Volume 1 Chapter 95 - Recruiting people

Chapter 95 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 95 Recruiting people

Xu Yi didn’t have the mind to argue with a kid who hadn’t grown up yet. After throwing those words down, he left the inner halls of the Magicians Guild.

The old magician guarding the door saw Xu Yi come out and shook his head at him again. It was like Great Magician Camilla giving this precious recommendation quota to Xu Yi confused him and seemed quite pitiful.

Xu Yi could only smile at him and didn’t have a way to explain anything.

The situation in the hall was still the same as when Xu Yi walked in. It was still filled with people and was very noisy.

But when Xu Yi came out of the inner parts, he found quite a few eyes looking over at him.

Only people who received special recommendations could enter the inner room to enjoy preferential registration, this was a point that many people knew about. After seeing Xu Yi go in and come back out, it attracted their curiosity.

It was different from the doubt in the hearts of the old magician and the female magician. These magicians that were paying attention to Xu Yi didn’t know about Great Magician Camilla’s situation, so they were just envious of Xu Yi over the fact that he was able to receive a special recommendation spot.

Faced with these jealous looks, Xu Yi didn’t avoid them at all. Instead he welcomed everyone’s gaze and carefully looked back over them.

Based on the situation in the hall, most of the magicians here for the exam were young people. There were only a few magicians that were around the same age as Xu Yi.

This was not strange. The Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild was only responsible for certification tests of Fifth Grade or below magicians. Fifth Grade or below magicians were considered quite low among other magicians, so most of them were young people.

The older magicians either had very powerful magic strength, or they were limited by their talent and their magic power was long stabilized. Of course, it was impossible that they were bored and came here to participate in the exam.

This hall was around two hundred square meters and with Xu Yi’s rough estimate, he guessed that there were around two hundred magicians here. Adding in the magicians he saw outside and around Anvilmar City, just in Anvilmar City alone, there were over a thousand magicians here.

He had chatted with the Great Magician before and Xu Yi had asked out of curiosity just how many magicians the Lampuri Kingdom had.

Great Magician Camilla said that he didn’t know the exact numbers, but according to the statistics of the Magicians Guild from last year, there were currently over five thousand magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If they added in the ones not in the data, it was likely to be closer to six thousand.

As for the entire continent, the Magicians Guild had announced a number three years ago. At that time, the recorded number of magicians on the entire continent was eighty seven thousand four hundred and sixty seven.

As for the ones that weren’t recorded, it was very likely that number was over a hundred thousand people.

Of course, the magician system was in a pyramid shape.

Of the over a hundred thousand magicians on the continent, there were only twenty seven Arch Magi and five hundred one to five star Great Magicians. The rest of the people were all normal magicians from the Primary Grade to the Ninth Grade.

In the Lampuri Kingdom, for a Three Star Great Magician like Great Magician Camilla, he could be considered one of the stronger Great Magicians. Most people were normal magicians that most people didn’t care about like the ones in front of him right now.

When Xu Yi was looking over the magicians, he was not thinking about the cruelty of the magician occupation, rather he was seriously considering a problem.

For strong magicians like Great Magician Camilla, the Lampuri Kingdom would offer special fund to support them. But for the normal magicians under the Great Magician Rank, they didn’t have any kind of income.

What did these magicians rely on to make a living?

Based on what Xu Yi had saw in Banta City, the Great Magician Camilla Magic Tower only had less than twenty magicians and the other companies hired a few magicians as guards.

Other than this, with how many people there were under the Fifth Grade and the lower Primary Grade Magicians, they wouldn’t even have this kind of opportunity.

Then for these magicians with weak power and couldn’t increase their power any more because of their talent, what was the final outlet for them?

Was it really like Still had said? They would find some companions with the same goal and adventure on the continent?

It had to be known that this path was very dangerous and there was an immeasurable number of adventurers that die each year because of this.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi’s eyes looking over these magicians had a trace of sympathy, while also revealing traces of anticipation and excitement.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed and the output of the two workshops increased, they wouldn’t be able to hold on with just having the Baron Rickto Magic Academy students making the Magic Arrays.

So Director Shearer had complained to Xu Yi about this. He said that he had taken half of the magic department’s students to work for him and it had even affected the planning of the school.

Xu Yi was very clear on this point. The main task of students was studying, so they couldn’t spend large amounts of time working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Xu Yi needed to find some people to take over for them.

The problem was that Banta City was a small city and there weren’t that many magicians there, so Xu Yi didn’t have a way to recruit enough people at all.

Xu Yi had been worried about this before, but now that he saw the hall filled with magicians, Xu Yi found that this problem that had troubled him for a long time could suddenly be solved!

Xu Yi suppressed the excitement in his heart and after calming down, he revealed a gentle smile as he walked towards the nearest magician looking over him.

“Hello, I am Xu Yi. I’m from Banta City, can I ask where you are from?” Xu Yi looked at this young magician who was over twenty and asked him this question.

The young magician clearly never thought that Xu Yi would come over to introduce himself, so after being stunned for a second, he forced out a smile as he nodded at Xu Yi.

