Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

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The White Ghoul was dauntless and it menacingly ripped Jiang Xiao apart.

However, what happened next made the White Ghoul extremely horrified and Xia Yan dumbfounded.

It was because the White Ghoul was still darting forward, but Jiang Xiao, whose star slot was emitting a silver glow, transformed into an illusory figure.


The illusory yet realistic figure was immediately torn apart by the White Ghoul, which then fell to the ground and rolled forward to resist the force while a knee gleaming with Green Glow charged towards it.

—Brass Star Technique: Decoy!

—Silver Star Technique: Green Glow!

It was a combination of moves.

The White Ghoul suddenly stopped rolling forward and remained in a crouching position. Before it could even regain its balance, its black face was hit forcefully by Jiang Xiao’s knee.

His attack was full of power, especially when combined with the Silver Quality Star Technique, Green Glow. It immediately blasted the White Ghoul away, causing it to fly about four or five meters away with its hands and limbs spread open.

Jiang Xiao chased after it and all of a sudden, the snow beneath him shattered into bits.

He leaped up sideways and slammed his right elbow forcefully against the black face of the White Ghoul that was lying on the ground and sliding backward.


Although Jiang Xiao had exhausted all his strength, it was still not enough to completely kill the White Ghoul.

However, the Green Glow Star Technique was truly too powerful, and the repulsive effects of the upgraded Star Technique caused the White Ghoul’s head to be smashed straight into the snow.

The White Ghoul’s head even pierced through the thick white snow and smashed into the ground.

All of a sudden, a massive crater was formed in the ground and the snowflakes flew in the air in a frenzy.

At the next moment, a giant blade descended from the sky and brushed past Jiang Xiao’s waist before piercing into the ground. It stabbed the poor White Ghoul in its abdomen.

The angle that Xia Yan launched her blade in was indeed rather tricky. Although Jiang Xiao was lying on top of the White Ghoul and elbowing it, his body did not completely cover that the White Ghoul’s abdomen. Instead, his body was a little slanted.

“I need an effective move to put an end to the battle, and I’m not strong enough either. I only managed to do this because of the special effects of the Star Technique.” Jiang Xiao got up while speaking.

Someone tugged at his tattered collar!

Xia Yan pulled Jiang Xiao towards her by his collar and questioned sternly, “Would you like to explain what happened just now?”

Jiang Xiao could feel her stern and intense gaze as well as her scorching breath. Jiang Xiao could not get used to it and felt rather awkward.

At the age of 16, he was young, full of vigor and impulsiveness…

Jiang Xiao subconsciously took a step back, but Xia Yan did not allow him to.

Jiang Xiao had no choice but to crack a joke to ease his embarrassment after being pulled back. “Hello, Xia Yan. I’m your new teammate, Jiang Xiao.”

Xia Yan raised her eyebrows and tilted her head slightly to look at Jiang Xiao in the eye. “Jiang Xiao? Aren’t you Jiang Xiaopi?”

Jiang Xiao muttered, “Ahem…”

Xia Yan barked. “Cut the crap! Your second Star Technique was Brass Quality, how did it become Silver Quality just now?”

Jiang Xiao painstakingly tried to move his face back. He repeated, “Hello, Xia Yan. I’m your new teammate, Jiang Xiao.”

Xia Yan grabbed Jiang Xiao’s collar and shook him back and forth before asking in excitement and curiosity, “Your first star slot is embedded with the Star Technique, Blessing, but why did I see the Star Technique, Decoy?”

Jiang Xiao pursed his lips and said, “Hello, Xia Yan. I’m your new… ”

Xia Yan threw Jiang Xiao onto the snow and stomped her feet angrily. “Are you a repeating device?”

The White Ghoul beneath her feet whimpered before finally ending its torturous life.

Xia Yan quickly acquired the White Ghoul Star Bead and tugged onto Jiang Xiao’s clothes before quickly leaving.

“What exactly is going on?” Xia Yan asked eagerly while they walked.

Jiang Xiao sighed and said, “You know, the journey to becoming strong is long and arduous, but I firmly believe that as long as I’m determined and persevere, I’ll eventually fulfill my noble dream to become her boyfriend…”

Xia Yan was clearly already on the verge of storming off. She gritted her teeth angrily before saying, “If you keep spouting nonsense, I’ll pin you to the tree. Do you believe me?”

“Stay far away from me then, my ears are itchy,” Jiang Xiao said frantically.

