Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

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Location: Dimensional Space, Snowfield, Southeast route.

The Southeast route was the least explored one by the Awakened, and also the most dangerous one, although there were plenty of opportunities as well.

Previously, Han Jiangxue casually used the White Ghouls to attack Jiang Xiao because she wanted to give him an eyeopener, so as to make him have more fear and respect of this world since he had finally turned over a new leaf. Hence, the four of them decided to take the Northwest route.

Although they encountered an unexpected and large group of White Ghouls and White Ghoul Witches along the way, the final outcome was not too bad.

This time, the three chose the Southeast route.

The snow forests there were rather dense and spacious snowfields were rare. Hence, she reckoned that it was a White Ghouls’ playground too.

At this moment, in the snow forest, Han Jiangxue stared at Jiang Xiao in amazement as he punched a White Ghoul with his fist that was emitting Green Glow and knocked it down onto the ground!

However, Jiang Xiao did not have any killer moves and had no choice but to continue punching the White Ghoul while taking advantage of the Retreat effect of Green Glow. The strong White Ghoul was smashed into the ground and ripped into pieces.

“The problems he exposed are obvious, and there are not enough Star Techniques that he can use to cause lethal damage to the enemy,” said Han Jiangxue.

Xia Yan nodded. The two were like spectators and coaches. They stood outside the battlefield and focused all their attention on Jiang Xiao and the White Ghouls fighting each other.

After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Your dagger technique is a hundred times stronger than mine, so you can teach him.”

“No problem, as long as you kiss me.” Xia Yan, who was dressed in a military uniform, turned to look at Han Jiangxue, who was dressed like a ski enthusiast, seizing the opportunity to tease her.

Han Jiangxue shot Xia Yan a cold glance but did not answer her.

“Well, yeah, it’s not an equal exchange.” Xia Yan chuckled and said, “Kiss me and I’ll teach him some swordsmanship. My dagger skills may be rusty, but it’s different for my swordsmanship. I’ve been training for so many years, all because of this.”

Han Jiangxue froze for a moment and thought, Is she really going to impart her swordsmanship skills to him?

Did Jiang Xiao’s request plant an idea in Xia Yan’s heart?

“I really want him to become stronger and join our squad,” Xia Yan answered Han Jiangxue in a timely manner. “My weapon is heavyweight and can be used for attack and defense. Even if he’s incompetent, carrying it around will help him scare off enemies. After all, he’s a Medical Awakened and his future will be in the Medical field.”

Han Jiangxue whispered, “Since that’s what you think, go ahead and teach him.”

“Wouldn’t I be losing my pride and dignity then? Someone has to plead with me.” Xia Yan put an arm around Han Jiangxue’s shoulder and pretentiously sighed before continuing, “I’m not interested in that kid Xiaopi…”

Han Jiangxue turned to look at Xia Yan.

Although Xia Yan couldn’t see Han Jiangxue’s eyes clearly because of the ski goggles, she could see her thin lips.

At this moment, Xia Yan’s breathing began to quicken as her heart pounded rapidly.

Han Jiangxue did not push her away or turn her down.

During normal circumstances, she would usually kick her! Besides, kicking would be considered a light punishment.

Xia Yan began to fantasize and subconsciously closed her eyes before inching her face forward.

Han Jiangxue’s eyes were hidden behind the ski goggles, but she was still staring at Xia Yan coldly. She couldn’t help but raise a hand and gently pressed it against Xia Yan’s lips.

“Wow!” Xia Yan exclaimed happily. It was as if her brain had already broken down. She turned around and opened her eyes to look at the beautiful world in front of her. She leaped towards Jiang Xiao and rolled around in the snow like a husky.

Han Jiangxue looked at the gleeful Xia Yan with a look of pity and shook her head helplessly. She exclaimed, “Forget about the sword. An environment like this is not suitable for training. You’d better teach him how to use a dagger.”

“Yes, your Royal Highness. I’ll obey your instructions.” Xia Yan joked merrily on cloud nine.

“Their skin is really so coarse and thick.” At this moment, Jiang Xiao was riding on the White Ghoul’s back. He did not have the habit of carrying a dagger, but he could not get the White Ghoul to stop and let him go back to look for his military backpack.