“Hel…..Hello, I am Cesar, I come from Wales City.”

“Wales City? That is a beautiful city.” Xu Yi immediately praised, “I’ve heard that there are many rivers in Wales City and the city is constructed on the water, is that right?”

“Un…..It’s indeed very beautiful.” Cesar casually said before he finally couldn’t stop himself from asking Xu Yi, “You said you are from Banta City and I only know Great Magician Camilla in Banta City, so were you recommended by him?”

Xu Yi looked back at the door her had just came out of before looking back at the doubtful Cesar and giving a slight nod.

“Yes, it was indeed Great Magician Camilla who recommended me for the exam.”

“Then……Are you a relative of Great Magician Camilla? Oh, I’m sorry, I am not doubting you, but…..Only you don’t have a magician’s badge on your chest, so I think you shouldn’t have passed the Primary Grade test, right?” Cesar then asked.

Xu Yi looked at his empty chest before looking at Cesar’s chest. He found that there was a finely made magician’s badge on Cesar’s chest. Based on the design of the badge which was two lines under the rippling water, it meant that Cesar was certified as a Second Grade Magician by the Magicians Guild.

“That’s right, I indeed haven’t passed the Primary Grade test.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “I think you must be very curious on why I received Great Magician Camilla’s special recommendation, right?”

Cesar smiled, neither agreeing to it or denying it.

“The reason why I received a special recommendation from Great Magician Camilla is not because I have a special relationship with him and of course it isn’t because my talent is outstanding. Rather it is because……” Xu Yi paused and deliberately left him hanging. When he saw that Cesar was completely focused on him, he finally replied with a smile, “It’s because I have some original thoughts in terms of magic machine research.”

“I’m sorry, you said…..magic machines? What are those?” Cesar asked in a confused manner.

“It’s like this……”

With Xu Yi’s explanation, Cesar very quickly understood what magic machines were.

“You’re saying that you study magic not to make yourself stronger, but rather to research these magic machines?” Cesar looked at Xu Yi with a look of disbelief.

This fellow wasn’t that much bigger than him, but he actually said he was the chairman of a company in Banta City and that Frestech Chamber of Commerce actually made magic machines. This was even more strange.

What were these magic machines and what could they do?

“Don’t you feel that being able to allow people to enjoy the convenience magic brings is a very wonderful thing?” Xu Yi tried very hard to entice Cesar, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is lacking outstanding magicians like you to contribute to this cause. What about it? Cesar, are you willing to join our company?”

For a while, Cesar didn’t know what kind of expression to show Xu Yi.

He was currently a Second Grade Magician and wasn’t strong enough to be treated importantly by any company. Now this Xu Yi had appeared to invite him to this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it actually moved his heart a bit.

But thinking about the fact that this Frestech Chamber of Commerce was in a small place like Banta City, producing these strange magic machines, he had a few scruples.

“This……I’m sorry, I only want to focus on researching magic right now, my strength isn’t enough…..”

Xu Yi suddenly raised one finger, “Ten gold coins each month.”

Cesar almost choked on his saliva.

Ten gold coins a month? Although Cesar hadn’t been invited by a company before, he knew that many companies invited magicians they liked and the lowest starting wage was twenty gold coins.

Of course, those that companies wanted were ones that were strong enough to be guards, so they clearly weren’t weak Second Grade Magicians like him, but rather at the lowest they were Fifth Grade Magicians.

The price that Xu Yi gave was very fair for a Second Grade Magician, but after hesitating a bit, Cesar still rejected his offer.

“I’m sorry, I’m not that lacking in money now. Compared to rushing to earn money, I like to use this to raise my magic level.” Cesar said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, many thanks for your good intentions. If we can work together in the future, I will consider your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi was a bit disappointed, but he still retained his smile as he gave a slight nod, “Alright, since you’re not willing Cesar, of course I won’t force you. But our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has our doors open to you always. If you ever change your mind, you can come to Banta City and I will always welcome you.”

Cesar nodded with a faint smile.

No matter what, it was quite good knowing this chairman Xu.

After Cesar left, Xu Yi realized he had made a mistake.

Based on Cesar’s clothes, his family background clearly wasn’t bad. Without economic pressure, with the common knowledge of the Sines Continent, he would of course treat raising his strength as the most important thing and it wasn’t strange at all for him to reject him.

Xu Yi wasn’t that disappointed. After realizing this problem, he changed his target to magicians that didn’t look that well off.

After asking seven people, the results he obtained weren’t too satisfactory.

Perhaps it was because there wasn’t enough acceptance for a new thing like the magic machines, but even though these seven magicians all seemed like they were in the same situation. Xu Yi had only interested three people. Of the three, only one of them promised Xu Yi that he would come to Banta City to take a look.

As for the remaining four, they all had pretty much the same reaction as Cesar.

Xu Yi was helpless about this.

To change the situation, he would have to first change the thoughts of all the magicians on the Sines Continent.

As for this, it was very clear he couldn’t do that right now.

“Yi? Aren’t you Xu Yi? Xu Yi! It really is you!”

At this time, a voice filled with pleasant surprise suddenly came from beside Xu Yi.