Volume 1 Chapter 94 - Registration

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 94 Registration

The small incident on the road didn’t take much time. Rather, because this matter had scattered the crowd around them, it allowed the cavalcade to move much faster.

After ten minutes, the cavalcade finally arrived at their destination, Banta City’s office in Anvilmar City.

Of course, this was just what Xu Yi called this place. Actually this was City Lord Count Sean Samo’s other manor in Anvilmar City.

Count Sean Samo had a residence in Anvilmar City, but since he was elevated to Banta City’s City Lord, he had sold his original residence and changed to this smaller manor.

Other than the dwelling the Lord Count used when he came to Anvilmar City, the other small yards was used as residences for people from Banta City the Lord Count sent to Anvilmar City to do things. So, this place was called the Anvilmar Banta City office by Xu Yi.

Originally, Xu Yi’s trip to Anvilmar was just to take the Magicians Guild’s certification exam and didn’t have the right to live here. However, his majesty had summoned Xu Yi, so after the Lord Count deliberated on it, he had Xu Yi live in this residence after going to Anvilmar City to make it easier for his majesty to summon him.

This was Xu Yi’s first time in Anvilmar City, so he wasn’t familiar with the place and the people, so naturally he wouldn’t reject the Lord Count’s suggestion.

Moreover, this made it easier for Xu Yi to reject Baron Hannas and Viscount Leslie’s help, avoiding owing them a favour.

The housekeeper of the office had already been notified by Count Sean and seeing the personal letter from Count Sean that Xu Yi had, as well as Viscount Leslie with him, they immediately warmed up to Xu Yi and welcomed him in.

But after seeing the six horse carriages behind them, the housekeeper and his subordinates were a bit surprised.

Those six horse carriages were clearly freight carriages, only they were tightly wrapped up so they couldn’t see what was inside at all.

Looking from the outside, the things inside seemed quite sharp and a bit fierce.

“Put these things in a safe place, you mustn’t lose them and it’s best if you don’t let anyone approach, do you understand?” Xu Yi pointed at the things in the horse carriages and seriously said to the housekeeper, “That’s right, be careful when you’re unloading them, don’t break them.”

Seeing how serious Xu Yi was, the housekeeper kept nodding.

Count Sean’s personal letter had said to treat Xu Yi like they would treat him. This housekeeper was a trusted confidant of the Lord Count, but it was his first time being ordered like this. Naturally he could tell that this normal looking youth was very important to the Lord Count, so he was very respectful to Xu Yi.

After the servants had carefully moved the cargo from the six horse carriages and into the storage room under Xu Yi’s orders, Viscount Leslie rejected Xu Yi and the housekeeper’s idea of staying and directly left.

Xu Yi enjoyed a sumptuous meal in the office before sleeping for a while. When he woke up, it was already afternoon.

Seeing that it was still early, Xu Yi decided to go out for a walk.

He waved his hand to the housekeeper to reject his suggestion of preparing someone to accompany him. Xu Yi left the office and began to leisurely wander around Anvilmar City.

Of course, he wasn’t wandering around aimlessly.

While walking in the street, Xu Yi kept looking around.

He was different from the other people wandering the streets. Xu Yi wasn’t looking at the beauties nor was he looking for fine products. He kept looking around, not letting a single corner escape his gaze, as he focused on whether this place was hiding magic machines or not.

According to what Xu Yi knew, Banta City was less than four hundred kilometers away from Anvilmar City. Based on the scale from earth, this was like they were next door neighbours and they should exchange all kinds of news.

But based on the situation in reality, because of the difficulty in transport and the limits on information transfer methods, the magic machines that were all the rage in Banta City that was four hundred kilometers away and its surrounding cities had not reached Anvilmar at all.

“It seems like this place is still virgin ground waiting to be developed.” Xu Yi sighed in his heart, not knowing whether he should be happy or disappointed.

He was happy because he didn’t see a single magic machine in Anvilmar City. This meant that as long as he could sell the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines here, he could dig out a large market.

He was disappointed because of how slow the world was responding to the changes he made. After a few months, there wasn’t any signs of changing appearing in Anvilmar at all.

“Such heavy responsibilities.” Xu Yi gave a sigh. After finishing his short market research, he went to a small shop to ask about where the Magicians Guild was and quickly set off.

If it was said that one could find magicians wearing their magic robes in any part of Anvilmar City, when Xu Yi came to the Magicians Guild to the west of Anvilmar, he found that there were all kinds of people in magic robes here and it was very hard for him to find a normal person.

Xu Yi looked around and found that not far away was the group of youths wearing uniforms he had seen on the street before.

They were currently gathered and were listening to a magician that was in his forties talking about something.

Looking at them, the middle aged magician was probably the teacher in charge of them and he was currently telling the students some things they needed to pay attention to.

Looking at the excited appearance of the children, a scene of himself in elementary school and middle school going on his spring field trips appeared in Xu Yi’s mind. He couldn’t help revealing a smile as he looked at them a few more times before heading to the Magicians Guild.

There were just too many people here and Xu Yi wasted quite a bit of energy before he came in.

