Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of 50 chapters

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The soldier was already equipped and all ready to go. The three of them also entered the dressing room under the lead of three soldiers and got changed into their combat attire.

The once-organized activity room was changed into a large dressing room, and Jiang Xiao was surprised by how neatly arranged the closets were. It did seem like a decent dressing room.

Jiang Xiao held onto the tag and tried to look for his closet number, feeling like he was in a spa center.

He wondered if the pool was warm or not…

In recent years, the climate had been somewhat abnormal due to the continuous worsening of the earth’s environment. Even in Beijiang Province of Huaxia, the temperatures were still scorching in the late summer.

However, Jiang Xiao had no choice but to put on the thick winter combat attire. After all, he was about to enter the snowfield.

Jiang Xiao carried a large camouflage military backpack that contained water and sleeping bags. Clad in the thick white camouflage military uniform, he walked out and happened to see the soldier Mr. Pi standing by the door and staring at the front with his back straight.

“Mr. Pi? Brother Pi? Hmm… I think I’d better call you Brother Qiu.” Jiang Xiao leaned closer towards him.

Pi Keqiu nodded.

“Is there anything I have to look out for or prepare beforehand?” Jiang Xiao asked while standing next to Pi Keqiu. Since he was only 1.72m tall, his head was at the level of Pi Keqiu’s chest.

He thought, This buff and tall soldier should be at least two meters tall, eh? He’s so huge, strong and muscular. Yet, he has such a cute name. What a stark contrast.

“Maintain team formation and make sure to follow Miss Han at all times. Stay in the middle of the team. Ms. Xia and Ms. Han are experienced hunters. Should everything go as per normal, you won’t be in any danger.” Although Pi Keqiu was stern and aloof, he had a good attitude.

“Is my position in the middle of the team?” Jiang Xiao asked while nodding.

“The employer didn’t give me any mission objectives. This operation should only be meant for helping you understand the world behind this portal. You don’t have to worry about your personal safety. We probably won’t enter the depths of the snowfield,” Pi Keqiu answered.


Is Xia Yan his employer?

Is this multidimensional portal controlled by the officials and open to the public?

Is this a charged program?

Impressive. As the old Chinese saying: martial arts and combat are really expensive activities.

At this moment, the door opposite the corridor opened wide and two beautiful girls who were pretty in their own unique way walked out.

Dressed in a camouflage uniform that was exactly the same as Jiang Xiao’s, Xia Yan, who was tall and leggy, looked even more suave and cool now.

Han Jiangxue was wearing a thick, white jacket, a white cotton cap, and dark blue ski goggles. She looked just like a skiing enthusiast.

“There you go.” Han Jiangxue threw a pair of dark blue ski goggles to Jiang Xiao and gestured for him to put it on.

Jiang Xiao’s eyes were fixed on Xia Yan’s body, and more specifically, the long dagger handle that was exposed above Xia Yan’s shoulder.

“Hehe, stop staring at me.” Xia Yan walked towards Jiang Xiao and patted his head before continuing, “Don’t look at me like this, you’ll fall in love with me and your sister will get jealous.”

Xia Yan took the lead and strode towards the front.

Jiang Xiao finally saw the weapon on Xia Yan’s back.

It was a knife!

A huge knife!

Xia Yan stood at 1.78m tall and the large knife hung diagonally on her back, but it was already almost touching the ground.

Not to mention, there was also the long handle that was sticking out.

What kind of a weapon is that!?!

The knife is at least 150cm long and 4cm wide. The handle is at least 50cm too, Jiang Xiao reckoned.

The back of the knife was heavy and it emitted a cold glow. The blade was unusually sharp and although Jiang Xiao had yet to see its actual effects, he could feel its power and menace with just one glance.

Han Jiangxue pushed Jiang Xiao forwards while he was spacing out in shock. She instructed. “We may run into other hunting teams, so don’t get into a conflict with anyone. Stay near me throughout the entire journey and don’t put on a brave front. You’re only an apprentice who has just started.”

“Oh… it costs a lot of money per entry, doesn’t it?” Jiang Xiao asked softly.

Han Jiangxue shivered slightly and answered, “We don’t need to pay because of our status.”

Jiang Xiao asked, “Why?”

“Our parents exchanged their lives for this.” Han Jiangxue sounded emotionless and robotic when she said those words.

Jiang Xiao opened his mouth. He had never thought that the headstart he was receiving was from his parents whom he had never met.

“If one day, you really qualify to join a team of elites, you can bring them on a visit to the multidimensional world where our parents got lost in.” Han Jiangxue stopped in her tracks and looked at the end of the corridor which was fluctuating between being dimly and brightly lit as the spaces overlapped. She continued softly, “It’s also a form of explanation to them. I reckon they’d be really glad.”

Jiang Xiao looked at the icy-cold corridor in front of him and felt the sudden drop in temperature. He frantically asked, “Where did they go missing? What is the name of that dimensional space?”

Han Jiangxue turned around and looked at Jiang Xiao silently. “I will tell you the answer when you defeat me one day.”

Jiang Xiao said in displeasure, “I’m just an assisting person.”

Staring at Jiang Xiao sternly, Han Jiangxue clipped. “You’re a warrior who has assistive abilities.”


Girl, must you really be so stern and explicit?

As soon as Han Jiangxue finished speaking, she turned around and entered the overlapping space.

Jiang Xiao was filled with complicated emotions, for he truly wanted to make a name for himself in this magical world.

Since he had been taken care of by his parents whom he had never met, he would definitely have an extra responsibility.

Jiang Xiao looked at the overlapping space in front of him, which was exuding a faint white glow.


The chilly wind was biting cold, and when it hit Jiang Xiao’s face, he felt as if he was getting cut by a knife.

Jiang Xiao widened his eyes and carefully scrutinized his surroundings through the ski goggles.

The world was dim and dull but lit enough even though there was no sun in the sky.

There was no moon either, but there was a vast galaxy that was full of stars, hanging above the sky in a magnificent manner. It was both outstanding and dreamy.

At the horizon of the sky, colorful lights flashed brilliantly, and that reminded Jiang Xiao of the called aurora phenomenon.

In this slightly dim world, there was also infinite snow, apart from the dull but colorful sky.

The cold gusts of wind blew through the air and the snowfall was getting heavier, making it difficult for them to even communicate.

The tall and slender silhouette in front waved to the crowd and motioned for them to move along.

In the luminous night, she walked forward calmly on a steady gait while carrying a heavy sword on her shoulders.

Jiang Xiao tried to take a few steps forward and similarly left his footprints in the snow, which were of varying depth.

Under such harsh conditions, even survival would become a problem, what more acquiring Star Beads.

Indeed, seeing was better than hearing. It was just a dimensional space that produced monsters of the lowest-levels. Yet, the severe harshness of the environment had already exceeded Jiang Xiao’s imagination.

This world was indeed far from being as simple as what Jiang Xiao had imagined it to be.

All of a sudden, the white figure beside Jiang Xiao extended her hand and grabbed his arm.

In the pitch dark and silent night, the only sounds that could be heard were that of the roaring wind that sounded like the howling of ghouls.

Jiang Xiao looked to the left and saw Han Jiangxue’s expressionless face, though he could not see her eyes that were obscured beneath the dark blue ski goggles.

He could only feel her tightening her grip around his arm and stepping forward hastily while leading him towards the front. Her gait was steady as she stepped on the thick snow.

It was only the fourth day that Jiang Xiao had arrived in this world.

Han Jiangxue was simply helping him along and supporting him, but Jiang Xiao already knew that from now on and for the rest of his life, he had to treat her well.