Chapter 25

Chapter 25 of 50 chapters


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“The back seat is for the leader. When there are only two people, remember to sit next to your friend. That’s basic courtesy,” Xia Yan said, seated in the driver’s seat while staring at Jiang Xiao’s reflection in the rearview mirror.

Jiang Xiao shrugged his shoulders, opened the door and got out of the car. He then got into the passenger’s seat and said, “We’re too compatible with each other. Others might just mistake us for a couple.”

Xia Yan froze for a moment and grew speechless. After a long silence, she barked. “We’re compatible!?!”

Jiang Xiao’s nonchalance made him seem like he was talking to his disobedient girlfriend. “I know, you don’t have to be so loud.”

Xia Yan was flabbergasted and she began cussing her heart out at him.

The jet black Land Rover roared throughout the journey and soon zoomed into Jian’nan Village. Along the way, Jiang Xiao did not dare to be mischievous again, for fear that she would kick him out of the car.

To Jiang Xiao’s surprise, Xia Yan not only did not bring Han Jiangxue along, but she also did not hire the soldiers of the organization this time either.

Under normal circumstances, that would not be allowed.

In order to ensure the safety of the Awakened as well as to monitor them, the Awakened that visited the site would basically be forced to bring a soldier with them, who could act as a guide and bodyguard.

However, the two of them were the only ones who entered the snowfield this time, though Jiang Xiao had no idea if it was because Xia Yan was powerful or because she had spent plenty of money.

Jiang Xiao didn’t dare to say anything, but he felt that he would be courting his death by entering the snowfield with just the two of them.

However, given the relationship between Xia Yan and Han Jiangxue, and Xia Yan’s kind nature, there was no reason for her to deliberately kill Jiang Xiao.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiao didn’t know if he should rest assured or be worried.

Fortunately, Xia Yan also explained that the situation they encountered previously was just a special case. In general, the chance of encountering a White Ghoul Witch was extremely small and the chances of encountering such a huge one were even tinier.

In essence, White Ghouls were not creatures that lived in clusters. They were natural hunters, and the terrifying catch was that their prey was their own kind.

If anyone were to find a bunch of White Ghouls in the snowfield, they were either condensed by the White Ghoul Witch or had a powerful individual amongst the group to suppress the hunters.

In short, they were suppressed because of their difference in level.

However, in most cases, White Ghouls traveled alone.

The White Ghouls were miraculous creatures that were similar to mammals on Earth and were full of energy and vigor, which put them in a state of perpetual estrus.

Under normal circumstances, female White Ghouls would kick their male counterparts away until labor, after which they would raise their offspring alone.

A mother’s instinct would make the female White Ghouls curb their urges to kill their own offspring. However, the fathers were rather horrid. When hungry, the male White Ghouls would not only devour their children but their mates as well.

Of course, female White Ghouls did eat their children too. In general, they had low IQ and possessed genes that urged them to kill. Sometimes, their maternal instincts may not overcome their thirst for blood.

Fortunately, they had strong reproductive abilities. Otherwise, the White Ghouls might end up killing each other off until they reached extinction.

Humans often could explain some phenomenons by applying their societal theories. After all, it was a mystical world of another dimension where plenty of things could not be explained clearly. The species present were all rather unique and individualistic. Hence, it seemed that they could not form a complete biological chain.

Back to the main topic.

Jiang Xiao was dressed in a white camouflage suit and wearing a pair of dark blue ski goggles while carrying his military backpack. He then followed Xia Yan into the snowfield.

Xia Yan was similarly dressed in a white camouflage suit with the two-meter long sword on her back. She decided to take the lead.

Jiang Xiao felt as if it were a lifetime ago that he had first stepped into this magical world.

It was still the same snow-filled world that had a dim, starry sky. The further end of the sky was dazzling dreamily like an aurora.

The scene before him was magnificent, picturesque and even more shocking than any science fiction blockbuster.

“What’s the mission of our trip? To test my achievements this week?” Jiang Xiao asked while following Xia Yan.

Compared to the previous visit, the weather at this moment was much better. There was no whistling wind and it was extremely quiet.

Along the way, Xia Yan’s footsteps made creaking sounds when she stepped on the snow. However, it was rather pleasant.

Xia Yan said, “Kind of.”

