Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of 50 chapters

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The money collected from the hirers would be distributed to the soldiers in the form of Star Beads by the organization.

Xia Yan and Han Jiangxue were regular customers and hence, definitely knew the rules there. They had no choice but to accept it.

Han Jiangxue did not forget what her goal was. Since the purpose of the mission had already been achieved, she decided to go back to recuperate and cultivate.

However, she was not going to return to the human base in the snowfield and was instead planning to go home.

Pi Keqiu wanted to enter the snowfield and look for the team that had met with a mishap because he thought that it was very likely for his comrade to be part of that team. Of course, he couldn’t go in alone and mainly needed the help of Han Jiangxue and Xia Yan.

As the hirer, Xia Yan heeded Han Jiangxue’s suggestion and got ready to embark on the journey home. Pi Keqiu had no choice but to stay rooted to the ground and send out signal bombs to get the Guardians of Awakened team to check on the situation.

Jiang Xiao managed to see a different side of Han Jiangxue through this small action. Han Jiangxue would never put herself in danger for those who were irrelevant and unrelated to her.

Or perhaps, that was just what Han Jiangxue’s character was like and she simply cared about Jiang Xiao because of their blood ties.

In Han Jiangxue’s Sky Smasher, there were four corpses and each of them dragged two corpses along. They began embarking on their journey back home.

Money was like peanuts to Xia Yan who was the heiress of a wealthy family. She didn’t need it at all. However, she understood what Han Jiangxue’s financial status was like. Hence, she did not have any complaints at all and instead helped them drag the two corpses along.

Of course, Pi Keqiu would satisfy the requests of his hirer. He was strong and buff and could manage to drag four White Ghoul corpses back to the city.

Everyone worked together, and Han Jiangxue used her Barren Wind to blow the corpses far, far away, helping them save plenty of energy.

The journey home was rather joyous for Jiang Xiao. This time, he had indeed gotten an eye-opener and was also exposed to the bizarre world and the creatures that existed in it. At the same time, he also gained two new Bronze Star Techniques. He did make great gains.

After passing the human base which had a red flag as an indicator, the four of them finally felt relieved. Basically, there would no longer be any creatures of other dimensions in the area. Even if there were any, the Awakened at the human base would rush to their aid as soon as possible.

Pi Keqiu was a little uneasy. Although he was tall and buff, he was very meticulous and attentive. He especially gave Xia Yan a false report and swiftly returned to the human base. After reporting the situation at the boundaries of the snow forest, he quickly returned to the team.

When they arrived, there were strong winds and heavy snowfalls, but the journey back was rather smooth with no obstacles.

Xia Yan gently bumped Han Jiangxue’s shoulder while they were in front. She said, “I think he’s fine. I could tell from the collision that he really cares about you and has courage.”

Han Jiangxue expressed assent softly.

“Even if we are faced with that situation, it’d be really tricky for us too. He’s just a greenhorn who has just obtained the Star Technique Green Glow.” No matter what Han Jiangxue thought, Xia Yan was very satisfied with Jiang Xiao. She continued, “This kid is just a little mischievous. Hand him to me, I will help you discipline him.”

“No need for that,” Han Jiangxue replied.

“Psht, your method is wrong. I didn’t want to chide you, but you’re really stubborn.” Xia Yan grumbled with pouted lips. She continued, “He’s only Awakened two months ago and obtained those Star Techniques two days ago. What else can he do? Come to the snowfield for training? He’s just here as a visitor? He even risked his life for you. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t even bother coming here with you.”

Han Jiangxue said, “You know what he was like. In the past few days, he has changed a little. I hope this journey will encourage him to continue progressing and behaving well. He’s too young, too inexperienced and has too little knowledge. He lacks fear and respect for this world.”

Xia Yan asked, “Uh-huh?”

“He’s too arrogant to show respect to anyone. I do hope that these low-level White Ghouls can teach him a lesson so that he can get injured and suffer some setbacks.” Han Jiangxue shook her head.

Dumbfounded, Xia Yan asked, “So you knew that he’d be useless and you only brought him here to make him suffer some setbacks?”

Han Jiangxue nodded and said, “It has nothing to do with abilities, but mentality and character.”

Xia Yan snorted with laughter and gibed. “But what happened in the end? You rushed to help him when he was in danger. It was as if you wished you could blow him back to Huayuan Estate.”

Han Jiangxue snapped. “Shut up.”

Half an hour later, they were in the Government of Town Building.

“Come on, this white fur coat can be sold for thousands, or even tens of thousands of yuan after being processed. Yet, the head of the White Ghoul is only worth 100 yuan?” Jiang Xiao counted the 1,500 yuan in his hand and grimaced in dismay. “Their claws are very sharp, and their flesh may be tasty. Its body is full of treasures…”

Han Jiangxue extended a hand towards Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao had no choice but to put the money in Han Jiangxue’s hand.

