Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

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“Jiangbin City, Chinese City District, impressive…” Jiang Xiao looked at the estate’s magnificent gate and clicked his tongue while sighing in his heart.

She really is a rich man’s daughter.

The upscale district was located on the mountainside. When entering the estate, Jiang Xiao saw a few buildings and houses after passing by the roads that were lined with trees and greenery. He also noticed the flowers blooming on both sides of the road.

Xia Yan finally drove into the courtyard of the bungalow after passing by the artificial mountains and fountains in the district park.

As the door of the garage slowly opened, Jiang Xiao shook his head helplessly.

There’s still a car here.

If it were Han Jiangxue, she would probably think that there was just another small car in the garage.

However, Jiang Xiao knew that it was a Porsche 911.

Xia Yan’s Land Rover now seemed relatively low-key and simple, paling in comparison to the Porsche.

Jiang Xiao tried his best to bear with the stench of the spicy hot pot and got out of the car. Scanning his surroundings, he asked, “Just how wealthy are you?”

At this moment, Xia Yan got out of the driver’s seat and said indifferently, “Do you think having money really makes you happy?”

Jiang Xiao asked, “Huh?”

Xia Yan walked over, grabbed Jiang Xiao’s shoulder with one hand, and said austerely, “You’re wrong. You’ll never be able to understand what happiness is like to the rich.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

He could tell from Xia Yan’s residential home and cars that her family was indeed affluent. However, those cars were nothing to real tycoons. After all, they cost at most a few million yuan and did not qualify to be called luxury cars that actually cost tens of millions of yuan or even more.

However, there was no difference between the rich and the mega-rich to Jiang Xiao, a poor man who made money from treating pregnant women.

“Yet, you made me pay for the spicy hot pot that only costs seven yuan a bowl,” Jiang Xiao said while shrugging his shoulders in disgust. Unfortunately, he did not shake Xia Yan’s hand away.

“It’s something fresh. I’ve gotten sick of the food served to me at home, so I eat whatever I want.” Xia Yan fiddled with the car key and spun it around her long and slender finger as she made her way out of the garage while humming a tune.

Staring at her slim figure, Jiang Xiao shook his head helplessly and exclaimed, “Indeed, there’s a con for every pro!”

“Huh?” Xia Yan stopped, turned around to look at Jiang Xiao and asked with a look of animosity, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Xiao shook his head and sighed. “You got money and lost your troubles.”

Xia Yan remained silent.

Jiang Xiao asked, “Sis, are you interested in dating me?”

Xia Yan curled her finger impatiently, beckoning for Jiang Xiao to keep up with her. “You’ve got such a foul mouth. You’re as skinny as a bamboo. Grow up and talk to me again in another two years. I didn’t dare to smack your shoulder forcefully just now because I was scared that you might fall and never get up again.”

Jiang Xiao nodded silently. He thought, Makes sense. Feigning an injury seems to be a good option.

Jiang Xiao walked into the mansion with Xia Yan and was greeted with the sight of a middle-aged woman as soon as he entered.

“Auntie Zhou, dump a sleeping bag in the basement. His name is Jiang Xiaopi, and he will live in our basement from now on.” Xia Yan instructed as she put the car key in the tray near the door.

Jiang Xiao looked at the woman in front of him and reckoned that she was the housekeeper.

“Yes, Missy,” Auntie Zhou answered before turning around to leave.

Jiang Xiao could tell from the brief conversation that the two of them were purely employer and employee. They didn’t seem to be close to each other at all.

“Didn’t you say that you live here alone?” Jiang Xiao asked in surprise.

Xia Yan nodded and answered, “Yeah, with Auntie Zhou. Her culinary skills are great. Aren’t you craving for mutton soup and mutton? I’ll get her to cook it for you tomorrow.”

“You have like ten thousand rooms here and you want me to sleep in the basement?” Jiang Xiao questioned, staring at Xia Yan helplessly.

“You’re too bubbly, you need a suitable environment to thrive. In the next few days, you will be completely isolated from the wonderful world.” Xia Yan was a jovial person. Although she bickered with Jiang Xiao throughout the entire journey, she had her own intentions and was executing her plan.

“This…” Jiang Xiao looked at the luxurious decor and furnishing but soon had his eyes covered by Xia Yan before he could even familiarize himself with the environment.

Xia Yan nudged Jiang Xiao along and covered his eyes while they walked. “Don’t look, these things are impractical imaginations. You will never own them in your life.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

He then heard someone saying to him, “Be careful of the steps.”

“Auntie Zhou! Why did you tell him!?!” Xia Yan stomped her feet angrily and barked in displeasure.

Jiang Xiao carefully made his way down the stairs while grumbling. “Hah, women.”

When Xia Yan let go and moved her hand away from Jiang Xiao’s eyes, the two of them had already arrived at the so-called basement.

It was not as dark and damp as Jiang Xiao imagined.

