Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

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The three youths were pacing along the snowfield with heavy and stable footsteps, making their way into the snowy world.

Xia Yan took the lead and walked in front of them, while Jiang Xiao and Han Jiangxue walked side-by-side behind her.

Jiang Xiao looked at the tall and alluring figure in front of him while listening to her explain about herself in detail.

Of course, the personal information about her did not include her vital statistics or measurements and was simply about battling and combat.

“I have two Brass Quality and five Silver Quality Star Techniques. The Brass Quality Star Techniques are Green Glow and Endurance. I’m not as crazy as you, I don’t have two Star Techniques in one star slot,” Xia Yan said, sounding rather loud because there was no one else around.

“I’ve always wondered why you didn’t choose to purchase some practical and useful Gold Quality Star Techniques since you’re so rich,” Jiang Xiao remarked.

“Do you think I’m as psychotic as your sister?” Xia Yan turned around and glowered at Jiang Xiao. She then stopped in her tracks and continued, “Both of you are abnormal.”

Jiang Xiao asked, “What do you mean?”

“The level of Star Power limits the quality of the Star Techniques that can be acquired. It’s impossible for the Awakened in the Stardust Stage to acquire Gold Quality Star Techniques. Even the Awakened in the Nebula Stage are not very likely to absorb Gold Quality Star Techniques. During normal circumstances, only the Awakened in the Galaxy Stage deserve to use Gold Quality Star Techniques,” Xia Yan said as she shook her head.

“Normal people like me will at most have Silver Quality Star Techniques during the Nebula Stage. I’m not like your sister who’s a rare genius. She managed to acquire Gold Quality Star Techniques as soon as she reached the Nebula Stage.

“Let’s not talk about that, it gets on my nerves.” Xia Yan waved her hands and continued, “The five Silver Star Techniques that I have are Burning Flame, Bursting Flames, Flame Arc, Massive Strike, and Brutality.”

Jiang Xiao looked at Xia Yan curiously, waiting for her answer.

“There you go, Burning Flame.” Xia Yan did not continue explaining verbally and instead demonstrated it to Jiang Xiao. She whipped out her giant sword and dragged it along the ground as a red line of fire formed on her fair and tender hand.

The fire’s menacing lines were like agile fire snakes that quickly climbed up the long giant sword before wrapping and weaving themselves into the thick and heavy blade, turning it into a giant flame blade.

“The lethal effects are not too bad,” Xia Yan explained while restraining the flames in her hand, after which the giant flamed blade slowly turned back into the cold sword. Xia Yan then inserted it back into the sheath on her back.

“You’ve seen Flame Arc before. It complements my weapon and throws out an arc of fire. However, it’s just the exterior surface that’s wrapped with flames. The real lethal power comes from beneath the flames and is controlled by the amount of Star Power I release,” Xia Yan explained patiently in detail.

“Bursting Flames overlaps with your sister’s Star Technique, but that’s inevitable. There are two Star Beads in the Lava Ghoul’s Star Technique. I only wanted a Burning Star Technique, but the first one I absorbed was Bursting Flames.

“However, I have plenty of star slots, so there is a higher frequency of faults,” Xia Yan said while chuckling slightly. However, her slight laughter sounded particularly malicious to Jiang Xiao.

“I rarely use Bursting Flame because it can’t be used with my sword. I only use it occasionally for provoking my enemies, asking for help, or when I need extra reach.” Xia Yan added, “My body is not as strong as you imagine it to be. In this team, I’m taking the lead because the two of you are more vulnerable. Remember this.”

Jiang Xiao nodded and asked, “Need extra reach?”

“That means an extra radius of attack. What’s in that tiny brain of yours? Must you even ask about that?” Keeping her back facing the two of them, Xia Yan raised her right hand and stuck out her long and slender fingers. “Aren’t these long enough?”

“Fine, they’re long, you have the longest fingers,” Jiang Xiao muttered.

Extremely pleased, Xia Yan retracted her fingers. However, she felt that something was amiss after thinking about it for a long while.

Jiang Xiao asked, “What about the Star Techniques Massive Strike and Brutality?”

Xia Yan explained, “Massive Strike is a passive Star Technique that adds some extra damage to every attack. It feels magical because I can feel some forces that do not belong to me, helping me. As for Brutality…”

Jiang Xiao asked, “Uh-huh?”

“Xiaopi, you won’t want to see this Star Technique. If I use this Star Technique one day, I hope you will wake me up,” Xia Yan said smilingly.

“She will experience a great increase in physical qualities at the cost of losing her rationality,” Han Jiangxue said calmly.

