Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 50 chapters

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Han Jiangxue, who was controlling Xia Yan and the White Ghoul Witch, was suddenly jolted awake. She turned around to see that Jiang Xiao was lying on the ground. Her icy cold gaze seemed to have turned a little more tender.

“Don’t lose focus, there are a lot of White Ghouls around,” Jiang Xiao said frantically while bathing in the white rays of light. He had done everything to prepare for it. Since he was bent on giving it his all to fight it out, he had to make sure he was ready.

To his surprise, the White Ghoul just now was only targeting Jiang Xiao’s sister and not him.

“The White Ghoul Witch has already died. They will react soon and stop attacking and flee back to the snow forest,” Han Jiangxue said softly while looking down at Jiang Xiao.

“Oh.” Jiang Xiao scratched his head, feeling rather anxious. He thought to himself, Don’t let them get away. These are all Star Beads.

However, Jiang Xiao could not bring himself to say those words. If he were capable enough, he could bring the team together with him to kill the enemy. However, Jiang Xiao was just like a leech now who could not provide them with any help at all. Yet, he still wanted to initiate killing the enemy?

That would seem rather shameless of him.

Jiang Xiao’s pupils constricted slightly while the White Ghoul that had been struck in the liver by him did not seem to intend to run away at all. Instead, it got up again and continued to rush at Han Jiangxue.

“Behind you!” Jiang Xiao frantically yelled.

Han Jiangxue did not turn around at all. The fourth Gold star slot lit up slightly and she waved her hand casually, after which the layers of space behind her overlapped and the White Ghoul plunged into it. At last, it disappeared instantly!

—Gold Star Technique: Sky Smashing

The overlapped layers of space behind Han Jiangxue quickly disappeared while she stared at him quietly.

Han Jiangxue said softly, “You’ve rescued me.”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head, not knowing how he should reply her at all. After hesitating for a while, he asked, “Are you finally going to confess to me?”

Han Jiangxue was bewildered.

Noticing that Han Jiangxue’s face was cold and gloomy, he frantically tried to change the subject. “Is your Space Star Technique of Gold Quality?”

Han Jiangxue expressed assent and turned around to look at Xia Yan who was rather far away from her. “What’s the matter? Is your Star Power abundant?”

While wielding the sword, Xia Yan stopped a White Ghoul that was fleeing in a hurry. “It should be enough to kill them, but I have to go back to our campground to assemble it. Xiaopi, stop feeling shocked and go harvest some Star Beads for me to nourish my body with so that I can keep up with the killing.”

Jiang Xiao hurriedly gave Xia Yan a Blessing and got up to scurry towards the White Ghoul that had been severed by Xia Yan. He then said to Han Jiangxue, “The Space Star Technique is really easy to use. Even if we’ve been surrounded, the situation doesn’t seem so bad. ”

“That space is limited and four corpses is the maximum.” Han Jiangxue followed Jiang Xiao along and seemed intent on protecting him. However, she did not idle about either and instead used two Barren Winds to blow away the White Ghouls that were the furthest away from them.

“Four corpses? Has the living ones become corpses too?” Jiang Xiao asked, pointing out the keyword.

“Yeah, that place is not suitable for the survival of beings,” Han Jiangxue said while shaking her head.

“Oh my god, since you have these attributes, you could have killed that White Ghoul that had intruded just now, couldn’t you? This Star Technique is really strong, where did you get such a high-quality Star Technique from? It’s so useful and practical too,” Jiang Xiao said with admiration, trying his best to curb his nausea. He then reached his hand into the broken head of the White Ghoul.

After hearing his words, Han Jiangxue remained silent for a long while. She then said softly, “This Star Bead was left behind for you by our parents.”

Jiang Xiao paused and whipped out a Brass Quality Star Bead from the head of the White Ghoul after a few seconds. He smiled and said, “Ah, we’re both his children. It doesn’t matter which one of us gets it.”

Han Jiangxue repeated casually, “This is indeed for you.”

Jiang Xiao scurried towards the White Ghoul that had gotten severed and squatted down to grab the head carefully. He chuckled and said, “Of course it’d be better for you to use it. With my qualifications, I may not be able to even absorb it.”

