Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 50 chapters

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“Don’t go, let them come out,” Han Jiangxue said frantically while nudging Jiang Xiao along and stopping Xia Yan.

Slightly stunned, Xia Yan froze and counted the numbers of pairs of bloodshot eyes in the snow forest. After considering the burdens in the team, she had no choice but to retreat.

Yeah, regardless of how much they tried to hide it using his identity as a Medical Awakened, Jiang Xiao was still just leeching off the team at this moment.

Of course, Jiang Xiao had the right to leech because of his own abilities.

Jiang Xiao was not ashamed of this at all. He just needed some time to grow, and this was only the fourth day since he arrived in this world. With some more time, he believed that he would be able to evolve completely.

It was not just a nickname. They could tell from Jiang Xiao’s self-discipline and rigorous morning workout regime that he had determination and perseverance.

Jiang Xiao would definitely repay them for their kindness and care towards him.

Soldier Pi Keqiu, who had been silent, stood rooted to the ground and let Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiao retreat behind him. He then stood beside Xia Yan and moved along in sync together with the rest.

“There is coagulated blood on the fur, and there are pieces of clothing hanging on their nails. I’m afraid the team that entered the snow forest just now has already faced their doom.” Pi Keqiu analyzed.

At this juncture, Jiang Xiao was still absorbing nutrients and all substances that could help him grow. He secretly analyzed the White Ghouls at the boundaries of the snow forest.

The dead White Ghouls were already extremely hideous, but the ones that were alive looked even more terrifying with their bloodshot eyes.

Soldier Pi Keqiu continued, “They did not hesitate and are still advancing. They’ve also left the snow forest, which is unlike their characteristics. This means…”

“There are White Ghoul Witches in this group of White Ghouls,” Xia Yan said with a sullen expression.

Pi Keqiu said in a low voice, “This place is only 30 minutes away from where we humans come from. The team of guardians should be able to reach here in 10 minutes. I doubt there’d be such a formidable group.”

Pi Keqiu’s role as a mercenary was also to provide the team with guidance. Besides, his identity also gave them the exclusive privilege of being able to bring a gun along.

Pi Keqiu had a black gun hanging on his waist. Perhaps, a gun may not be effective when dealing with creatures of other dimensions and may also be weaker than a Star Technique, but it was still rather effective when used against White Ghouls.

Although a bullet would do little damage to the coarse-skinned and thick-fleshed White Ghouls, they did not have any fur on their black faces. Hence, the gun would still be very strong.

However, the military had imposed strict restrictions on soldiers in terms of their usage of guns.

Jiang Xiao asked in bewilderment, “I do have the White Ghoul Witch’s Blessing Star Technique which I’ve used on you guys before. Do you know if the effects of the Brass Quality Star Technique Blessing seem to be extraordinary?”

“Yeah, the White Ghoul Witch is also a Brass Quality creature, so its techniques and skills are not extraordinary,” Xia Yan said while retreating cautiously. She continued, “However, the existence of the White Ghoul Witch will increase the quality of a group of White Ghouls. Fighting is not simply 1+1 equals 2, there are too many factors that affect the attributes of a team.”

Han Jiangxue nodded and agreed. “Take now for an example. They’ve left the snow forest and walked out of their familiar battlefield.”

Xia Yan slowly pulled out the thick giant blade which was two meters long including its handle. She dragged it on the ground and left a deep mark in the snow. “The White Ghouls are as agile as monkeys in this snow forest and they have a huge advantage. However, they gave up such advantages and chose to fight us on a level playing ground. Xiaopi, tell me, what does this represent?”

Jiang Xiao thought about it for a while before asking, “Does the existence of the White Ghouls Witches gives them a great confidence boost?”

“Almost there.” Xia Yan kept her beautiful eyes fixed on the White Ghouls in front and said, “The existence of the White Ghoul Witch indeed becomes their core pillar, and when a team of individualistic members become confident and unite, the aggression and combat power that they exude will be daunting.”

Jiang Xiao raised his eyebrows and said, “You mean… they have clear identities and commands to follow?”

