Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

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Six hours later, a warm light appeared in the natural cave.

Jiang Xiao, whose clothes were all tattered and torn, looked at Xia Yan’s right hand as the burning flame gradually extinguished.

There was infinite knowledge about survival in the wild. Due to the existence of Star Techniques, the Awakened had heightened senses that allowed them to survive better in the wild.

For example, Jiang Xiao watched as Xia Yan stuck her right hand into the tree branch and lit up a bonfire without using any flammables.

During the six-hour journey, the two encountered more than ten White Ghouls, which defeated Jiang Xiao every single time.

Jiang Xiao’s greatest success was surviving. In the morning, he was still dressed neatly in the military uniform, but it was already torn and destroyed now. Compared to when he first arrived, the atmosphere at this moment was rather tense and somber. It had been long since the two of them spoke to each other.

Xia Yan put down the giant blade and leaned against the stone wall before squatting beside the campfire and roasting it quietly.

The flickering fire emitted a light that shone on her suave face, making her look extremely charming and sultry.

Jiang Xiao thought about it, opened his military backpack and took out some tools, after which he poured some mineral water into the pot and sorted some firewood to set up a makeshift rack for the pot to be placed in an appropriate angle.

As a person who had always lived in the city, Jiang Xiao did not have any skills for survival in the wild and could only develop some through exploration and discovery.

“Your progress is fast, maybe I’m just being too harsh and expecting too much from you. After all, you only became an Awakened a week ago,” said Xia Yan suddenly, sounding like she was encouraging him and comforting herself at the same time.

Jiang Xiao didn’t answer her and simply handed her a cookie, after which he opened his internal Star Map to look at his current situation.

The past six hours were like a spin in hell for Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao’s movements were greatly restricted in this snow forest, especially since it was the White Ghouls’ territory. To make matters worse, their agility and flexibility put Jiang Xiao through a great ton of suffering.

However, Xia Yan did not say anything despite being faced with such a situation. She simply saved Jiang Xiao time and time again, after seeing how Jiang Xiao struggled with fighting the White Ghouls.

Jiang Xiao even felt that he should go to the black market to get a few guns that he could at least use to give himself some aid when faced with such low-level creatures.

Under the guidance and protection of the godly Xia Yan and his own Blessing Star Technique, Jiang Xiao sustained only minor wounds and remained in good physical condition. However, he could clearly feel that he did not qualify to be a hunter.

However, he continuously challenged the White Ghouls because Xia Yan compelled him to.

He was weak, helpless, yet arrogant.

Jiang Xiao acquired a total of four White Ghoul Star Beads. Since the two couldn’t find a suitable place to settle down while being stuck in this dangerous situation, Jiang Xiao decided to absorb them.

Besides, he already had three White Ghoul Star Beads that he had yet to absorb when he arrived.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao’s second Star Technique in his star slot had already advanced to Brass Quality Level 9.

It would be easy for him to upgrade the quality of his Star Techniques.

He had also absorbed the White Ghoul Witch Star Bead after an exhausting battle. Jiang Xiao’s internal Star Map changed continuously too.

Character: Jiang Xiao.

1) Star Map:

Big Dipper, Stardust Stage Level 3

2) Star Technique:

1. Blessing, Brass Quality Level 2

2. Decoy, Brass Quality Level 2

3. Green Glow, Brass Quality Level 9

4. Endurance, Brass Quality Level 9

3) Basic Technique:

1. Freehand Combat, Brass Quality Level 6

2. Star Power Abundance, Brass Quality Level 2

3. Dagger Mastery, Brass Quality Level 1

4) Skill Points: 3

Yes, although there was no change in Jiang Xiao’s total amount of Star Power, his Green Glow and Endurance had both reached Brass Quality Level 9. Within the six short hours, his Freehand Combat had also advanced by one level to Brass Quality Level 6.

What made Jiang Xiao even more bewildered was that he had activated a new technique, Dagger Mastery.

Jiang Xiao was a wild child who didn’t know how to use a dagger at all. He simply held the dagger in his arm while fighting the White Ghouls with his bare hands. Eventually, he found it to be too troublesome to hold onto the dagger while fighting and hence put it back into his backpack.

“There’s a boy whose been pestering your sister.” Xia Yan grabbed the military backpack and took out a military water bottle. She continued, “He’s rather capable and is almost a Melee Awakened. He has a bad character though, and he’s very selfish. There was once where we represented First Middle School in a competition that took place in a world of another dimension. He almost killed our teammate.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao opened his eyes and realized that he had been paying too little attention to Han Jiangxue.

“Our team had already fallen out, but since both our families were well-to-do, we had to keep up with the superficial relationship. Han Jiangxue and I became the sacrificial objects and victims of the battle.” Xia Yan wrapped her towel around her hand and picked up the boiling pot of water. She then poured some of the hot water into a military kettle.

“As long as your strength is a little higher, you should be qualified to replace our teammate since you’re a precious Medical Awakened.” Xia Yan continued softly, “Forgive me for being harsh to you to make you grow.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao grabbed his tattered clothes and sat on the cold ground while the little specks of stardust entered his body.

“I’m ready to leave this team together with Han Jiangxue. As for the consequences of leaving…” Xia Yan sighed and continued, “They’re reputation, the rewards of high-quality Star Beads and a place in an elite school. Everything in the future will change.

“It’s difficult for me and Jiangxue to find two other competent classmates. Each team has grown up together for two years and are about to reach their third year. Unless there is a major change, teams would rarely be willing to break up, even if they can suck up to me and Han Jiangxue.

“Of course, I’m referring to the top team members who are also elites, not the ordinary ones. Those guys would probably come flocking to us happily.” Xia Yan chuckled in a self-deprecating manner and continued, “I hope to maintain the team as far as possible and keep the other member so that you can replace that boy like a dark horse.

“The school will definitely do us some favor on the account of our family’s status, but if the bet is based on the rank of all middle schools in Beijiang or the nation, that boy’s family may not be able to have much of an influence. I hope you can grow as soon as possible. I’ve already got my family members to help you find some high-quality Medical Star Beads,” Xia Yan said gently while sipping on some hot water.

Seeing that Jiang Xiao did not have much of a reaction, Xia Yan remained silent for a while and then continued:

“Since the boy broke up with his ex-girlfriend a year ago, he has been pursuing your sister. He resorts to despicable and horrible means too. I’ve been trying to retaliate against him for a year, but I don’t know how long I can keep up with it. Well, the abilities of humans are limited.”

Jiang Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and asked, “What’s his name?”

Xia Yan grinned and said, “I’ll tell you if you make it out of the snowfield alive.”

Xia Yan slowly put the kettle down and went on, “If you can’t… I’ll be resolute and take your sister out of the team.”

Slightly stunned, Jiang Xiao asked, “Must you be so resolute?”

Xia Yan’s eyes glistened under the light and she smiled radiantly. “My heart is even more decisive.”