following the sound, they saw a large empty space in front of the horse carriage. There was a man who was wearing a tattered black robe that rolled a few times, landing right in front of the horse carriage.

If it wasn’t for the driver’s fast reactions and pulled on the reins, he would have already been crushed under the hooves of the horse.

Three young men in luxurious clothes came out of the crowd. After looking at the man on the ground, the youth in the middle sent a kick right into that person’s chest and cursed, “I already told you not to block this young master’s path and you dare not listen? Don’t you think you deserve a beating? Un?”

While saying this, the youth kept sending kicks onto that person.

It was unknown if that person didn’t dare resist or if he didn’t have the strength to resist at all. Although each kick made his body reel in pain, he only gave a soft grunt and didn’t react in any other way.

Xu Yi knit his brows. He looked at the three youths before looking at the person on the ground, as hesitation formed in his heart.

Xu Yi was a bit unwilling to endure, but seeing the luxurious clothes of the three youths and how they dared to act this arrogantly on the streets of Anvilmar City, they were probably juniors of some noble family. If he rashly made a move, perhaps he might attract some trouble.

When Xu Yi was hesitating, the other two youths joined in on the beating.

With the three working together, sending kicks down, the person on the ground opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. It sprinkled on the tiles of the ground and looked very shocking.

There were waves of shocked gasps from the crowd, clearly this had scared them. Some people also revealed hesitant looks, but not a single person came out. It was clear they had the same scruples as Xu Yi.

But Xu Yi couldn’t take it anymore. He began to move and prepared to jump out of the horse carriage.

But as soon as he rose, Viscount Leslie on the side pulled him back.

“Xu Yi, you want to stick your nose in other people’s business?” Viscount Leslie asked.

Xu Yi looked at him as he said in a cold voice, “Lord Viscount, perhaps you nobles are used to this kind of thing, but I can’t get used to it.”

Viscount Leslie couldn’t help smiling, “I’m just asking you, why are you projecting your anger at me? I’m not the one hitting people.”

Xu Yi was silent.

Viscount Leslie shook his head and said with a soft sigh, “I thought that with your appearance in Banta City, you wouldn’t be this hot blooded, but I never thought that I was wrong.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Lord Viscount, what do you want to say? If it’s nothing, stop delaying me from saving someone. After a while, he might be beaten to death.”

Viscount Leslie laughed. He stood up to push Xu Yi back in his seat before opening the curtain to the carriage to jump out. He shouted to the three youths in a cold voice, “Victor, Cell, Urgot, after not seeing each other in two years, I never thought that you three kids would still be so arrogant! Why are you not stopping for me yet!”

“Who dares call out to this young master, seeking death……” The youth in the middle had just finished a kick and heard someone calling out to reprimand him. When he had just cursed out, he stopped himself and his arrogant face turned as pale as a ghost.

The other two youths felt it was strange and also looked over. After seeing Viscount Leslie, their faces had turned as pale as the youth in the middle.

Viscount Leslie gave a laugh and said to the youth in the middle, “Victor, you really are brave. You dare say I’m seeking death? Will you accept your punishment? Or will I have to come over to take care of you?”

The youth called Victor trembled. His expression changed several times before he finally came in front of Viscount Leslie with a bitter look on his face.

Xu Yi was nearby so he heard him plead with Viscount Leslie in a low voice when he came over.

“Big brother Leslie, there are so many people here, leave a bit of face for me……”

Viscount Leslie gave a cold snort before nodding. He suddenly raised his foot to kick Victor’s stomach.


This kick clearly wasn’t weak, with Victor bending over in pain, but he didn’t dare call out at all. After a while, he stood back up again, but there were a few drops of cold sweat on his face.

Viscount Leslie hooked his finger at the other two youths. The two looked at each other before coming over with bitter smiles on their faces.

“Peng, peng——”

Viscount Leslie didn’t waste words as he directly sent out a kick for both of them. Based on the sound, it didn’t sound lighter than the kick he had given to Victor.

After he finished, Viscount Leslie waved his hand at the three of them, “Alright, all of you scram.”

It was like the three had been pardoned as they moved through the crowd, disappearing in an instant.

People had thought that someone’s life would be taken today, but someone had suddenly popped out. Those three arrogant noble young masters instant became mice in front of a cat, easily solving this problem.

Seeing that there was nothing else to watch, the crowd scattered and not a single person cared about the person lying on the ground.

Xu Yi jumped out of the carriage and wanted to reach out to help that person up, but that person struggled to stand up. He did not even look at Viscount Leslie who had saved him and slowly left dragging his body along.

Viscount Leslie saw Xu Yi looking at that person’s back and snappily said, “Hey, Xu Yi, you wouldn’t be wanting to tell me that you want to be a good person to the end right? You want to bring him to a hospital and give him some money right? This fellow didn’t even say thanks, I’m afraid it’s not worth you doing this.”

Xu Yi watched that person vanish into a small alley before looking back. He said with a confused look, “Strange, why did I feel a strange magic fluctuation from him just now? It didn’t seem like magic, rather it was more like a Magic Array.”

Viscount Leslie was stunned, “You’re saying he’s a magician? It can’t be, right? A magician would be wrapped up in this mess?”

Xu Yi shook his head, naturally he didn’t know what the specific reason was.