Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters


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Han Jiangxue heard the sounds of heavy footsteps and allowed the snowflakes to splash all over her face.

The goggles had excellent features which allowed her to still see the situation in front of her.

A loud roar caught Han Jiangxue’s attention.

It was a familiar sound of commanding and the rare howl of the White Ghoul Witch.

In terms of physical fitness alone, the White Ghoul Witch was far inferior to the White Ghoul that was charging in front.

Naturally, the White Ghoul Witch lagged behind too.

As the troop crossed the border and darted forward rapidly, Han Jiangxue slowly retracted her hand and created a coffin on her left side.

—Gold Quality Star Technique: Sky Smasher!

After the preparation was done, Han Jiangxue persisted on and laid on the snow, waiting for the main enemy to arrive.

Or rather… the main enemies.

As expected, the main enemies showed up 10 seconds later, surrounded by a few White Ghouls.

They were also striding quickly, but due to the fact that the speed of the White Ghoul Witch was limited, the White Ghouls could not run at all.

“6 White Ghouls, 2 White Ghoul Witches. Xia Yan, get ready to break the chain. Xiaopi, give me a Star Bead,” Han Jiangxue said softly.

“Okay.” Jiang Xiao frantically whipped out two Star Beads from his pocket and tossed them to Han Jiangxue and Xia Yan respectively.

The two of them absorbed the Star Beads without hesitation and the stardust around their bodies was fused into them.

Han Jiangxue got up and suddenly reached her hands out before barking. “Come here.”

She was extremely quiet during the battle, and her holler was a signal for Xia Yan.

Xia Yan, who had strong chemistry with Han Jiangxue, noticed the two White Ghoul Witches being blown towards her, as well as the bewildered White Ghouls. She then picked up her giant sword.

From back to front, from bottom to top!

The giant sword cut out a circle that was almost 360 degrees in angle, after which a crimson red sword arc split the trees along the way and charged towards the six White Ghouls while burning with flames.

The sounds of seething could be heard.

A sudden roar filled the air. The bodies of the two White Ghoul Witches could not be controlled at all. Theoretically, they should be one male and one female. She reckoned that the female White Ghoul Witch had just given birth to their offspring.

Their body was indeed much stronger than that of humans. It had just given birth and yet, it could already run five kilometers off-road…

“Xiaopi!” Han Jiangxue exclaimed and even saw Jiang Xiao dashing outwards.

“I’m here, I will help you attract some fire,” Jiang Xiao said while standing by the tree.

Han Jiangxue froze for a moment and then finally remembered that Jiang Xiao had two Star Techniques in one star slot, one of which was the Star Technique Decoy.

However, the illusion seemed a little too realistic, especially under the dim sky.

The silver light flashed in Han Jiangxue’s hands and continuously pushed Barren Wind along while adjusting the angle.

The snow tornado that flew up because of the special terrain seemed to still have some lethal attributes. The illusions of several White Ghouls appeared before being swept away by the tornado again.

Since Jiang Xiao had performed the same actions before, Han Jiangxue knew that they had no choice but to use Decoy to escape.

However, how could escaping be easy when he was stuck in the tornado?

Even their roaring sounds were drowned out by the raging wind, earning Han Jiangxue the right to give out orders.

At this moment, the two White Ghouls had already charged towards Jiang Xiao’s illusory figure that shattered upon touch, greatly enraging the two White Ghouls. Their eyes were so red that blood almost flowed out of them.

Xia Yan also faced two White Ghouls at this moment, but she only managed to give one of the White Ghouls a massive strike because of the terrain. The other White Ghoul nimbly wrapped itself around the large tree and flew in the air. Just like the remaining two White Ghouls, it darted towards the snow tornado.

*Hiss* Finally, the White Ghoul Witch that emerged from the snow tornado caught sight of the human near it and immediately raised its sharp claws. Taking advantage of the snow and wind, it stabbed Han Jiangxue menacingly.


The aura was domineering and the attack was fast and menacing, but there was still an end to what was started.

The two White Ghoul Witches disappeared one after another and immediately rushed into the ripples around her body before diving into the coffin in the space.

