Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

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“You want to give him Silver Quality Star Techniques, but how probable is it that he can absorb and acquire them? And how many times can it be used? Two months from now, his weak Star Power will probably still be in Stardust Period, won’t it?” Xia Yan sneered while watching the Star Bead disappear in Jiang Xiao’s hands.

Jiang Xiao knew that Xia Yan did not have any malicious intent. Although she was rather callous with her words and did not spare a thought for Jiang Xiao’s feelings at all. However, she was indeed genuine about wanting to help him.

As a 25-year-old adult, Jiang Xiao knew that actions mattered more than language.

At the same time, Jiang Xiao lowered his head, feeling a small amount of energy condensing on his right hand which felt like it was about to freeze. As Jiang Xiao channeled his weak Star Power, his right fist gradually began to emit a green ray of light.

Xia Yan asked in shock, “Has it formed?”

Han Jiangxue was also stunned. After all, she had given Jiang Xiao three White Ghoul Star Beads in the past, but he didn’t get anything from them.

“Not bad, interesting. Although your qualification is very low, the probability of absorbing Star Techniques is quite high. You managed to acquire Green Glow at your fourth attempt.” Xia Yan nodded with satisfaction and continued, “In the future, no matter what your combat style may be, be it martial arts or military combat, using Green Glow well will allow your combat power to skyrocket.”

Xia Yan shrugged her hand and fiddled with her dagger before proceeding to cut off the heads of the two remaining White Ghouls.

While Jiang Xiao was studying the newly acquired Green Glow, he also sensed that the girl beside him was paying attention to him.

Jiang Xiao moved two steps to the right and leaned closer towards Han Jiangxue’s ear. He whispered, “Same as the previous time.”

Han Jiangxue’s earlobe turned slightly red, and it seemed that she was not very comfortable with such intimate interaction. However, her excitement made her forget the discomfort. She stopped being shy and asked, “Same as the previous time?”

Jiang Xiao nodded gently.

Han Jiangxue’s beautiful eyes glistened beneath the dark blue ski goggles. What did he mean? She wondered.

Two Star Techniques in one Star Bead again!?!

That means that Jiang Xiao has saved another star slot! From now on, Jiang Xiao is free to use the White Ghoul Star Beads as a routine means. He need not worry about accidentally absorbing the Star Technique, Endurance, during the process of using Star Beads to supplement his Star Power again. He won’t have to worry about the Star Technique occupying another star slot!

Han Jiangxue reached out and grabbed Jiang Xiao’s arm.

Even though Jiang Xiao was wearing a thick camouflage uniform, he could still feel the strength of her grip.

“Hey! Why are you two pretending to be close siblings? Let go, let go!” Xia Yan stood up and looked at Han Jiangxue’s palm with dissatisfaction.

Jiang Xiao was stunned for a moment.


Is she jealous?

Han Jiangxue helped me and supported me along the way.

“There is nothing in this White Ghoul’s head at all.” Xia Yan kicked the corpse on the ground with disgust, grabbed a Star Bead and threw it at Han Jiangxue. “Three White Ghouls produced two Star Beads. That’s not too bad. Hold it, Jiangxue.”

Han Jiangxue caught the Star Bead and handed it to Jiang Xiao.

Xia Yan remained silent.

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

“Hey! You traitor!” Xia Yan pointed her finger at Han Jiangxue and stomped her feet in a disgruntled manner.

Staring at the angst Xia Yan who was acting out of character, Jiang Xiao gave her a Blessing without hesitation.

Xia Yan’s expression changed, and after bearing with it for a few seconds, she trembled and let out an alluring and nasally moan.

At the same time, Jiang Xiao finally had the opportunity to experiment with the so-called Star Technique upgrade.

Without hesitation, Jiang Xiao opened the Star Map to see that the White Ghoul Star Bead was embedded in the second star that was already lit up.

His Star Beads turned into Starburst and penetrated through his body. There were also changes to the Star Technique tab in his internal Star Map.

Star Technique:

1. Blessing: Slow Restoration Of Target Vitality (Brass Quality, Level 1)

2. Decoy: Creates An Illusion To Confuse The Enemy (Brass Quality, Level 1)

1. Green Glow: Strongly strikes the enemy and increases damage to the targeted spot, adds a slight repelling effect. (Brass Quality, Level 2)

2. Endurance: Passive Star Technique, Increases self-defense abilities (Brass Quality, Level 2)

Very good, with eight more White Ghoul beads, I’ll be able to upgrade Green Glow and Endurance to Silver Quality!

