Volume 1 Chapter 97 - Arrogant agricultural department

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 97 Arrogant agricultural department

The next morning, Viscount Leslie who received the news was standing in front of the burned black storage room with a dark look on his face.

“How are the losses?” After a while, Viscount Leslie finally asked a question to Xu Yi beside him.

“I noticed early, so there weren’t that many losses.” After Xu Yi’s reply, he slightly knit his brows and looked a bit confused.

He had personally saw the spark explode before the flames instantly surrounded the entire storage room. It didn’t seem like a simple fire, rather it looked like someone had set the fire on purpose.

But Xu Yi had just arrived in Anvilmar City yesterday and didn’t know that many people. Naturally he didn’t make any enemies, so why would someone suddenly move against the things he brought over?

Hearing Xu Yi’s doubts, Viscount Leslie was silent for a bit. He suddenly waved his hand and signaled to Housekeeper Lahm and the others to move back.

When everyone was far away, Viscount Leslie gave a sigh and said to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, I’m the one who implicated you.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Lord Viscount, why do you say that?”

Viscount Leslie looked northeast wall of the yard and a bitter smile flashed across his face.

“Because some people don’t welcome me back and this is a warning for me.”

Xu Yi’s mouth opened wide, but he didn’t ask anything in the end.

Based on Viscount Leslie’s tone, there must be a complicated reason for this. With Xu Yi’s current status, it would be best if he didn’t take the initiative to involve himself.

“It seems like it’s not safe putting this here. How about this, I’ll help you find a safe place to put it?” Viscount Leslie thought about it before saying this.

Xu Yi shook his head, “There is no need. Since it has already been burnt, this means that the other side must think the things are broken and won’t come to make a move again. Not to mention that this is a warning against the Lord Viscount and since the warning has already succeeded, the results are not important. I will have Housekeeper Lahm increase the guard around here, so there should be no problems.”

Viscount Leslie knit his brows, “Xu Yi, these things are important for your audience, why do I feel you aren’t nervous at all?”

Xu Yi laughed, “I was nervous before it burned down, but after seeing the fire from yesterday, I suddenly thought it through. These things are not that important, the most important thing is what these things represent. There would be no problem if these things were destroyed because our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can make them again. Unless those fellows can use a fire to burn down all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it doesn’t have any significance.”

Viscount Leslie couldn’t help smiling, “You really are unrestrained, but you aren’t afraid that you can’t take anything out when you meet the king?”

“I am.” Xu Yi gave a serious nod, “So Lord Viscount, you must help me with something.”


After sending Viscount Leslie off, Xu Yi returned to the storage room. Seeing everything that had been burned black in front of him, Xu Yi’s relaxed face gradually sunk.

In front of Viscount Leslie, Xu Yi didn’t completely tell the truth.

When the fire appeared last night, Xu Yi clearly felt a trace of magical fluctuations. It could be seen that the person who set the fire last night was a hidden magician.

To send a magician for this small matter, it could be seen that this was very important to the other side and they had made the resolution to succeed.

If it wasn’t for Xu Yi coming along and promptly using Water Attributed Magic to put out the fire, neutralizing the magic destructive might inside the flames, even if the things in the storage room wasn’t destroyed, it would have been damaged still.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi walked to another room in the distance.

This room used to be a guest room, but because the storage room was burned down, Xu Yi had Housekeeper Lahm put the things in here.

Opening the door, he saw six strange looking machines inside. Outside was stained from being burned by the flames and it looked very fierce, really not looking good at all.

The six machines were specially brought here by Xu Yi. They were six agricultural magic machines which included the small Magic Harvester, the small Magic Plowing Machine, and the small Magic Excavator.

Being summoned by the king this time, Xu Yi planned on demonstrating the powerful uses of these machines to the king.

The nobles in Banta City had already been conquered by these machines and had sent their orders to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he believed the king wouldn’t be different.

If the king was moved and promoted these agricultural magic machines throughout the entire Lampuri Kingdom, now only would it bring large amounts of profits for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would accomplish the first step of the plan in Xu Yi’s heart.

Xu Yi took a towel and carefully wiped the surface of these six machines.

This work took quite a bit of time, but Xu Yi was not assured in giving these machines to the servants to handle, so he could only personally take care of them.

After spending half an hour, he finally finished wiping the surface of the six machines. He took out a few Magic Crystals and placed them into the six machines before preparing to flick the switch to test them.

As soon as he flicked the switch of the first small Magic Harvester and the plow in front began to turn, there was the sound of footsteps coming from outside the room.