Han Jiangxue blew herself and Jiang Xiao up into the sky before yelling at Xia Yan who was still in the snow forest. “Go.”

Xia Yan dragged the giant sword and moved forward while her elbow emitted green rays of light. She gently knocked the White Ghouls in front of her, turned her wrist and grabbed the giant sword tightly before lifting it up.

A cold ray brushed past and severed the White Ghoul into two!

“Ah…” A white ray of light suddenly descended and Xia Yan moaned in pleasure before cocking her head to the side, allowing her short and wavy chestnut-colored hair to sway in the wind beautifully.

Han Jiangxue’s icy face popped up in her mind all of a sudden and she was jolted awake. She frantically held the giant sword behind her and turned around to scurry away, no longer bothered about the Star Beads.

“Ah!” Xia Yan sprinted for more than three minutes when a sudden gust of wind swept her from behind, pushing her forward by tens of meters.

If it were her first experience, Xia Yan would definitely suffer a terrible fall.

However, she had already cooperated with Han Jiangxue umpteen times before. Xia Yan tried to keep her balance while frantically pulling out the giant sword from the sheath on her back with one hand. She then placed it horizontally beside her before rolling over and leaping.

After unloading the force, Xia Yan quickly put her sword away and hurried forward. The roaring of the White Ghouls behind seemed to have become more and more distant. Clearly, they were being blown away by Barren Wind.

The trio slowly pulled away from the White Ghouls that were out to kill them.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao, who was beside Han Jiangxue, could not help but take his hat off to the aloof Han Jiangxue.

Not only did they manage to steal two heads, they even retreated safely.

Jiang Xiao was about to exclaim in awe.

He had always felt that he was rather ambitious and brave, but at this moment, Jiang Xiao was really willing to be a leech and applaud and cheer for Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue’s series of commands perfectly explained what wisdom and composure were. Jiang Xiao also got to know what attributes a true commander should possess.

To be a commander, one would have to remain calm and composed during all circumstances.

Han Jiangxue managed to discover the greedy nature of the male Awakened that they encountered, just from hearing him mention the White Ghoul’s offspring and the bunch of White Ghouls that were full of hatred.

At that moment, they were faced with a huge army, but she did not choose to let the team retreat quickly and instead got them to hide. She even demanded them to bear with it despite being trampled on.

Is this a gamble? It should be, but it’s more of a conclusion drawn after a rational analysis.

Han Jiangxue also managed to skillfully poach two White Ghoul Witches based on her knowledge of their characteristics and the combined Star Techniques.

Xia Yan managed to kill a few White Ghouls using her combat power and her Barren Wind Star Technique. She decided not to be greedy and gave up the Star Beads to swiftly shift the team away.

Before the White Ghouls even reacted, all the arrangements were made aptly.

Jiang Xiao was truly amazed.

He was truly inferior to Han Jiangxue. Regardless of what kind of world they were in, the minority who was truly at the top of the pyramid would forever be those intelligent and brave.

Han Jiangxue sensed Jiang Xiao’s intense gave and turned around while running. “Are you cold?”

Jiang Xiao wanted to look braver, but his body was very honest.

He was freezing!

How could he not be?

“Use your Star Power, but don’t waste your Star Beads. We might experience another battle soon,” Han Jiangxue said while gradually changing her route.

Another battle?

Haven’t we already shaken off the attackers behind?

What other battles can there be?

“Xiaopi, give me two Star Beads and some Blessings.” Xia Yan’s physical fitness was much stronger than Jiang Xiao’s and so managed to catch up rather quickly.

“Aren’t we going to rest?” Jiang Xiao asked while giving the two of them Blessings to restore their vitality and warm them up.

“Can’t you tell what your sister wants to do from this direction?” Xia Yan chuckled with a trace of excitement in her eyes. “Your sister is going to make a fortune out of the dead.”

Make a fortune out of the dead?

Oh, right, that male Awakened definitely wouldn’t have delved into the snow forest along the Southeast Route all by himself. He must have brought his teammates along, and they had probably already died along the way.

Han Jiangxue is going to… pick up the items left behind?