Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

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Seven days later.

“Hah, woman, don’t disturb me,” Xia Yan said while lying on the couch with one leg crossed over the other on the coffee table in front of her. She would lift them up mischievously from time to time, seemingly in a good mood.

Han Jiangxue felt her veins bulging from her forehead as she held herself back from losing her temper.

“Okay, that’s all, don’t bother me unnecessarily.” Xia Yan ended the call immediately and threw her mobile phone onto the couch. At the next second, she burst into laughter and clutched her stomach while rolling on the couch with no consideration of her image at all.

In the dining hall that was rather far away, Auntie Zhou started at Xia Yan who was behaving unlike a demure lady. She shook her head and continued to prepare the dishes.

“Go ahead, continue acting all aloof and ignore me,” Xia Yan mumbled to herself in extremely high spirits. Usually, Han Jiangxue would be cold towards Xia Yan and the latter would usually be the one to call her first and ask her out in a thick-skinned manner. Han Jiangxue would then give in and agree reluctantly.

But now, Jiang Xiao had merely lived in her basement for a week and yet, Han Jiangxue had already called seven times. It was an average of one call a day. For the past three days, Han Jiangxue didn’t call at all.

Xia Yan picked up Jiang Xiao’s mobile phone which felt like a retro handset to her.

She habitually opened Weibo and logged into Jiang Xiao’s account to see that there were already eight new posts.

Every post was a near-maniacal test.

Besides, there would also be a “PS” segment in every post which clearly described the underage Jiang Xiao’s increasing infatuation with the older, sexy, and beautiful Xia Yan.

Glancing at the posts that she had published using Jiang Xiao’s account, Xia Yan wondered, “Have I gone a little overboard?”

Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not

2 hours ago via Huawei Maimang C199

“You know, even if the heavy rain causes this city to collapse, I’ll still give you a hug.

PS: This is the eighth day of me having a crush on Sis Xia Yan.”

Ring… Ring…

Xia Yan turned to look at her mobile phone on the couch and picked it up while giggling. She asked in a deliberately-impatient tone, “What is it?”

“Oh, you’re asking me out?”

“But I don’t have time, I have to train Xiaopi.”

“Him? He’s the same, he’s still alive.”

“Okay, alright, sure, I’ll just go. Will that do? Women are really a pain in the neck!”

Xia Yan hung up and her impatience disappeared all of a sudden. She sprung up from the couch gleefully.

She looked just like a crazy husky that was frolicking around excitedly in the living room.

In the dining hall, Auntie Zhou shook her head again while holding onto the spatula. She thought to herself, What a pretty girl. It’s such a pity…

At the same time, in the basement, two men were having an intense battle in the octagonal cage.

Although Jiang Xiao was still a beginner, he was at least making the cut now.

Lei Jin also thought that Jiang Xiao was rather talented, though he thought differently from Jiang Xiao, in the sense that he felt it was a result of Jiang Xiao’s efforts.

A 16-year-old youth would probably be driven mad if he were held captive in the basement every day. Yet, Jiang Xiao managed to push through. His determination and perseverance made Lei Jin admire him.

From 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM every day, Jiang Xiao was never late or misbehaved. He would follow Lei Jin’s plan to a T and progress steadily. He would also complete the tasks and exceed the requirements every day.

Frankly speaking, even Lei Jin, who was an adult, felt that he needed to go out and take in some fresh air and sunlight, let alone a child like Jiang Xiao. He wondered, How is this kid so hardworking?

Why is he so hard on himself?

He’s only 16 years old, he doesn’t seem to have a deceased spouse whom he’s mourning over either.

What’s spurring this kid on?

Who is he going to take revenge on?

It was precisely because of Jiang Xiao’s hard work that Lei Jin decided to put away all of the prejudices that he had against rich kids. He didn’t feel disgusted or displeased with Jiang Xiao’s absorption of Star Beads.

Yes, within seven days, Jiang Xiao absorbed a total of four Star Beads.

Whenever he was exhausted and out of energy, he would absorb one White Ghoul Star Bead. In Lei Jin’s jargon, he would call it the best time for the body to absorb Star Beads and improve physical fitness.

During the snowfield trip that took place seven days ago, Jiang Xiao obtained two White Ghoul Star Beads when collecting the corpses, and was later given another one at the end of the mission. On the way home, Han Jiangxue gave him two White Ghoul Star Beads while Xia Yan tossed another two to him before leaving him to train in the basement.

Hence, Jiang Xiao had a total of seven White Ghoul Star Beads and one White Ghoul Witch Star Bead.

At this moment, he had already absorbed four White Ghoul Star Beads and the Star Techniques Green Glow and Endurance in the second star slot had already become Brass Quality Level 5.

Jiang Xiao was very happy about this. It was stated on the internal Star Map that the upgrading of Star Techniques required 10 White Ghoul Star Beads. Jiang Xiao thought that he needed twice the number of Star Beads since he had two Star Techniques per Star Bead. To his surprise, both techniques of the same star slot would be upgraded whenever a Star Bead was absorbed.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Lei Jin placed his hands in front of his face in a bid to shield himself from the attacks. He suddenly pushed his left fist out gently.

His lightning-like speed not only disrupted Jiang Xiao’s attack, but it also made Jiang Xiao retreat a few steps back.

“Why didn’t you avoid it? I’m not a sandbag. I have hands and I will attack.” Lei Jin did not chase after him and instead, stood rooted to the ground.

Jiang Xiao shook his head and thought, This guy is just an expert at kickboxing. In the world full of Star Power, the art of fighting was rather brilliant and renowned. There were various combat competitions of various rules emerging endlessly.

Lei Jin was a fighter who was closer to humans, and he at least had the Star Technique Green Glow. However, he had never once become serious in their training. Hence, he had never once opened the Star Map. Jiang Xiao had no idea what his Star Map was shaped like, how many star slots he had, and what his qualifications were.

Of course, Jiang Xiao had never opened his Star Map before or used his Blessing Star Technique in front of Lei Jin.

Hence, when Jiang Xiao cured himself, he would either do it in the toilet or during his bath.

Therefore, Lei Jin would always hear strange sounds coming from Jiang Xiao whenever he was in the toilet or bathroom.

Lei Jin had also persuaded Jiang Xiao about it before during lunch.

At that time, Jiang Xiao almost spat out his food.

Lei Jin tried his best to be as friendly as possible when he patted Jiang Xiao’s shoulder. He said solemnly, “We live together every day, how could I not know about that?”

Jiang Xiao blinked, not understanding what his coach meant.

Lei Jin said, “I know you’re young, but you also have to learn to restrain yourself. I was too embarrassed to talk to you about this a few days ago, but it’s the seventh day now. You’re very hardworking and I really admire you, but I think I still think I have to persuade you.”

Jiang Xiao looked at Lei Jin in bewilderment and thought, What is he trying to say?

Lei Jin said, “You’re going through a growth spurt now and you must learn to control yourself.”

Jiang Xiao pursed his lips awkwardly. “Control…”

Lei Jin nodded in embarrassment and suggested. “Besides, if you need private space, just tell me and I can go upstairs at night. Speaking from experience, I’d like to give you some advice. You’re being too anxious. Over time, it’ll become a habit.”

Jiang Xiao’s face grew sullen in embarrassment.

Damn it!

Where’s my knife…