“Hmph.” Xia Yan shrugged to shake Jiang Xiao off, after which she glanced at him curiously, hinting for him to hurry and speak.

“I have nine star slots. Given your judgment, you should have already deduced my qualifications and potential after seeing my Star Map,” said Jiang Xiao.

Xia Yan asked, “Huh?”

Jiang Xiao explained, “However, that’s not the case. Both of my star slots contain two Star Techniques each.”

Xia Yan opened her mouth slightly and looked at Jiang Xiao in surprise. She asked in disbelief, “Blessing, Decoy, and Green Glow. Do you have all of them?”

Jiang Xiao nodded and answered, “Yes, I do.”

Xia Yan was slightly stunned and thought, This mischievous kid who used to be incompetent is actually so strong and domineering?

Two Star Techniques in one star slot was a rare phenomenon, though it was not impossible or unprecedented.

What Xia Yan really cared about was the upgraded Star Technique.

Jiang Xiao said in a timely manner, “In fact, when my Star Technique awakened, I’d already sensed that my Star Technique got upgraded. Han Jiangxue and I have talked about this issue before, but back then, she didn’t believe me at all. The truth proved that I did it.”

Despite having seen it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, Xia Yan was still in disbelief. “Can you really upgrade the quality of your Star Technique?”

Jiang Xiao decided to stop wasting his breath and instead proceeded to open his Big Dipper Star Map.

Under the thin stardust, the second star slot that should have been emitting a Brass Light had already become a Silver Quality.

“This is really…” Xia Yan muttered to herself with shock written all over her face. “Incredible.”

“Han Jiangxue once told me sternly not to easily exhibit my double Star Techniques, but you’re not an outsider, are you?” Jiang Xiao said.

“Since you’ve shown this, we’re family.” Xia Yan continued in amazement, “Even if you didn’t show this, you’d still be able to benefit from me for life because of your sister. She’s even talked to me about arranging a job for you after you graduate.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

I’m only in the first year of High School and yet, you’re already arranging a job for me?

Aren’t you going to help me find me a spouse too?

Xia Yan asked again, “How did you upgrade the quality of your Star Technique? Are there any requirements? Can the Medical Star Technique, Blessing, be upgraded as well?”

“Yes.” Jiang Xiao’s words made Xia Yan’s eyes light up instantly.

This world was densely covered with bright galaxies and stars, but the beautiful pair of eyes in front of Jiang Xiao was undoubtedly more attractive and charming.

“What conditions?” Xia Yan asked hurriedly.

“Self-training and Star Beads of the same category.” Jiang Xiao’s answer was short, concise and straight to the point. There was nothing for him to be pretentious about.

Give me Star Beads and I’ll escort you and Han Jiangxue through the final stage of the third year of high school. Walking onto the path towards a bright future is my top priority.

Of course, Jiang Xiao would not think that it was a fair exchange. Deep down, he had already remembered Xia Yan’s kindness towards him. If he could really help her get into an elite school in the future, it would be a form of gratitude towards her.

At the end of the day, Jiang Xiao was just more concerned about Han Jiangxue’s future.

According to Xia Yan, one would have to shine and be outstanding in various major competitions in order to earn a place in a prestigious university.

A better school meant better resources, better teachers, and more opportunities.

If the determined Xia Yan was destined to break the team up and save herself and Han Jiangxue, Jiang Xiao would be willing to help her. At the same time, he would also be able to repay his gratitude towards Han Jiangxue who had done everything for him.

Xia Yan suddenly threw a tantrum like the rich spoiled brat she was. She asked aggressively, “How many do you want?”

Jiang Xiao pondered over what he should say for a while, after which he answered, “I don’t know how many I want. Some Star Beads of the same category combined with my continuous training should be enough for my level to be upgraded, eh?”

Xia Yan nodded thoughtfully and asked again, “Is there an upper limit to the upgrading of quality? Is Gold Quality the maximum that Green Glow can be upgraded to?”

“Yes, but I won’t be able to bear it,” Jiang Xiao said, making Xia Yan dumbfounded and tongue-tied.

Xia Yan asked, “Huh?”

“My Star Power is weak and limited. I’ve only used a Silver Quality Green Glow, but half of my Star Power has been depleted,” Jiang Xiao said in dismay.

Xia Yan was still immersed in her wonderful dream when she was suddenly snapped back to reality because of Jiang Xiao.

She looked at Jiang Xiao in shock, and after three whole seconds, she rubbed his head angrily before barking.

“You wimp!”