Green Glow was not uncommon, but a Silver Quality Green Glow was extremely rare.

After the quality gets upgraded, will the attacking power of Green Glow be more powerful? Will the repelling effect be more obvious?

Wait a minute!

There’s an issue.

Jiang Xiao suddenly realized that there was a very serious problem.

Since Jiang Xiao’s Star Technique was upgradeable through Star Beads of the same creature, Jiang Xiao shouldn’t absorb the Star Techniques of rare creatures.

A simple example would be the White Ghouls that were of the lowest grade and the most common species in the snowfield. Jiang Xiao’s Green Glow and Endurance could easily be upgraded to Silver Quality or even Gold Quality.

What about White Ghoul Witches?

As rare creatures, the Star Beads of White Ghoul Witches were more difficult to obtain. When could Jiang Xiao’s Medical Star Techniques, Blessing and Decoy, be upgraded?

For Jiang Xiao, he was already destined to proceed in the path of acquiring Star Techniques in the future. In terms of upgrading quality, the creatures of different dimensions may be of high levels and qualities. The only requirement was that they could not be rare!

From this perspective, acquiring the Star Technique of Star Beads would be the most reliable and profitable option.

Skill Points could, of course, be used to upgrade the level and quality of Star Techniques, but the problem was that Jiang Xiao had no idea how to obtain Skill Points.

“Put it away. Go earn some extra money for some allowance.” Xia Yan looked at Han Jiangxue in displeasure, seemingly still angry.

“Okay.” Han Jiangxue ignored Xia Yan’s resentful gaze and raised her hand, after which the space in front overlapped.

If it were a slight usage of Star Technique, there would be no need to activate the Star Map at all, just like when Jiang Xiao tested Green Glow.

Of course, if one were to go all out and fight properly, he would have to activate the Star Map.

Xia Yan kicked the White Ghouls’ corpses into the overlapping space.

Space Star Technique?

Han Jiangxue actually has such magical Star Techniques?

Sensing that Jiang Xiao was stunned, Han Jiangxue explained, “The thick fur coat of the White Ghouls provides strong protection against the cold. They’re rather valuable too.”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head. Am I doubting the value of the White Ghouls’ fur? Do I not go on the internet? How would I not know that the fur of White Ghouls can be sold for money? I’m just wondering about the Space Star Technique, alright?

Besides, since you have the Space Star Technique, why did you still make me carry such a heavy military backpack?

Jiang Xiao put his hands on the straps of the military backpack and looked at Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue turned expressionless again and said, “I can’t always be with you. Once you start attending school, your teachers will bring you to the snowfield. I hope you will experience it all now.”

Xia Yan nodded sympathetically and said, “Yeah, there’ll always be plenty of casualties in every batch.”

Jiang Xiao nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Jiang Xiao was not a shameless person nor one to push his limits. After finding out Han Jiangxue’s intentions, he was obviously willing to follow the arrangement.

Han Jiangxue froze for a moment. Although she had already sensed the changes in Jiang Xiao’s attitude, she was still really emotional to hear him thank her.

“You have Green Glow to help you now, so don’t position yourself as a Medical Awakened who needs to be protected by everyone in the team. Although you’ll be the protected one in any team you’re in, you should have the ability to protect yourself too,” Han Jiangxue said while gently patting Jiang Xiao’s shoulder.

“Haha, imp, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Look at the Medical Awakened of the other combat teams, they’re all lazy and act like big shots waiting to be served. They’re all put on a pedestal and no one bears to let them take the front line,” Xia Yan explained while staring at the snow forest, seemingly bent on going against Han Jiangxue.

“Just like your current position in the team, you only need to place yourself in the safest position and ensure that your team members can continue fighting. The survival of a Medical Awakened is the greatest help to the team.”

“And we…” Xia Yan’s tone suddenly became stern and she put her dagger back into the sheath on the side of her leg, after which she grabbed the long handle of the knife on her back, seemingly prepared to whip it out and kill anything in her path.

“Huh?” Han Jiangxue hurriedly looked in front, only to see that a few rays of red light had appeared in the snowy forest.