Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

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“Interesting.” Jiang Xiao carefully thought about the memories he gained, even though he was already deeply attracted to this magical world when he first arrived.

In Jiang Xiao’s world, he had no family and no emotional baggage. Hence, there was nothing to worry about.

This world has all kinds of strange abilities?


Jiang Xiao stood up and looked around his “pigsty”, only to realize that it was indeed a little unsightly. After much thought, Jiang Xiao resignedly picked up his clothes piece by piece and hanged them back inside his closet like he used to, according to his memory.

The balls of tissues on the ground gave Jiang Xiao the urge to blow his nose again.

Damn, why do the Awakened still catch colds?

I really feel ashamed of you, Jiang Xiaopi!

Jiang Xiao mocked Jiang Xiaopi while discarding all of the balls of tissue into the trash bag. After clearing out two big bags of garbage, Jiang Xiao felt like he was on the verge of breaking down.

How can such a handsome, neatly-dressed and cheerful young man be so sloppy?

Did you dress like this because your sister wanted you to?

Jiang Xiao frowned while packing.

It seemed that Jiang Xiaopi had always been unruly, especially after his parents left three years ago. Back then, his temper changed drastically and he got more and more brazen because he lacked discipline.

However, he was still tolerable, though he turned from bad to worse after being awakened at the graduation ceremony 2 months ago.

He probably suffered from some mental imbalance after being awakened?

The imbalance peaked three days ago.


Stunned for a moment, Jiang Xiao placed the garbage bag at the door slowly, for he had found something extraordinary in his memory.

The system!?!

The internal Star Map!?!

How did Jiang Xiaopi have the system add-on!?!

Did… Jiang Xiaopi really become the chosen one and managed to open the Golden Finger, thus allowing him to experience a complete change of mindset, and become arrogant and conceited?

In the end, he got scolded by his sister after beginning his bragging career, so he fell asleep and traveled to another world?

Jiang Xiao opened the internal map carefully, and a virtual figure of Jiang Xiao appeared in the middle.

The virtual Jiang Xiao was only a backdrop, and the three tabs were listed accordingly:

1. Star Power

2. Star Technique

3. Basic Technique

A constellation diagram appeared at the top of the Star Power plate.

The nine stars formed the shape of a spoon, which resembled the arrangement of the “Big Dipper”, though the handle was a little too long. There were also two additional dim stars, making it a total of nine stars.

The nine stars were connected by seemingly imaginary dots that lingered around the “spoon-shaped” constellation.

There was a line of clear handwritten words above the constellation diagram:

Star Power: Stardust Stage Level 2

Stardust Stage?

Jiang Xiao had a peculiar expression on his face as he slowly sat on the single bed while carefully trying to recall. All of a sudden, he realized in a moment of epiphany, that the so-called Stardust Stage was actually a hierarchical classification of the Star Power contained in the Awakened of this world.

There were also other levels above the Stardust Stage, the Nebula Stage, Galaxy Stage, Starfall Stage, and Starry Stage. It seemed that the maximum stage for humans was the Starry Stage, and the stages beyond that still remained a legend and were impossible to verify.

Jiang Xiao rubbed his hair out of habit while staring at his Star Map and gradually getting excited.

On the second tab were the words: Star Technique.

To Jiang Xiao’s disappointment, there was nothing in the Star Technique tab at all.

Not even a single one?

Is he that poor?

Jiang Xiao shook his head and continued to look at the third tab. This time, there was finally something new.

The third tab was the Basic Technique one.

Basic Fighting (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

Star Power Abundance (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

That was all.

Jiang Xiao knew what Basic Fighting meant, but not Brass Quality. What is Brass Quality? Is it the lowest quality? What is Star Power Abundance?

An idea popped up in Jiang Xiao’s mind and he took a careful look at the Star Power Abundance, only to see the words: “Speed of Star Power Condensation and Recovery (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)”.