“This is obviously…” Noticing the threatening gaze in Pi Keqiu’s eyes, he quickly changed his tone and continued, “An ethical enterprise! Not only does it give us the opportunity to exercise and grow with the escort and protection of bodyguards, but it also allows us to earn some extra money. It’s really awesome!”

“Psht… Hahahaha.” Xia Yan could not help but burst into laughter.

Han Jiangxue placed a hand on her forehead and pushed Jiang Xiao forcefully with her other hand, in a bid to make him move quickly.

After they were done changing and returning the military backpack, Jiang Xiao finally discovered that he didn’t touch the water and combat rations in the backpack. He thought, Hey, these immoral and unethical merchants have really gotten a benefit!

He began to wonder if the place was really governed by the officials.

However, he realized that that should be the case since it was a prime location and there were plenty of soldiers to guard the place.

If that were the case, Jiang Xiao would feel less indignant. By making more money from military revenue, the government would be able to spend more on cultivating powerful Awakened to make Huaxia (China) stronger. Regardless of his backbone, Jiang Xiao would still be the one receiving the benefits at the end of the day.

But then again, is 1,500 yuan enough for hiring Pi Keqiu? he wondered.

After they got onto Xia Yan’s Land Rover, he decided to pop the question. Before Xia Yan said anything, Han Jiangxue answered by telling him that it was between her and Xia Yan.

Jiang Xiao decided to change the subject since he was asking for nothing. “Where’s your sword?”

“I left it there,” Xia Yan answered while driving away from the town.

“Aren’t you afraid of losing it?” Jiang Xiao asked. He decided to chat with them since he was bored.

To his surprise, he really managed to strike a conversation.

“I won’t lose it. I have a personal dressing room there,” Xia Yan answered casually, suddenly remembering something. She continued, “Oh, by the way, I just discussed with your sister and we’ve decided that we’ll send your sister back to Huayuan Estate while you follow me home. Okay?”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao scratched his head. “What for?”

“I’m bringing you home so that you can warm my feet.” Xia Yan looked up at the rearview mirror and noticed that Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

She smirked and cocked her head towards the side. Her slightly curly chestnut-colored hair swayed together with her movement and a wild and sultry gaze formed in her eyes.

“Han Jiangxue, did you sell me away?” Jiang Xiao asked while staring at Han Jiangxue in dismay.

“Haha, I’ll stop teasing you.” Xia Yan smiled and explained, “Your sister is bad at martial arts, so I’ll teach you instead.”

Jiang Xiao blinked and asked, “Aren’t I the big shot? Shouldn’t I be placed in the safest circumstance and put on a pedestal?”

“It’s true.” Xia Yan nodded in a pretentious manner. “But think about it. If you want to be put on a pedestal and be worshiped by all, you will have to go through plenty of hardship to carve the stone that you are now into Buddha.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Plenty of hardship?

This chick is even more mischievous than me, eh?

Xia Yan looked up again and glanced at the rearview mirror. “What do you think of my swordsmanship?”

The two-meter-long sword was so powerful that it could destroy the coarse-skinned White Ghoul. What could the weak Jiang Xiao say?

Noticing that Jiang Xiao seemed a little intimidated, she smiled and said, “So, I’m the best for shaping you into a better person.”

Seriously speaking, why did Jiang Xiao restrict himself to bare hand punches? Why didn’t he ask Xia Yan for tips on swordsmanship?

Jiang Xiao thought about it and asked, “Your giant sword is really cool and terrifyingly lethal. Can I learn to use it?”

“Huh?” Xia Yan raised her eyebrows and gibed derisively. “That’s my family’s swordsmanship. I can’t pass it down to outsiders.”

Jiang Xiao asked, “What if we become family? You can then pass it on to me, can’t you?”

Rather stunned, Xia Yan turned around to look at Han Jiangxue. “This kid is really mischievous!”

Han Jiangxue humphed in her heart, He even dares to flirt with me. What else is he afraid to do?

Jiang Xiao muttered, “Um… ”

Han Jiangxue, who was seated in the passenger’s seat, interjected. “There are plenty of extraordinary martial arts in China that haven’t been passed on. Before Star Power appeared, those martial arts were not as tyrannical as they sounded in martial arts novels, many of them were just gimmicks and stunts. They’re actually weaker during actual combat.”

Jiang Xiao stopped joking around and asked, “But?”

Han Jiangxue explained, “But with the emergence of Star Power and Star Techniques, some of the Chinese martial arts managed to sustain and get passed on. So, Xia Yan is not kidding, some things are really prohibited from being passed on to outsiders. You’re being rude by asking her that.”

“Eh.” Xia Yan said with a smile, “It’s not that serious, our family is not a martial arts family. Well, my father got a book about swordsmanship from somewhere and he just picked up a few tricks from it. Those can all be found online.”

Is it really that casual?

Found online?

Is she a self-taught prodigy?