Instead, it seemed more like a training room that was even more well-equipped than the one at home. It spanned across about 100 square meters, and the training equipment were all displayed accordingly on the left of the basement. There was also an octagonal cage on the right.

The octagonal cage was something that Jiang Xiao could only see on TV in the world that he came from. It was not a square boxing ring but an icy cold octagonal cage.

It reminded Jiang Xiao of the UFC Mixed Martial Arts competitions.

The room was dim, lit up by merely a few light bulbs that emitted a dim, yellow light.

A typical Beijiang citizen would say, “Isn’t it great to install a few large lamps to light up the place? What’s the point of making it so dim?”

Most importantly, there were no windows, though it was reasonable.

Facing a pile of fitness equipment and a cold octagonal cage while being in a dimly-lit room, Jiang Xiao somehow felt depressed and oppressed.

“You will live here in the next few days, and your meals will be delivered to you. There’s an independent bathroom here too.” Xia Yan looked at the layout of the underground training room with her hands on her hips, seemingly proud and accomplished. She continued, “School will reopen on the 1st of September. By then, we’ll see how your physical state is. If you do well, I’ll help you apply for leave and you won’t have to attend the compulsory in-school military training.”

Jiang Xiao’s eyes glistened and he asked, “I don’t have to attend military training?”

Xia Yan said with a smile, “It depends on how well you do here. Call your sister and tell her that you’re safe. Inform her that you’ll be staying here to concentrate on practicing in isolation.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao took out his mobile phone. Although he was in the basement, the signal was still rather strong. Not bad, he thought.

As long as young people had their mobile phones and reception, they would not be considered to be isolated from the rest of the world.

He called Han Jiangxue and briefly informed her that he was safe. Unfortunately, the cold and aloof Han Jiangxue did not say anything and simply expressed assent to every sentence Jiang Xiao said and then hung up.

Well, it was rather heartless of her.

As soon as Jiang Xiao put down the mobile phone, Xia Yan snatched it.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Xiao asked in bewilderment.

Xia Yan held onto the mobile phone and stuck her index finger up. She then scanned the fitness equipment in the basement and said, “From today onwards, these will be your toys.”

Has my phone been confiscated?

I haven’t started going to school. Am I supposed to already feel the fear of authority and being dominated by the teacher?

“A coach will come in tomorrow to accompany you to exercise and teach you the basics. In addition, clothes and meals will be delivered to you on time. Don’t try to escape, you will not run far. This door will be locked at all times. Don’t try to smash it open with Green Glow either, because you won’t be able to afford the compensation.” Xia Yan then turned around and headed up the stairs. Stopping in front of the door, she asked, “That’s all I have for you. All the best.”

“Oh, by the way.” Suddenly reminded of something, Xia Yan stuck her hand into her pocket and took out two White Ghoul Star Beads, which she then handed to Jiang Xiao.

In the snowfield, Xia Yan was given four White Ghoul Star Beads, amongst which two were absorbed during her killing of the White Ghouls, giving her a boost of Star Power.

She did not absorb the remaining two Star Beads and instead gave them to Jiang Xiao.

“Thank you, you…” Jiang Xiao looked up at Xia Yan, who was already standing at the top of the stairs. “Why do you care so much about me?”

“Her brother is mine too. Besides, this thing won’t help me much.” Xia Yan waved her hand indifferently and closed the door without delay.

Upon hearing the sound of the door being locked, Jiang Xiao let out a long sigh and thought, Is it just because I’m Han Jiangxue’s brother? Is that really the only reason?

Xia Yan had yet to leave the door. Keeping her back pressed against the door, she smiled and shook her head. “I hope you can complete my plan for me.”

The plan involved the team, the school, and Year Three of High school. It also concerned her future.

She would not mention them for the time being.

Xia Yan sighed and decided to stop thinking about it. She had a second agenda, and that was…

Xia Yan eagerly whipped out Jiang Xiao’s mobile phone.

She continuously swiped her long and slender fingers across the screen and finally found the Weibo app.

She clicked to open it!

Indeed! There was no need for her to input the account password and could log in directly.

Xia Yan put on a mischievous smile, and it was as if two devil horns had grown out of her head.

Jiang Xiaopi Mischievous-or-not, hehe, the days of saving the nation with curves are about to begin.

Xia Yan looked through Jiang Xiaopi’s Weibo to see that there was still just one post.

Xia Yan thought about it and started typing.

A few minutes later, the sounds of a cuckoo screaming could be heard coming from a residential home in Huayuan Estate.

Han Jiangxue had just taken a shower, so her face was flushed and her eyes were glassed over. It was an unknown side to her, for people rarely saw her in such a sluggish and charming manner. She held a towel in one hand and used it to wipe her wet, dark hair while picking up her phone.

Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not

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“Jiang! Xiao! Pi!” Han Jiangxue clenched her right fist tightly, almost crushing her mobile phone…