Jiang Xiao asked in a bid to sound her out, “Aren’t you being too eager? I’ve only trained for a week and learned some basic movements.”

“I think your basic skills are great. After all, they’re better than mine when I was at your level. You don’t have to be so humble.” Xia Yan turned to look at Jiang Xiao, whose beautiful eyes glistened while juxtaposed against the shining galaxy.

“Uh…” Jiang Xiao hesitated for a while, perhaps because of the internal Star Map. Although his Freehand Combat was only at Brass Quality Level 5, he had to master his movements very well.

“After learning so much, you’d, of course, have to put your knowledge to test and apply it practically.” Xia Yan stepped forward and finally looked like a mentor. “Before this, you were just a greenhorn who was clueless about everything. Since you had no knowledge, there would be no point in you making a trip here and getting hands-on experience.”

Xia Yan patted Jiang Xiao on the shoulder and said, “But now it’s different. You’ve managed to complete the task that I gave you within just one week when I originally thought that it’d take you a month. You’re qualified and learned enough to be here.”

Jiang Xiao remained silent, knowing that she still had something to say.

“Training is still training. Lei Jin will only give you the pressure of winning while the White Ghouls will give you the pressure of being on the brink of death.” Xia Yan continued softly,” A real beast will never be formed from just training. It would require plenty of killing.

“You have more potential and grit than your sister imagined. I witnessed your transformation within seven days. Even I find it far-fetched now that I think about it. Yet, you actually did it.” Xia Yan’s words made Jiang Xiao’s heart turn cold.

He thought, Am I exposing too much of my abilities? I ought to keep a low profile.

“Your basic moves are already impressive and you are indeed a genius who… only has 9 star slots.” Xia Yan sounded both amazed and sympathetic with a tinge of regret.

“In the next 10 days, both of us will be staying here.” Xia Yan walked forward and saw the red flag that was hanging in the air, on which there were stars emitting a red glow. She put an arm around Jiang Xiao’s shoulder and moved his head. “We’ll be trying to survive in this snowfield.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Xia Yan smiled and said, “Stop looking at that base, we won’t be stepping in there at all.”

Jiang Xiao stopped in his tracks and he said solemnly, “I think this task would be more suitable for me a month from now.”

“No.” Xia Yan shook her head and said with a smile, “After 10 days, you will return to the final stage of military training in school and 15 days from now, you’ll be shining brightly by being the most outstanding one in the cohort. You will then join my team.”

Jiang Xiao stayed silent for a while before saying, “Xia Yan, I’m very grateful for everything you have done for me, but I’m only in Year One of High School and my body has just gone through a growth spurt. My Star Power is still weak and limited. It won’t be ideal for me to be out on a mission with the three of you since you’re top seniors of Year Three…”

“I shall rephrase.” Xia Yan interrupted. “You’ll be joining your sister’s squad. She needs an assistive member, and I’m sure you know how rare Medical Awakened are, as well as how important medical aid is to a team.”

Feeling stuck in a dilemma, Jiang Xiao said, “I’m just a small fry who has Brass Quality ‘Blessing’ Star Technique. I’m not a fool, I’ve seen your abilities. I bet, none of the high school students in Beijiang Province can compare to you guys. I may not even last a round with you.”

“The fact that you have a basic Medical Star Technique already proves that you have potential. Leave it to me to handle the high-quality Medical Star Technique.” Xia Yan shook her head and disagreed with Jiang Xiao’s perspective. “Medical Awakened are different from the rest. You don’t have to fight others because I won’t let anyone near you.”

Why does this sound a little touching?

Staring at Xia Yan and thinking about Han Jiangxue who had done a lot for him, Jiang Xiao sighed helplessly in the end.

“I have one condition.”

Xia Yan asked, “Huh? Shoot.”

Jiang Xiao said, “We’ll split all of the Star Beads acquired from the White Ghouls we killed, in an 80:20 ratio. I’ll take 80% and you take 20%”

Xia Yan refuted. “I don’t need 20%. I’ll just take 10%.”

Jiang Xiao laughed and said, “You said so yourself.”

Xia Yan grinned and said, “Also, don’t get me wrong, I won’t kill the enemy together with you. I’m just here to protect you. ”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Didn’t she say just now that she wouldn’t let anyone get near me?

Has she forgotten so soon?

Women are full of lies!