“Chairman Xu, chairman Xu……” Housekeeper Lahm’s shouts came from outside.

Xu Yi turned off the small Magic Harvester and walked out in a confused manner.

When he came out, he saw Housekeeper Lahm leading six people over.

These four were all wearing the same fine work uniform and they seemed like they came from the same organization.

As expected, after Housekeeper Lahm gave introductions, Xu Yi knew that these four came from the agricultural department. After learning that Xu Yi had come to Anvilmar City yesterday, they came to meet Xu Yi early in the morning.

The one leading them was a middle aged man who seemed to be past fifty with greying hair. After hearing Housekeeper Lahm’s introduction, he said with a slight nod, “Chairman Xu, where are the agricultural magic machines you brought? Give them to us to take back.”

Xu Yi knit his brows. This Lord Fisher’s tone seemed very calm, but whether it was his expression or tone, there was a trace of disdain and indifference that wasn’t concealed at all. It was like coming here to see Xu Yi was already giving him quite a bit of face and it was natural for Xu Yi to hand the things over.

Xu Yi thought that the agricultural department coming over the next morning after receiving the news last night meant that they were very serious about the agricultural magic machines, but it didn’t seem like this.

“Lord Fisher, when have I said that I would hand these things over to the agricultural department?” Xu Yi said with a frown.

“You want to keep it?” Lord Fisher’s voice became a bit higher. He looked at Xu Yi and was a bit impatient, “Chairman Xu, since you have reported that you have brought agricultural magic machines over, then of course you have to hand them over to us and let us bring it back to study first. If these really do help improving farming, the agricultural department will give your Frestech Chamber of Commerce a commendation.”

“Commendation?” Xu Yi’s voice instantly became angry.

He had come here this time to promote the agricultural magic machines. He thought that with even the king summoning him, the agricultural department would treat this very seriously. But he never thought that these four agricultural department ministers would have this kind of appearance, not caring about him at all.

Based on their appearance, if Xu Yi really gave them the agricultural magic machines, perhaps they would shelf this matter and not care about it anymore.

“Your excellency, allow me to ask a question. I remember that in my correspondence with the agricultural department, you had me come here this time was to hear my farm transformation plan and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s farmer support plan, it didn’t mention anything about me handing over my magic machines, right? Other than that, I’ve never said that I’ve brought any agricultural magic machines with me, so how do you know about this?” Xu Yi looked right at Lord Fisher as he asked this.

A look flashed in Lord Fisher’s eyes before he looked right at Xu Yi and said in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, this is not something you should ask. You don’t need to care this much, I am representing the agricultural department to ask you to immediately take out the agricultural magic machines for us to study. Could it be you can’t agree to this?”

Xu Yi looked over the other three ministers with Lord Fisher and found that they had fierce looking faces. It was like if Xu Yi dared to reject them, they would immediately move against them.

Seeing the appearance of the four, Xu Yi paused for a second.

He wasn’t afraid, he just felt that something was fishy.

If the agricultural department didn’t place importance on him, they definitely wouldn’t run here this early in the morning. If they did place importance in him, why would they show this kind of appearance?

Thinking about it, Xu Yi shook his head, “Your excellency, I’m afraid I can’t agree to your request. I have other uses for these machines and if I had them over to you, it will disrupt my plan.”

Lord Fisher’s face instantly sunk as he said with a cold snort, “Disrupt your plans? If you don’t give us these machines, it will disrupt the plans of our agricultural department! Do you think that your plans are more important or our agricultural department’s plans?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Your excellency, there doesn’t seem to be anything to compare there? Perhaps your agricultural department’s plans are important, but that does not mean I must give those machines to you.”

“Audacious!” Lord Fisher instantly flew into a rage and pointed a finger in Xu Yi’s nose as he roared out, “Xu Yi, you are just a small merchant, you actually dare go against the request of our agricultural department? Do you know that if it wasn’t for your company’s whatever farmer support plan being a bit of use, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to talk to us?”

Xu Yi knit his brows and pressed down Lord Fisher’s finger as he maintained his calm voice to say, “Your excellency, if you maintain this kind of attitude, I think our talk can end here.”

Xu Yi’s calm tone enraged the other three agricultural department officials and enraged Lord Fisher even further, but since he was older and more stable, he raised his hand to stop his companions from charging forward. He looked at Xu Yi and said with a serious face, “Chairman Xu, you really are planning to go against our agricultural department’s orders?”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Your excellency, first, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have a superior and subordinate relationship. A word like orders, it doesn’t seem like it’s used here, right? Second, can you really represent the agricultural department?”