Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 50 chapters


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In fact, there were plenty of roads in front of Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao could reveal his identity as a Medical Awakened to various institutions and groups in order to obtain more resources to quickly improve his strength.

However, after witnessing Jiang Xiao’s Awakened Medical Star Technique, the first thing she wondered was, Why does Han Jiangxue want him to be a normal professional doctor?

Various organizations and societies wouldn’t support their elites for nothing. In various difficult tasks, the Medical Awakened played very important roles and were mandatory. That also showed how much danger they might be in.

It was especially so for the special teams like Wasteland Reclaimers Team, Guardians Team and Night Patrol Team. Once one joined the team, it would be extremely difficult to get out again.

Just like studying in graduate school, it would be relatively easy to get admitted and reach the hard index, but much more difficult to graduate.

One may not be able to graduate even if he or she pleaded with their mentor every day.

Jiang Xiao knew what he wanted to do, and his ultimate goal was to give Han Jiangxue and Xia Yan a little push. Hence, he could not join the army or unofficial civil organizations because it was too dangerous to tamper with the law—for society greenhorns like Jiang Xiao who did not have power or authority, he might easily end up losing himself.

In order to improve his strength, he still had to stay grounded.

Jiang Xiao also knew that the military might have gotten hold of his information.

When he first came to Jian’nan village, the soldier Pi Keqiu saw his Blessing Star Technique. The soldiers there had strict ethics and would never leak any information about the employer.

However, they would still process the information within the military and simply not leak it to teams outside of the military.

However, to Jiang Xiao’s bewilderment, the soldiers did not choose him. He wondered, Why didn’t they show any interest in recruiting me?

Could it be that Beijiang Province is wealthy and powerful enough, so they don’t care about a Medical Awakened?

That can’t be, this profession is extremely precious and rare. It’s one in a million, not to mention a seedling that’s full of endless possibilities.

Wait a minute, seedling.

He seemed to have analyzed something.

Jiang Xiao frowned and thought, My Star Map is that of a Big Dipper that only has nine star slots. To most people, it might seem rather pathetic because even the most ordinary Awakened would have more than 15 star slots…

Star slots not only represented Star Techniques, more importantly, it also represents qualifications and potential.

Damn it, are they looking down on me?

Feeling confused, vexed and perplexed, Jiang Xiao finally saw the cold and aloof girl.

She was still clad in a white dress as usual. Her black tresses cascaded down her back like a waterfall and there was no expression on her beautiful face at all. She looked cold, aloof and standoffish as she strode towards Jiang Xiao and Xia Yan.

“A?” Han Jiangxue ignored Jiang Xiao and stared at Xia Yan while saying that word.

Xia Yan was as happy as a lark when she saw Han Jiangxue. She was just like a little kitten, or rather… a cat that leaped forward and pulled Han Jiangxue into her embrace. She then whispered into Han Jiangxue’s ear, “No, I’m a D.”

Xia Yan then pressed her well-endowed chest tightly against Han Jiangxue, rubbing her body left and right.

Han Jiangxue’s white and tender earlobe turned red and she immediately pushed Xia Yan away while chiding. “Go away.”

“Hehe, we’re going to hunt for White Ghoul Witches,” Xia Yan explained smilingly.

“For you and me, hunting White Ghoul Witches isn’t considered an A-class mission,” Han Jiangxue said coldly.

“I’m here, I’m right here. I’m as vibrant as flowers in the summer,” Jiang Xiao hummed.

Han Jiangxue finally couldn’t stand it any longer. She rolled her eyes at Jiang Xiao and stepped forward to adjust his tattered clothes. “You aren’t hurt, are you?”

Jiang Xiao hinted at his torn camouflage uniform and asked, “What do you think?”

“Since you can still talk back to me, it means you’re not injured.” Han Jiangxue humphed and rubbed Han Jiangxue’s head before instructing. “Go get changed.”

“You! You! You two…” Xia Yan pointed at Jiang Xiao, and more specifically, Han Jiangxue’s hand that was on his head. She continued, “You’ve never been so affectionate with me before!”

Jiang Xiao took a step back and avoided Han Jiangxue’s abuse. He then stared at the furious Xia Yan and taunted. “Diamond Quality Star Technique, Charming The Girl. Are you afraid?”

Xia Yan kicked Jiang Xiao’s buttocks and said, “Hurry and go get changed.”

“Sure~” Jiang Xiao scurried towards the dressing room in a frenzy.

Han Jiangxue was a little awkward too, but for the first time, she changed the subject by asking, “Why did you text me saying that we’re going on an A-class mission? So we’re just going to hunt for White Ghoul Witches?”

Xia Yan expressed assent in displeasure and said, “Actually, the more the better. We have a time limit of nine days—okay, maybe ten. Oh, by the way, request for two days off from school, we will report a few days late.”

Han Jiangxue asked in bewilderment, “What do you mean?”

Xia Yan looked at Han Jiangxue with a pitiful and sad look. She sighed pretentiously and said, “The poor and well-behaved boy has already told his elder sister everything, but unfortunately, she doesn’t believe him at all and even undermines him and attacks him. What a heartless woman.”

Han Jiangxue bit her lip and said, “Xia Yan, English please.”

Xia Yan leaned into Han Jiangxue’s ear and whispered, “He told you long ago that his Star Technique quality was upgradeable.”

Han Jiangxue quivered a little as she turned to look at Xia Yan. “Is what he said true?”


Staring at the alluring and watery cheeks in front of her, Xia Yan kissed them without hesitation.

Han Jiangxue hurriedly took two steps back and wiped her cheeks in disgust. However, she could not be bothered anymore and asked again, “Was what he said true?”

Xia Yan nodded smilingly and said, “I saw it with my own eyes.”


Han Jiangxue held her breath and thought, So that kid didn’t lie to me.

At this moment, Han Jiangxue was filled with an inexplicable sense of pride and glory.

At the same time, she also realized how strong her brother was.

Is this really a divine level character with only nine star slots!?!

A… mischievous divine character?

Xia Yan took a step forward, grabbed Han Jiangxue’s shoulder, and whispered, “I personally saw his Brass Quality Star Technique Green Glow getting upgraded to Silver Quality.”

The cold and aloof Han Jiangxue nodded, managing to hide her excitement well.

“Remember the last time we worked with the soldier Pi Keqiu?” Xia Yan suddenly asked.

Han Jiangxue asked, “Uh-huh?”

“Xiaopi didn’t show his Star Map during that mission and Pi Keqiu had just heard from our conversation that Jiang Xiaopi only has nine star slots, which makes him a lowly-qualified wimp with low IQ,” Xia Yan whispered.

After all, even mediocre Awakened had more than 15 star slots.

Jiang Xiao was an Awakened who had single-digit star slots. He was probably as rare as the Awakened like Han Jiangxue, though they were at extreme ends of the spectrum.

Upon hearing this, Han Jiangxue pondered for a while, after which her eyes glistened.