Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of 50 chapters

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As the two of them ate quietly, the awkward silence was finally broken by Han Jiangxue.

While helping herself to the food, Han Jiangxue pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Does it still hurt?”

“Ahem…” Jiang Xiao munched on his braised pork happily and was marveling at Han Jiangxue’s superb culinary skills when he heard her words. He hesitated and then answered, “A little.”

Han Jiangxue’s expressionless face finally changed and she seemed to take pity on him, though she was reluctant to show her emotions. She opened her mouth for a short while before continuing to behave nonchalantly. “From now on, don’t film such videos again.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao ate another piece of braised pork and a large mouthful of rice, feeling so immensely blissful that he was on the verge of crying tears of joy.

He thought, I really didn’t expect such a young girl to be so good at cooking. Could this be her Star Technique?

This braised pork is fatty but not greasy, and it’s absolutely delicious.

The way Jiang Xiao was eating the braised pork made Han Jiangxue feel a little sympathetic towards him, and she thought that he was probably intimidated by her since she did hit him rather hard in a moment of pique.

Han Jiangxue put down her utensils and stood up to leave the kitchen.

Jiang Xiao paused and watched as she left. Is she done, just like that?

She’s having so little?

Isn’t that such a huge waste?

Even if you don’t spare a thought for yourself, you should consider…

Jiang Xiao finished his bowl of rice. Staring at the rice left in Han Jiangxue’s tiny bowl, he hesitated for a moment before grabbing the bowl and wolfing down its contents.

As time passed, the pieces of his memory began to fuse together and his behavior started to feel more natural.

Rationally, he knew that he had nothing to do with this family, but emotionally, Jiang Xiao had already gradually gotten into character.

The consequence of getting into character was… leaving after finishing his food.

How about washing the dishes?

Hah, non-existent.

Jiang Xiao dropped the idea of putting down his cutlery and leaving without washing the dishes. After all, he was not Jiang Xiaopi and the differences in his character, behavior, and language would definitely be discovered sooner or later.

In that case, why didn’t he start by making small changes? It would be easier for Han Jiangxue to accept too.

He decided to start doing the dishes.

“Where’s my rice?” Han Jiangxue asked coldly.

Jiang Xiao had long gotten used to her stern and aloof attitude.

“I thought you weren’t going to eat anymore.” Jiang Xiao paused while clearing the dishes.

“Okay.” Han Jiangxue didn’t bother explaining, for she was indifferent and unconcerned about plenty of things. She simply gestured for Jiang Xiao to take a seat. “Sit down.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao did as he was told and thought, Is she going to have a talk with me?

Jiang Xiao was ready to integrate into the role as much as possible since he was already there, but he still chose to sit down obediently.

“There you go.” Han Jiangxue opened her palm to reveal a brass glowing bead.

“Is this… a Star Bead?” Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up. He was no stranger to star beads, and in Jiang Xiaopi’s memory, Han Jiangxue once gave him three Star Beads, which were the reason Jiang Xiaopi could reach Stardust Stage Level 2.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xiaopi’s qualifications were low and he wasted most of the energy contained in the three brass-quality Star Beads.

Of course, the purpose of Han Jiangxue’s gift was not just to enhance Jiang Xiaopi’s Star Power, but also to help him acquire a Star Technique.

Star Beads are produced in hetero dimensional creatures, though not all such creatures produce Star Beads.

Acquiring the energy of Star Beads by absorbing the beads of the creatures is also the only way for Star Techniques to be acquired.

Unfortunately, the possibility of acquiring a Star Technique is miserably low, despite having obtained a Star Bead and knowing the energy it contains.

Therefore, the acquisition of Star Techniques is rather challenging.

The more important point is that an Awakened can only acquire Star Techniques with the improvement of Star Power.

The Star Power levels are divided into Stardust Stage, Nebula Stage, Galaxy Stage, Starfall Stage, Starry Stage, and possibly, higher stages.

Even if a person has plenty of Star Power and stronger qualifications, he can at most embellish four Star Beads in his Star Map and gain four Star Techniques if his Star Power is only in the Stardust Stage.

After the total amount of Star Power has been increased to the Nebula Stage, four more Star Techniques can be acquired.

When the total amount of Star Power reaches the Galaxy Stage, there will be qualitative changes and another eight Star Techniques can be acquired.

To Jiang Xiao, they were still too far away.

Jiang Xiaopi, who had already absorbed three Star Beads, naturally became part of the masses, for he did not obtain any Star Technique.

