Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

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His Star Power upgraded from Stardust Stage Level 2 to Level 3, but there was actually no qualitative improvement or a slight increase in quantity.

In Jiang Xiao’s Big Dipper Star Map, there was still a speck of Star Power on the line connecting the two shining star slots.

However, that was good news for Jiang Xiao. Did he absorb plenty of Star Beads?

He absorbed a ton of them!

Hence, he didn’t lack Star Power.

However, why was his Star Power stuck in the Stardust Stage? Why was it constantly at Level 2? Well, it as because of his fragile body.

His Star Power level had now increased. Although it only increased by a small level, it also proved that Jiang Xiao’s physical fitness had improved by a substantial amount within just seven days.

That was the reason Jiang Xiao could become a bigger bucket that had a greater capacity for Star Power.

The increase in the total amount of Star Power meant that Jiang Xiao had more magic and could use more Star Techniques within a short amount of time.

When the Stardust Stage was at Level 2 and Jiang Xiao had continuously used 9 Blessings in a row, the Star Power in his body would be depleted.

Jiang Xiao should be able to sustain longer now, huh?

He would obviously be pleased to make such a huge improvement within a short period of time.

However, taking one step at a time made Jiang Xiao feel safe and assured because it was a significant small-scale progression.

Under the guidance of two heavenly figures, Jiang Xiao did not lack any Star Beads at all. If it were possible, his total Star Power would long have increased drastically.

During the seven days of training, Jiang Xiao put in plenty of hard work and showed discipline and determination. He shed plenty of sweat and energy to train hard and increase his strength and fitness.

He finally saw some results, and the feeling was particularly pleasant for Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao and Xia Shanhai were the only ones at the dining table. Auntie Zhou and the trainer Lei Jin were conscientious enough to not join in.

Jiang Xiao ate his heart out while listening to Xia Shanhai talk about his parents.

Xia Shanhai had a sullen expression on his face but was still rather kind to Jiang Xiao, perhaps because they were talking about his former best friend. He sounded rather sincere, and Jiang Xiao could sense his sincerity towards his parents.

For the first time, Jiang Xiao heard about “Dragon Cave” from Xia Shanhai.

It did not refer to the famous scenic attraction of China, the Dragon Gate Grottoes, but rather a spot located in the deep mountains of a town at the east of Beijiang, which was also along the border between China and Russia.

Han Jiangxue’s father Han Cheng and mother Jiang Hongye disappeared in the so-called “Dragon Cave”.

Xia Shanhai didn’t tell him about the details of that world of a different dimension. Besides, it had already become a foreign dimension space point where the joint forces of China and Russia were stationed and guarding.

Unlike the snowfield space point in Jian’nan Village, it was not open to the public. Even in the deep mountains outside the bordering town, there was a military base and the entire area had also been cordoned off.

Jiang Xiao benefited greatly from this meal for he gained plenty of knowledge and also learned a new term called “Wasteland Reclaimers”.

His parents Han Cheng and Jiang Hongye were also members of the Wasteland Reclaimers team.

Wasteland Reclaimer was a unique occupation in this world.

It was due to the fact that there would often be dimensional space openings on this planet that led to peculiar worlds.

The team of Wasteland Reclaimers had to check the newly opened Dimensional Space immediately after it was opened, grade all the dangers inside and provide a summary of the environmental profile, as well as a classification of the living creatures.

Did humans have the ability to activate the newly opened Dimensional Space?

What kinds of resources existed in it? Would the various substances and organisms benefit human beings?

Would the creatures inside be too menacing? Could they have already exceeded what humans could bear? Were they to completely destroy or organize a mass evacuation as soon as possible?

Just like the snowfield in Jian’nan Village, the human base was said to have been established in the last century. The team of Wasteland Reclaimers had put in their blood, sweat, tears and even lives to take a tour around the place and get a clear understanding of everything in the Dimensional Space.

Only then would it be officially opened to the rest of the world outside.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the team of Wasteland Reclaimers was the noblest and placed in the most dangerous position.

The members of the team mostly kept a low profile. After all, a noble belief and a strong desire to perform the mission well were required to become a member of the team. It also required teamwork and discipline.

The Wasteland Reclaimers team was basically a military force. Even if some of the stronger members were not soldiers, they were considered foreign aid that had been localized.

They silently gave up everything they had for the nation and the human race. Like the firefighters, they were heroes that deserved credit.

Jiang Xiao really did not expect that Xia Shanhai would tell him that much, but now that his parents were gone and Xia Shanhai had also withdrawn from the team because of an injury, there was no reason they couldn’t talk about it.

Staring at Jiang Xiao’s glistening eyes, Xia Shanhai nodded in his heart.

He knew how much a young boy would be attracted to glory and reputation. Of course, he also knew how role models and their father’s image could affect boys.

After hearing that Jiang Xiao had gone through seven days of disciplined and rigorous training without seeing the sun, Xia Shanhai had a new impression of him and was even a little excited to see what progress he would make in the future.

If he could make Jiang Xiao become more determined about his future by painting a noble image of his parents, Xia Shanhai felt that it would be a merit and a form of respect to his former friend.

Staring at the gaze in Jiang Xiao’s eyes, Xia Shanhai felt a ripple in his heart. He thought, For the past few years, this kid has been lacking discipline and so began acting like a scoundrel. However, he seems to have really changed now. After all, he’s slowing growing up, isn’t he?

Xia Shanhai instructed Jiang Xiao not to tell others about their conversation and then went on to talk about his own matters.

After all, Xia Shanhai was Xia Yan’s father. Hence, he obviously cared about his daughter.

“Yanyan is being too strict and harsh with you. Even if it’s training, she still ought to make the intensity appropriate,” Xia Shanhai said, miraculously changing the subject.

“Xia Yan does treat me very well. After all, the existence of Star Power allows us to withstand high-intensity training,” Jiang Xiao hurriedly explained.

Xia Yan had given him plenty of help. No matter how playful he may be, he wouldn’t criticize Xia Yan in front of her father.

Jiang Xiao knew when to be serious and when to joke around.

“Oh? It seems you really find her to be great. Yanyan and I haven’t been communicating much. Well, girls tend to have generation gaps with their fathers.” Xia Shanhai sighed pretentiously and continued, “It’s pretty sad now that I think about it. There’s barely any communication between us and I can only show concern about her through the internet.”

Before Jiang Xiao responded, Xia Shanhai continued, “I think she has a very good impression of you. She even replies to your Weibo posts immediately after you post them nowadays.”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and asked, “Huh?”

Xia Shanhai didn’t wait until Jiang Xiao got awkward or told him to take care, train hard and focus on school or training because he realized that Jiang Xiao was already dumbfounded.

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and said, “I’ve been training hard every day and falling asleep right after lying down. I don’t have the energy to play with my mobile phone at all.”

Slightly stunned, Xia Shanhai asked in bewilderment, “Isn’t that Jiang Xiaopi Mischievous-or-not your account?”

You’ve already been liking my daughter for eight days. Now that I’m here, are you going to go back on your word?

Are you chickening out now?

Jiang Xiao said, “Jiang Xiaopi Mischievous-or-not is me.”

Xia Shanhai was rather riled up and he seemed to be staring at a child that was feigning ignorance and arguing. “Weren’t you the one who published those posts about love?”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head out of habit and explained, “Xia Yan confiscated my mobile phone a long time ago. She took it away on the first day.”

Xia Shanhai was dumbfounded.