Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

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The White Ghoul Witch panicked, and while it was howling and being driven into the coffin, Jiang Xiao stuck the White Ghoul behind him with a roundhouse kick.

However, Jiang Xiao flew up immediately before even falling onto the ground.

Yes, Jiang Xiao didn’t expect that he would fly this time.

Is it that casual?

I’m not a helicopter…

Han Jiangxue flew together with Jiang Xiao.

After throwing the White Ghoul Witch into the coffin in the space, Han Jiangxue immediately used her Star Technique Barren Wind to blow Jiang Xiao and herself up into the sky.

Jiang Xiao, whose clothes were tattered and torn, finally knew what it was like to be cold.

If they were in normal terrain, he would be able to stand the chilly wind.

However, they were now in the snowfield, so the wind caused a snow tornado to form in the air.

The chilly wind and freezing snow seemed to engulf Jiang Xiao’s body completely.

Jiang Xiao managed to persist because of his Silver Quality Star Technique, Endurance. If an ordinary 16-year-old child were put in his shoes, he would probably be an icicle right now.

Jiang Xiao finally saw Han Jiangxue standing on the snow tornado suavely when he emerged from the snow tornado and spun in a circle on top. She was staring attentively at the battle going on far away from them.

If she were wearing her usual fluttering white dress, she would really look like a fairy.

“Wait for a while, this group of White Ghouls will return to normal immediately,” Han Jiangxue said, dropping her hands naturally and opening her fingers, seemingly trying her best to control the two snow tornadoes.

Jiang Xiao spun around uncontrollably while searching for an opportunity to look at the far away Xia Yan. The violent girl was still killing all the White Ghouls incurring her wrath, and she was about to catch up to them.

“Such behavior is not allowed.” Han Jiangxue lowered her head and looked at the suave and heroic female warrior Xia Yan.

Xia Yan shivered, though it was unknown if it was because she was frightened or simply stunned by Han Jiangxue’s cold tone. In short, she didn’t have a stable grip on her flaming giant sword and quickly got herself together.

The sounds of Xia Yan chopping the White Ghouls and their shrilling cries were the only things that could be heard as there was no longer any communication within the team.

Even a fool could tell that the atmosphere was tense. Jiang Xiao thought about it and said, “I reckon that I’ve probably given her too much and too strong of a Blessing. Well, you also know that she’s a melee fighter and she’d definitely get injured while taking the initiative to kill them. I’ll pay attention to looking out for her.”

“Okay. Well, maybe it’s not a good thing to have a Medical Awakened in the team.” Han Jiangxue turned around and look coldly at Jiang Xiao. Her gaze was so cold and intense that it seemed to be able to penetrate Jiang Xiao’s heart.

Fortunately, Jiang Xiao was still spinning around in the tornado and so managed to avoid her gaze.

This time, Jiang Xiao behaved himself and did not plead again.

Xia Yan’s face turned pale and she seemed to be infuriated yet guilty. In all, she moved more rapidly and menacingly while throwing out ruthless attacks.

Slowly, with the passage of time and the progress of Xia Yan’s killing, the White Ghouls slowly returned to normal and some even tried to run away and delve into the snow forest.

At this moment, Han Jiangxue dispersed Barren Wind and the two of them fell onto the ground.

She again activated Barren Wind but did not do so from a close distance. Instead, she left the battlefield and blew the White Ghouls who had run away back towards the middle.

That was how strange battles were. If the White Ghouls refused to budge and continued to surround them, Han Jiangxue might flee with her team a few minutes later.

However, when the group of White Ghouls dispersed and turned around to flee, Han Jiangxue dragged them back one by one.

The White Ghouls, who were no longer in the right state for fighting and had no choice but to flee, were a stark contrast to the ones that usually charged forwards after giving it their all.

“There isn’t enough energy,” Xia Yan suddenly yelled.

Han Jiangxue paused while stretching her palm out, after which she slowly put it down. The numerous White Ghouls in her field of vision swiftly delved back into the snow forest before vanishing out of sight.

A few minutes later, everything was set in stone.

The ground that was initially covered with snow was now stained with fresh red blood that reeked of a metallic odor. Corpses were strewn all over the ground and their blood flowed continuously. It was an extremely gruesome sight.

