Chapter 32

Chapter 32 of 50 chapters

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“There is a lot of room for operation here.” Xia Yan continued to whisper, “Even if the soldiers here know that Xiaopi is a Medical Awakened, they subconsciously think that his Star Technique is of Brass Quality. We just need Xiaopi to show his Star Map to everyone and upgrade his Star Technique to Silver Quality.”

Han Jiangxue nodded and said, “Okay, that will save us the explanation of the incredible phenomenon of an upgrade in Star Technique quality.”

Xia Yan continued to bite Han Jiangxue’s ear. “Even if the military discovers it and questions us, we can just insist that the Star Bead that Jiang Xiaopi first absorbed was an extremely rare Silver Stage White Ghoul Witch Star Bead. Although there are very few White Ghoul Witch Star Beads, they’re not non-existent.

“Moreover, you have natural advantages, so you can attribute all the high-quality rare Star Techniques to your parents.” Xia Yan continued, “When others ask about it, just tell them that your parents wanted you two to have the Star Beads.”

“I understand what you mean, but… what about in the future?” Han Jiangxue was a little bewildered. She continued, “We can’t force him to stop upgrading his Star Technique quality just because we’re afraid of exposing his special ability. He has such a strong special quality. He’s destined to…”

Han Jiangxue ‘s excitement suddenly disappeared, and as ridiculous as it sounded, the stronger Jiang Xiao got, the higher the chances of him joining a team in the future would be, and the more likely he would be in danger since the probability of him taking on dangerous tasks would increase.

He would be in the same predicament as his parents who had become heroic members of the Wasteland Reclaimers and subsequently vanished three years ago.

“These are not for you to decide. Although he’s a mischievous child now, he’s also male and he’ll grow up one day. You cannot decide on his future.” Xia Yan seemed to have realized what her best friend’s concerns were and continued to persuade her. “He’s destined to walk a path that’s different from most Awakened, especially because he has special abilities and is a Medical Awakened.

“There’s a very real question here. What if Xiaopi really sets his parents as his goals? What if he really wants to join the Wasteland Reclaimers or the highly respected Night Patrol Team?” Xia Yan asked, making Han Jiangxue feel extremely worried.

Xia Yan continued, “Putting glory aside, teams like those mean more danger but also more gains.”

A few days ago, Han Jiangxue even encouraged Jiang Xiao to work hard to form a team and go to the place where his parents had gone missing, so as to give them an explanation.

However, that was just Han Jiangxue’s attempt to encourage Jiang Xiao and she did not truly mean it because she simply thought that Jiang Xiao was a lowly-qualified individual, just like what everyone else thought.

Han Jiangxue did not think that Jiang Xiao could make such great achievements.

At that time, Han Jiangxue even encouraged Jiang Xiao to use his Medical Star Technique more frequently so as to attract the attention of the school authorities in order to obtain more resources.

However, things were different now. They were completely different.

With such a special physique, Jiang Xiao was really not suited to be a shining star and ought to keep a low profile as far as possible.

“What we can do is to plan some Star Techniques that would be suitable to be placed in his limited star slots, so as to help him become stronger and stronger,” Xia Yan said in a mellower voice, trying to comfort Han Jiangxue.

“He only has seven star slots left now—actually, six. We must reserve one for Star Pets. We must also consider the choice of Star Pets because that’s extremely important for him.”

Xia Yan sighed and lamented. “Compared to Awakened people like us who have 28 or 30 star slots, his star slots are really too precious.”

Han Jiangxue stayed silent and did not respond.

However, she was pondering about other things in her heart. She only hoped to find a substantial supporter before Jiang Xiao’s special abilities were completely exposed.

Jiang Xiao’s ability to upgrade the quality of his Star Techniques was indeed extraordinary and it might become coveted by some.

She hoped that Jiang Xiao wouldn’t be assassinated by the Awakened from other nations when other groups vied for him.

While the silence persisted, Jiang Xiao had already changed into a neat camouflage uniform and replenished the supplies in the military backpack, after which he walked out of the dressing room.

“You guys have been talking for so long. You haven’t changed your equipment yet. It’s going to be very cold there.” Jiang Xiao looked at Han Jiangxue, who was clad in the flowy white dress.

“Okay.” Han Jiangxue was in a complicated mood. She expressed assent calmly and turned around to enter the female dressing room.

Jiang Xiao didn’t notice anything amiss. After all, Han Jiangxue had always acted that way.

“Hey, imp, since you’ve already decided to join our team, I have to explain our Star Techniques, combat characteristics, and habits to you,” Xia Yan explained.

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao nodded obediently. In the past few days of battling, he developed a certain understanding of Xia Yan. Although she was a woman, she was a violent melee warrior.

Her giant blade was extremely lethal, and her reflexes were quick and nimble. She would often manage to rescue Jiang Xiao just in the nick of time before he faced any danger. In Jiang Xiao’s heart, he defined Xia Yan as an agile warrior.

“Warrior, 28 star slots, 2 Brass Quality, 5 Silver Quality. My Star Map is a Two-handed Sword,” Xia Yan said softly.

“I know. Why did you emphasize the shape of your Star Map?” Jiang Xiao asked in puzzlement.

“Didn’t your sister tell you?” Xia Yan froze for a moment and thought about it for a while before smiling and continuing, “Oh right, she thought you were a wimp in the beginning.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Xia Yan stretched her elbow out and placed a hand on Jiang Xiao’s shoulder, after which she said smilingly, “When the star slots in your Star Map are ignited and your total Star Power reaches the Starry Stage and beyond, you’ll be able to turn your stars into combat.”

“Turning stars into combat?” Jiang Xiao tried his best to shrug his shoulders and keep them up, for he did not want to embarrass himself by letting her hold him down by his shoulders. He thought, Why is this woman so heavy? She’s clearly got such a great figure… could it be that the giant blade is really heavy?

“Yes, you can refine and cultivate your Star Map to make it become your weapon or your closest companion. These are still unachievable at the moment, but the Star Maps of most people are indicators of the direction of their future. It’s best to choose a profession that fits your Star Map.

“For example, the profession that best fits me is a warrior who wields a two-handed sword. That’s why my weapon is so strange,” Xia Yan said, answering Jiang Xiao’s doubts.

Her sword is indeed a little stunning. Which person in the right mind would choose that as a combat weapon?


Han Jiangxue’s Star Map was the White Flames and clearly, a back-end Awakened would be a more suitable profession for her. Han Jiangxue did follow the rules too.

But what about Jiang Xiao?

Jiang Xiao’s Star Map was the Big Dipper.

What did that mean?

Both the older girls thought that his Star Map was strange, only because he was a Medical Awakened.

However, Jiang Xiao knew that he was not a Medical Awakened, but a full-time Awakened who could absorb any Star Techniques or Star Beads.

So, what is the profession that best suits the Nine-star Big Dipper Star Map?

Although it had a nice name of Big Dipper, to put it bluntly, it was just a spoon.

It could be perceived as the symbol of a question mark too.

Whenever Jiang Xiao opened his internal Star Map, he would sense that the world was full of malice and evil.

He often felt that his Star Map was mocking him.

Whenever he opened and looked at his Star Map, he would be greeted with a stark “?”.

The Star Map seemed to be giving him a question mark.

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

There are clearly only nine star slots and yet, it still has the cheek of forcing itself to have such a pretty name like Big Dipper.

Jiang Xiao snapped out of his trance and decided to go with the idea of his Star Map resembling a spoon.

If I were to really become divine and turn my Star Map into my weapon, am I supposed to use a spoon for battling?

Could it be…

Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up.

Could it be that I’m Kadabra?