“Yesterday, I chanced upon a group of White Ghouls in the snowfield. This Star Bead is from a White Ghoul Witch,” said Han Jiangxue, who rarely spoke in full sentences.

After explaining, she fell silent and placed the small Star Bead on the table in front of Jiang Xiao.

White Ghouls?

This Star Bead is not from a White Ghoul, but the White Ghoul Witch, a creature that’s even rarer?

“Absorb it. After all, everyone’s physique is different. Some people may never obtain Star Techniques despite having activated the Star Maps in their bodies,” Han Jiangxue said again.

Is she trying to comfort me?

Jiang Xiao had a strange expression on his face. After reinforcing his memory and finding out about how precious the Star Bead was, he sighed in his heart.

Noticing that Jiang Xiao was not moving, she thought that he was stressed and continued to comfort him. “Your qualifications are low and there are only nine stars in your Star Map. That has already put a cap on your upper limit, so you don’t have to be too sad even if you cannot acquire any Star Techniques. It’s alright.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Jiang Xiao finally raised his head and looked at Han Jiangxue helplessly. He knew that she was doing it out of good intentions, but he could not help but feel annoyed and infuriated by her words.

Indeed, Jiang Xiao’s Star Map consisted of nine stars that seemed to form the shape of the “Big Dipper”. Nine dim stars represented nine Star Techniques. Similarly, it also represented the upper limit of growth and progress.

To put it plainly, the nine stars represented nine Star Technique slots, and regardless of what Jiang Xiao did, he could at most acquire up to nine Star Techniques.

In a general sense, the number of star slots represented one’s qualifications. Not only could it be used to distinguish the number of Star Techniques the Awakened had acquired, but it also allowed them to see how much room they had for progress.

Those were the standards that humans had established after countless numbers of experiments.

When an Awakened who had 20 star slots and an Awakened with 1 star slot were faced with Star Beads of the same quality, the Awakened with 20 star slots would be able to obtain a Star Technique more easily.

Jiang Xiao’s Star Map was the “Big Dipper” while Han Jiangxue’s was the blazing White Flames.

Through the connection of star slots and the distribution of Star Power, Han Jiangxue’s Star Map would be terrifying during a battle.

She had a total of 30 star slots!

That also represented the number of Star Techniques she could acquire and her growth qualifications!

Jiang Xiao picked up the Star Bead on the table and an image popped up in his mind before he even absorbed it.

White Ghoul Witch Star Bead (Brass Quality)

Star Technique:

1. Blessing: Slow Restoration Of Target Vitality (Brass Quality, Upgradeable)

2. Decoy: Creates An Illusion To Confuse The Enemy (Brass Quality, Upgradeable)

Would you like to absorb it together?

What does this mean? Would I like to absorb it? Together?

What did that represent? Does it mean that two Star Techniques can be placed in a single star slot?

Others who have Star Beads may never get to acquire a single Star Technique in their life and yet I can absorb it directly?

The “Upgradeable” icon made Jiang Xiao feel puzzled. When others acquire Star Techniques, their levels would stagnate at the quality of the Star Technique during acquirement without any more room for upgrading.

Yet, Jiang Xiao could upgrade the quality of a Star Technique?

What kind of a hack is that!?!

Did Jiang Xiaopi suffer a mental breakdown after the system introduction three days ago? Damn it, he really is a gifted one!

“It’s no pity, just absorb it. I can battle for more,” Han Jiangxue said impatiently while waving her hands nonchalantly. She was well aware of her own brother’s qualifications.

Han Jiangxue continued, “The White Ghoul Witch has two Star Techniques: one is the ability to heal injured teammates, and the other is to create illusions. The functions are great…”

While talking, Han Jiangxue noticed that the eyes of the hesitant Jiang Xiao glistened as the Star Bead in his hand turned into stardust and was absorbed into his chest.

Regardless of how calm and indifferent Han Jiangxue was, she was full of hope now. She tilted her head and asked, “Did you acquire any Star Technique?”

Sensing the stardust being absorbed by his body, Jiang Xiao opened his eyes and nodded.

Han Jiangxue’s eyes lit up and her face appeared a little less sullen. It was as if the whole world was warming up.

Jiang Xiao looked at the girl who had a pleasant gaze and instantly felt like he was in a better mood.

Han Jiangxue asked softly, “Which Star Technique did you acquire?”

Which Star Technique?

Jiang Xiaopi didn’t have a choice in the past, but I, Jiang Xiao, want it all!