“Hey, don’t be angry.” Xia Yan harvested the Star Beads while pretending like everything was alright, not daring to even look at Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue looked at Xia Yan silently and said in a mellower voice, “I’m willing to accept whatever you do.”

Xia Yan took out a Star Bead and bit her lip, breaking her nonchalant facade.

She knew that Han Jiangxue was telling the truth, for that was the tacit understanding and strong friendship that they had built after going through thick and thin several times before.

“But he can’t, he’s a kid who’s just Awakened and doesn’t have the ability to change the situation or make up for your mistakes. He can’t even protect himself.” Han Jiangxue said calmly, “Xia Yan, he’s my brother.”

“Cut it out, cut it out,” said Xia Yan, whose voice got softer and softer. She had truly given Jiang Xiao an eyeopener, for he was surprised to see such a gentle and well-behaved side to the fearless female warrior. She continued, “I’m getting a little overwhelmed because of Xiaopi’s Blessing… Nah, it’s not his fault. I was just too ecstatic.”

While the deities were arguing, the kid was… harvesting Star Beads.

He had struck a fortune!

Killing would really change a person.

A week ago, Jiang Xiao was still a wimp who would get sick and nauseous when he saw a corpse, let alone touch it.

However, Jiang Xiao managed to remain composed despite facing a bloody scene that resembled Hell. He stayed calm as if he were just entering Charlie’s chocolate factory.

He had no idea if it was dangerous or not, but he was definitely there for the sweet gains.

However, given Han Jiangxue’s character, she would rarely quarrel with anyone. After all, she was not a warm and cheerful person.

It would be better to describe the current situation as a cold war since Han Jiangxue fell silent after saying a few words.

Xia Yan was thinking about how she should coax her best friend while harvesting the Star Beads.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao had already opened the internal Star Map.

After a brief calculation, he reckoned that they had probably harvested 22 White Ghoul Star Beads.

The Southeast Route was indeed the least explored by the Awakened. There were plenty of dangers and creatures of other dimensions.

In the past seven days, the trio also encountered a group of White Ghouls led by the White Ghoul Witch. During that battle, the three of them collected a total of 17 Star Beads.

They harvested 31 Star Beads from the lone White Ghouls they killed along the way.

Excluding the Star Beads absorbed by the trio during the battle, Jiang Xiao still had 28 Star Beads in his military backpack.

In order to help Jiang Xiao improve the quality of his Star Technique, Xia Yan deliberately restrained herself from absorbing Star Beads.

Han Jiangxue was even more extreme. In the past seven days, she only absorbed two White Ghoul Star Beads during her breaks.

The cold and aloof girl was really willing to fight it out for Jiang Xiao’s sake.

Jiang Xiao’s heart ached.

Back to the main topic, they had 28 Star Beads and another 22…

It seemed that upgrading Green Glow and Endurance to Gold Quality was not that far away?

Character: Jiang Xiao.

1) Star Map:

Big Dipper, Stardust Stage Level 4

2) Star Technique:

1. Blessing, Brass Quality Level 3

2. Decoy, Brass Quality Level 3

3. Green Glow, Silver Quality Level 3 (1/10)

4. Endurance, Silver Quality Level 3 (1/10)

3) Basic Technique:

1. Freehand Combat, Brass Quality Level 9

2. Star Power Abundance, Brass Quality Level 3

3. Dagger Mastery, Brass Quality Level 5

4) Skill Points: 3

“Theoretically speaking, if all the Star Beads are absorbed, the Silver Quality Star Technique will advance to Level 8. Do I have to change it a little?” Jiang Xiao asked with a frown.

Although people who had seen the Silver Quality Star Technique Green Glow may exist, it was impossible for anyone to have seen the Gold Quality Green Glow.

This is a problem, another problem…

Jiang Xiao’s total amount of Star Power could not keep up with the advancement, and once it became Gold Quality, he might lose half of his Star Power with every punch he threw.

While thinking about it, Jiang Xiao did not slow down. As soon as he squatted down, he felt the body of the White Ghoul twitching.

Without hesitation, Jiang Xiao slit his dagger across the White Ghoul’s black face like an experienced executioner.

Brass Multiple Kill, Skill Point +1.

Ah… interesting…