Hence, the scene seemed to have come to a standstill for a while. He thought, No matter how thick your skin may be and how incompetent I may be, you should suffer some damage if I strike you in the back of the head.

“Retreat, retreat!” Xia Yan exclaimed excitedly all of a sudden.

Jiang Xiao got a great shock and hurriedly leaned back as a sharp giant blade descended from the sky and penetrated deeply into the ground after piercing through the head of the White Ghoul.

Xia Yan descended from the sky together with the wind and snow, just like a deity. The turbulence from her descent blew Jiang Xiao away.

Fortunately, there was thick snow, so Jiang Xiao did not suffer any pain even though he rolled on the ground several times. However, he was in pain because of the tremor from Xia Yan’s Star Power.

“Kid, do you want to learn this?” Xia Yan held the handle of the sword and drove it deeper into the ground. She then turned her head around, leaving Jiang Xiao to look at her suave side profile.

“Flying grass?” Jiang Xiao asked subconsciously.

“What?” Xia Yan slowly pulled out the giant sword, carried it on her shoulder, and turned to look at Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao said, “No, nothing…”

“Your Green Glow can be used on this sword. It’s wide and heavy enough. If used well, it will be a big improvement to your combat ability.” Xia Yan slowly pointed the giant sword at Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao frowned, got up and turned around to look at Han Jiangxue. He still remembered Han Jiangxue’s advice about there being plenty of rules when learning others’ skills.

Han Jiangxue gently shook her head.

Jiang Xiao was bewildered and didn’t know what was going on.

What’s going on with Xia Yan?

“After we go back, I’ll train you well. Now, take out your dagger.” Xia Yan seemed to have been injected with ecstasy and her suave and heroic face now looked even more energetic. She carried the sword on her back and touched it with his right hand before whipping out a dagger from the side of her thigh. “I’ll teach you some dagger techniques.”

Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up and he thought, This one’s great!

He hurried to the side and picked up his military backpack before asking softly, “Why is she suddenly so excited?”

“She’s just like, all silly and ditzy. Ignore her.” Han Jiangxue pointed at the White Ghoul’s corpse beside him and said, “Go find some Star Beads.”

“Oh.” Jiang Xiao was confused but had no choice except to do what he was told.

Jiang Xiao once again obtained another White Ghoul Star Bead. During the battle just now, he exhausted plenty of Star Power that could not be replenished by just one Star Bead.

He couldn’t stop to condense his Star Power and could only replenish some of it through this method.

If he wanted to acquire Star Power, he would have to be in a peaceful state and in a quiet environment.

Despite absorbing the Star Beads, Jiang Xiao’s Star Techniques Green Glow and Endurance still could not be upgraded, not even by a small level.

Green Glow, Silver Quality Level 1 (6/10)

Endurance, Silver Quality Level 1 (6/10)

Now, Jiang Xiao did not have any reserves, for he had already absorbed all of the Star Beads during the endless battle.

He did not have to worry about their quality because there would always be Star Beads available in Beijiang since they were the most basic ones that went for 500 to 800 yuan each!

As long as they had money, they could upgrade it to Gold Quality, Platinum Quality, or even Diamond Quality!

However, the problem was that Jiang Xiao was penniless.


The problem was that Jiang Xiao did not dare upgrade the quality of his Star Techniques. Once they reached Gold Quality, Jiang Xiao’s weak Star Power may not be enough to power the techniques.

Secondly, Green Glow of Gold Quality or even higher would be too eye-catching. Jiang Xiao’s current strength was not enough for him to possess such a formidable Star Technique, which would bring about plenty of trouble for him.

But then again, White Ghoul Star Beads of the lowest grade were really suitable for people like Jiang Xiao, who could upgrade his Star Technique Quality.

It was the same for his second Star Technique, Endurance, which could increase Jiang Xiao’s defense.

Although there were no physical changes, Jiang Xiao could clearly feel that the claws of the White Ghouls now inflicted less damage on him.

He wondered if he could be immune to all damages if his Star Technique were to be upgraded to the maximum quality.

Still dreaming about the future, Jiang Xiao strode forward to catch up with the husky in front… ahem, Xia Yan.