Han Jiangxue once again wriggled her finger and threw a White Ghoul at Xia Yan. She then whispered, “In the past few days, you have absorbed the Star Beads belonging to the White Ghouls and White Ghoul Witch. They both contain two Star Techniques in one Star Bead. So, you can absorb this Gold Quality Star Technique.”

Jiang Xiao stood up and looked into Han Jiangxue’s eyes before saying sternly, “I used to be insensible, so giving it to me then would be a waste of precious material. What you did was right.”

Han Jiangxue opened her mouth, because that was the truth and indeed how she felt too.

Jiang Xiao’s joke broke the awkward tension in the atmosphere. “Besides, you’re their biological child while I’m adopted.”

Staring at Jiang Xiao’s carefree smile, Han Jiangxue grinned slightly and said, “What do you mean adopted? To them, we’re both their biological children.”

Jiang Xiao hurriedly refuted. “Don’t say that. I’m not their biological child. The two of us are not biologically related.”

Han Jiangxue’s smile faded and she frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

“If we’re biologically related, how can I make a move on you?” Jiang Xiao retracted his hand from the head of the skeletal head and thought to himself, It’s such a pity that there are no Star Beads.

Han Jiangxue’s eyes widened slightly and she gasped a little. His words were far beyond her expectations.

This rascal…

This rascal actually tried to flirt with me!?!

Before Jiang Xiao could even react, he was kicked away…

The White Ghouls lined up neatly and arranged themselves. The White Ghouls that were attacking and those that were fleeing back to the snow forest were of completely different levels.

If the group of White Ghouls was as powerful as the White Ghoul Witch, they would indeed be terrifying to the team. However, there would be a disadvantage for every advantage. Once the White Ghoul Witch died, the White Ghouls would have no leader and end up changing drastically in terms of dominance and attitude.

Jiang Xiao’s team of four also took advantage of their strategic geographic location. If the battle was carried out in the snow forest, the group of White Ghouls wouldn’t have fled so desperately since they were in their familiar homeland. Even if the White Ghoul Witch were to die, they wouldn’t be at a complete loss.

Five out of 16 White Ghouls fled into the snow forest, but the team did not chase them.

After all, everyone had all used plenty of Star Techniques and their Star Power had to be replenished. Self-cultivation was one of the ways Star Power could be replenished, but the faster method would be to absorb Star Power.

11 White Ghouls had contributed seven Star Beads to the team of four, while the White Ghoul Witch had also produced one Star Bead. This time, it could be said that they had made great gains.

Jiang Xiao also gained 1 Skill Point and the completed mission was named “Brass Ten Kills”.

At this juncture, there were already 3 Skill Points in his internal Star Map.

Han Jiangxue took out two White Ghoul Star Beads and gave them to Pi Keqiu, but the latter declined decisively even though there was no one there to monitor him. However, his firm self-discipline wouldn’t allow him to do that.

The soldiers here belonged to the government. Although they were from the army, they seemed more like mercenaries. They provided escort services for the Awakened who entered the snowfield, shared their experiences with them, guided them along and helped with navigation. When necessary, they would also take on various roles in the team according to the preferences of their hirers.

That not only ensured that the soldiers would all be in a state of combat and train at all times, it would also further ensure that the probability of the team surviving stayed high.

Of course, Awakened like Han Jiangxue and Xia Yan were rare. Although the two of them were in their third year of high school, they were rather famous in Jiangbin City and even Beijiang Province.

It was not only because of their background but also because of their incredible strength.

When the two of them were using the Silver Star Technique just now, they treated the Star Techniques like they were worthless.

However, most high school children, even Pi Keqiu, who had already become a soldier, merely had Brass Star Techniques.

It was Jiang Xiao’s first time engaging in a battle. The team that he joined did have a head start.

If the so-called internal Star Map did not exist, Jiang Xiao may not be able to possess a Star Technique now. Even if he did, he would only have Brass Star Techniques, just like he did now.

Silver Quality Star Techniques could be considered extremely rare.

In this snowfield, the creatures of Silver Quality did exist, but one may only run into them once in a blue moon.