Unlike most of the other magicians that were here for the certification exam, Xu Yi didn’t go to the registration booth surrounded by people. After looking around, he went to a door leading deeper in.

“Line up there if you’re registering, this place is not a place you can casually go in.” A white haired old magician guarding the door saw Xu Yi come over and reprimanded him without any restraint.

Xu Yi gave a bow to the old magician with a smile before taking out a letter from his chest.

The old magician doubtfully took the letter and looked it over. Then he looked back at Xu Yi and his eyes were filled with even more doubt.

“Hey, kid, how old are you now?” The old magician asked.

Xu Yi was stunned, “Twenty seven. What’s wrong?”

“Already twenty seven……” A trace of disappointment appeared on the old magician’s face, “You’re this old and you have’t even passed the lowest level test, then that means your talent must be lacking. That fellow Camilla actually wasted one of his precious recommendation quotas on you?”

Xu Yi was a bit speechless. Is it related to you who Great Magician Camilla gives his recommendation quota to?

It was a good thing the old magician only muttered a few words and didn’t ask too much. After looking over the recommendation again and looking over Xu Yi, he gave a sigh before moving aside.

Xu Yi took back the letter and gave another bow to the old magician before moving along the path he opened up.

The space inside was much quieter than outside. Xu Yi followed the old magician’s directions and easily found the test application room past the first corner.

Knocking on the door before going in, he found a female magician who was around thirty years old and a youth who seemed to be seventeen-eighteen years old.

The female magician was sitting behind a desk and the youth was standing in front of the desk. It seemed like he was listening to the female magician telling him something.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, both of them were a bit surprised.

Xu Yi quickly took out the recommendation letter and the female magician took it to look over before revealing the same look of doubt that the old magician had just now.

But different from the old magician, the female magician didn’t say anything. She just emotionlessly gave Xu Yi a form and after having him fill it out, she put a stamp on it before throwing Xu Yi a badge.

“The test begins in two days, you’ll need this badge to come in when the time comes, so don’t lose it.” The female magician said to him.

Xu Yi nodded to show her understood. After waiting a bit, but seeing that the female magician wouldn’t say anymore to him, he gave her a bow and prepared to leave.

Before he reached the door, the youth suddenly broke out in laughter, “Hey, uncle, who are you to Great Magician Camilla? Are his nephew or his grandson? That’s right, I heard that Great Magician Camilla’s granddaughter looks quite good, could it be that you are her lover?”

Xu Yi stopped and turned to look at this youth with a frown. He found that he had a look of disdain and a look of uncaringness. He then looked at the female magician who was actually leaning over to write something, acting like she couldn’t hear the youth at all.

Thinking about how the female magician and the youth were talking happily just now, Xu Yi instantly understood. It seemed like this female magician should have some special relation to this youth.

Xu Yi looked at the youth with a calm face, “Why are you asking this?”

The youth laughed, “This is not nonsense. Uncle, you’re already this old and you haven’t even pass the lowest test yet, so with such a low level of magic, your talent must be greatly lacking. To receive Great Magician Camilla’s recommendation like this, how could it be possible for you not to have a special relation to Great Magician Camilla?”

“So it’s like this.” Xu Yi nodded, “Then for you to be here even though you’re this young, it seems like you also have a special relation with a Great Magician?”

“Bullshit!” The youth instantly flew into a rage, “I Anke Eren am a genius! Do you understand genius? Let me tell you, I passed the trivial lowest grade test five years ago and the test I’m taking this year is to become a Fourth Grade Magician! A seventeen year old Fourth Grade Magician! For a genius like me, a Great Magician specially recommended me. How could I be the same as a piece of trash like you?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Anke Eren right? I admit, becoming a Fourth Grade Magician at the age of seventeen is indeed quite good. But young man, I must remind you that no matter how talented a magician is, he must first learn a bit of respect. Otherwise, people will think that your family didn’t raise you well.”

Xu Yi ignored the youth after saying this and directly left.

The youth was stunned. When he finally reacted, he erupted like thunder.

“This fellow dare say my family didn’t raise me well! I definitely won’t let him off!”

The female magician had already raised her head and looked at the door with a faint frown. She turned to the youth and said, “Anke, he is just a magician here for the beginner grade test, why do you need to fight with him?”

Anke Eren looked over and angrily said, “I don’t care! He actually dares to shame me like this, I will definitely get him back.” After saying this, he took the form Xu Yi had filled without any politeness and looked it over before saying with a cold smile, “Humph! Xu Yi? I will definitely not even let you pass the beginner grade test! I’ll let you know the consequences of shaming a genius!”

The female magician looked at the enraged Anke Eren with a headache. She had the mind to stop him, but she knew it was no use.

This fellow was talented in magic and had strong family background. He had already formed an arrogant personality that always kept his promises, he didn’t listen to anyone else.

She could only pray that Xu Yi was lucky, hoping that he wouldn’t suffer too much in Eren’s hands.

No matter what, he came here with Great Magician Camilla’s recommendation letter. If anything had happened to him, it would be hard to explain this to Great Magician Camilla.