Xia Yan pursed her lips and stayed silent.

Since Jiang Xiao wanted to join the team, Han Jiangxue decided not to hide anything. She said, “Two Brass, two Silver, and one Gold Star Techniques. The Brass Quality ones are Green Glow and Endurance.

“The Silver Star Techniques are Bursting Flames and Barren Wind, both of which you’ve seen before. Barren Wind can be used for blowing away the enemy, rescuing teammates and entering the battlefield. They’re all very practical. Bursting Flames is the fireball that I used to blast the White Ghoul’s face previously.”

Han Jiangxue thought for a while and said, “The attacking power of Bursting Flames is alright. If it lands right smack on the White Ghoul’s face, it will cause serious damage even if their heads do not get blown off.

“As for the Gold Quality Star Technique, it’s Sky Smasher, which is not too large. It’s only the size of two coffins,” Han Jiangxue said, after which she pulled a white scarf.

She was still dressed like a skiing enthusiast, which was a stark contrast from the brave female soldier in front.

There are plenty of analogies that she could use to describe the space. Why did she have to use coffins?

Jiang Xiao asked with a peculiar expression, “Are you all in the Nebula Stage?”

Star Power was classified into various stages, namely Stardust Stage, Nebula Stage, Galaxy Stage, Starfall Stage, Starry Stage, and possibly, higher stages.

Han Jiangxue had already pulled up her white scarf and so did not respond.

Xia Yan said, “Yes, both of us are in the middle of the Nebula period.”

Middle of the Nebula Stage?

There were four phases to each stage of Star Power: early, middle, late and peak.

It was because there was a barrier in every level that had to be cleared in order to continue cultivating.

The classification of Jiang Xiao’s Star Power was much more detailed in his internal Star Map, for there were 10 smaller phases.

For example, Jiang Xiao’s Star Power was now in Stardust Stage Level 3, which was probably the early stage of the Stardust Stage. He was considered to have already passed the early stages and would be in the middle phase of the Stardust Stage after rising by another level.

Xia Yan lamented. “Half a year ago, the total amount of our Star Power begun stagnating here. We don’t know how we can break through this plateau. It’s been half a year and there has been no progress at all.”

Jiang Xiao analyzed. “Your bodies should be strong enough. Maybe you need a high-quality Star Bead to break through your plateau. You guys have just started your third year in High school, which also means that reaching the middle of the Nebula Stage within two years should be considered brilliant, right?”

Xia Yan didn’t answer and instead continued sulking and lamenting. “The students who were chasing us and lacking behind should be breaking through the Stardust Stage soon.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Han Jiangxue couldn’t stand it any longer and immediately interrupted Xia Yan. She pulled her scarf down and said, “There are still some schoolmates who are impressive and do not have less Star Power than us.”

“What level are the high school teachers who have trained us at?” Jiang Xiao asked. The answer to that question would give him an objective understanding of the true strength of the Awakened.

“There are a few in the peak of the Nebula Stage and a few in the later phase of the Nebula Stage, while the majority is in the middle of Nebula Stage,” Han Jiangxue said, explaining everything clearly. Jiang Xiao was completely dumbfounded.

What’s going on?

Are the teachers too inexperienced?

Or are you two too strong?

Jiang Xiao noticed that he had a head start.

Ever since he became an Awakened, Jiang Xiao only interacted with the two of them and so did not think that having two Brass Quality and three Silver Quality Star Techniques were that rare. He did not think that the Nebula Stage was that domineering either.

“Xia Yan’s worries are not unreasonable. Some people advance quickly in the early stages, but they might reach a bottleneck and get stuck at some point. The plateau might last forever.” Han Jiangxue pulled her scarf back up.


Are we going to face obstacles all the way?

If that’s the case, I can’t waste my Skill Points!

Jiang Xiao managed to benefit greatly from this exchange because of his remaining three skill points.

If every Star Power stage had four barriers, Jiang Xiao ought to use all his Skill Points on the sword.

He should use one at Level 2, one at Level 5, one at Level 8, and another one at Level 9.

To others, one of the junctures might just be a barrier that they could never breakthrough for the rest of their lives, but to Jiang Xiao, he could easily solve the problem with just one Skill Point…

Jiang Xiao had already broken through to Level 3 of the Stardust Stage and so did not have to worry about it for now.

He was prepared to use his Skill Points to clear all obstacles along the way!

Jiang Xiao stroked his chin and thought:

Does body strength determine the total amount of Star Power?

Nah, I have Skill Points.

I’ll use it!

Who approves?

Who opposes?