“Yes, that’s right. The White Ghoul Witch is the commander of this team.” Xia Yan and Pi Keqiu both stopped in their tracks before continuing, “The instincts of these magical creatures are the models that humans have always learned to follow. In a team, medical professionals would be the most suitable candidates for being the leaders. They hide in relatively safe positions and can take charge of the entire situation. They will never focus on any two individuals either. Instead, they will consider things from the perspective of the team.”


I thought I could keep advancing and become a happy, overpowering guy.

I’ll be done after being happy.

Yet, you made me become a commander?

However, this indeed isn’t a game and the melee Awakened who are at the front line do not have a full view of everything. Hence, they can’t effectively bring all the information about the battlefield into view.

“Thank you for your teaching,” Jiang Xiao said sincerely.

“No problem, just remember to help warm my feet when we go home,” Xia Yan said casually.

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

“When there is a lack of Medical Awakened in a team, or the Medical Awakened is not competent and qualified to serve as the commander, remote commands would be the next best choice.” Xia Yan then asked, raising her voice slightly, “Jiangxue?”

“Wait!” Han Jiangxue ordered.

“If we wait any longer, they’re going to touch my face!” Xia Yan yelled with dissatisfaction.

They had no idea when the storm in the snowfield disappeared and there were no longer any wind or snow, thus making it easier for them to communicate.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The tall White Ghouls slowly began to scurry, dragging their heavy footsteps along the snow. Soon, they began to speed up like they were running on flat ground.

There were 1, 2… 15, 16 of them!

There were a total of 16 tall and huge White Ghouls which began sprinting towards them in the end.

All of a sudden, a strange shriek sounded in the snowfield.

The sprinting White Ghouls suddenly changed as the one leading the group slowed down, after which the remaining ones spread out and ran towards them diagonally. The messy team slowly evolved into a curved formation.

Were they planning to trap the four of them in the middle?

“To the right!” Xia Yan yelled.

“Left,” Han Jiangxue said, almost in unison with Xia Yan.

“Woman, can’t you follow me for once?” Xia Yan asked without hesitation before dragging the giant blade to the left.

“Keep up.” Han Jiangxue pushed Jiang Xiao away and said, “Pi Keqiu, stay behind.”

The four of them suddenly formed a straight line and dashed towards the left as quickly as possible, before the White Ghouls could form a siege.

However, how could they keep up with the White Ghouls who could tread along the snowfield like it was a flat ground?

It turned out that one of them could catch up!

It was none other than the figure sprinting in front, Xia Yan!

In Jiang Xiao’s field of vision, he could see the tall, slender and long-legged Xia Yan sprinting along the snowfield while dragging the two-meter-long giant blade with her.


At the next moment, Xia Yan’s tall and slender figure suddenly exuded a bright ray of light, after which the Star Map suddenly appeared in front of her.

Jiang Xiao’s Star Map was the Big Dipper while Xia Yan’s Star Map was a two-handed sword!

Yes, a huge sword appeared on Xia Yan’s body through the connection between star slots and vigorous Star Power.

Two Brass, five Silver!?!

A total of seven stars were lit up on the tip of the sword in the Star Map, emitting two brass-colored lights and five silver lights.

An Awakened in the Nebula Stage can absorb up to only eight Star Techniques and Xia Yan was almost done absorbing.

She has a total of seven Star Techniques, but most importantly, she seems to have… 28 star slots!?!

28 star slots!

That was three times of Jiang Xiao’s star slots.

At the next moment, the silver star slot on the left of the blade of the Star Map suddenly lit up. The hand that was holding the blade suddenly burst into flames too and it instantly engulfed the sword!

—Silver Star Technique: Flames

There should have been a deep sword mark on the ground, but the snow had already melted into a puddle of water at this point. The evaporated white gas was mixed with the wind that was blown up by the Star Power. It spread forward all the way.

All of a sudden snowflakes flew in the air and exuded a domineering aura.

Xia Yan finally picked up the giant sword and tensed up her legs before stomping her foot down onto the snow. She then immediately sprung up and flew outwards!