The first tab gave me a constellation diagram of the “Big Dipper”.

The second tab is empty.

The third tab contains two Basic Techniques which both look very useful and can even be upgraded.

Did Jiang Xiaopi become so arrogant because of this?

“Jiang! Xiao! Pi!” At this moment, a stern and menacing voice came from the door, and Jiang Xiao could tell that the owner of the voice was rather furious and seething.

At the next instant, the door was suddenly opened, and the fair-skinned, beautiful lady appeared again!

“You really don’t want to eat… huh?” Jiang Xiaopi’s sister was shocked to see that the messy room which was full of tissues and clutter just now, had already become spick and span.

Han Jiangxue darted her dark and gloomy eyes around the room and soon caught sight of Jiang Xiao spacing out in bed. Her anger faded and she said coldly, “Eat your food.”

She then turned around and left.

Jiang Xiao blinked and thought, Didn’t she tell Jiang Xiaopi to skip dinner and even slapped him just now?

How long has it been? Half an hour? It’s only been half an hour and she’s already asking me to go have dinner?

Although Jiang Xiaopi was only 16 years old and was Han Jiangxue’s younger brother, the actual Jiang Xiaopi was already slapped into another world.

Jiang Xiao, who arrived to take his place, was already a 25-year-old adult. He could tell from her behavior that she was a little arrogant.

However, she was really physically attractive.

Her only flaw was that…

Jiang Xiao quickly tidied up his bed and made his way down, according to the route he remembered. His home had a floor area of 120 square meters, three bedrooms, and one living room. The living conditions were not too bad, and apart from Jiang Xiaopi’s pigsty, the other parts of the house were rather clean and the furnishings were elegant. He could tell from the furnishings what the preferences of the owner were.

Putting two big bags of garbage at the door of the house, Jiang Xiao retreated back to the bathroom and washed his hands carefully before entering the kitchen.

Han Jiangxue pulled her dark, long hair back into a ponytail and remained hostile towards Jiang Xiao.

Although her face was cold and sullen, she was also secretly wondering what was going on with Jiang Xiaopi.

Did I really knock some sense into him with a slap?

In fact, Han Jiangxue was not such a violent person and had never hit Jiang Xiaopi before. Despite being cold, aloof and incapable of any sweet and mushy words, she showed her concern for Jiang Xiaopi through taking care of him.

2 months ago, she was still secretly happy for Jiang Xiaopi, but after he awakened, disaster struck them. Although Jiang Xiaopi became more and more difficult to get along with after their parents left three years ago, his personality changed even more dramatically. Three days ago, Jiang Xiaopi seemed to have become a completely different person and became particularly arrogant and conceited.

Han Jiangxue had been putting up with Jiang Xiaopi’s childish and funny antics and mannerisms. Just as she felt clueless about disciplining him, the video today was the last straw.

For a cold and aloof person like Han Jiangxue, she would never lose her temper easily, and her outbursts only happened because of an accumulation over months. Clearly, Jiang Xiaopi’s unscrupulous and conceited behavior today had completely annoyed and enraged Han Jiangxue.

What Han Jiangxue never expected was the shocking effect of her slap!

After she slapped him, he packed his clothes, cleaned the room, stopped fooling around, and sat down to have his dinner quietly!

Look how obedient he looks now.

Han Jiangxue looked at Jiang Xiao who hung his head low as he ate. She couldn’t help but reach her right hand out and look at her fair and tender palm.

Did I awaken a new Star Technique? She wondered.

Jiang Xiao quietly looked at Han Jiangxue and noticed that she was looking at her palm, after which he shuddered.

Although that slap landed on Jiang Xiaopi, the back of Jiang Xiao’s head was still aching at this moment, and he instinctively thought about the scene he had witnessed in the video just now.

Have you seen a heavenly strike before?

The kind that lands on the back of one’s head?

It’s both therapeutic and terrible!