Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

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Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiaopi lived in Jiangbin City and Jiang Xiao found out through Jiang Xiaopi’s memory that the Huaxia region here and that of the world that he came from were rather similar.

Jiangbin City was barely a second-tier city. Although the economy was not developed, it was at least considered a provincial capital.

Jiangbin City was the capital of Beijiang Province which was located at the Northern end of Huaxia where White Ghouls were abundant.

Everyone knew that the area of the Divine Land was extremely vast, spanning from the South to the North, and from the East to the West. There were also huge differences in the geographical environment.

In the northernmost province of Huaxia, the dimension portals that had been activated were rather interesting and had distinctive regional characteristics. It seemed like a joke made by the creator.

The dimension portals in Beijiang Province usually led to snowy fields that had harsh conditions.

The White Ghouls were the most common and largest population in the snowfields.

They were humanoids that were covered with white fur and walked upright. They resembled apes and their heights ranged from 1.5 to 2 meters. They were also physically strong and menacing.

Despite being covered in thick and clean, white fur, their faces were daunting like devils.

The three Star Beads that Jiang Xiaopi had absorbed were all White Ghoul Star Beads of the lowest grade.

Jiang Xiao wondered if Han Jiangxue meant to apologize by giving him the White Ghoul Witch Star Beads.

Compared to White Ghouls, White Ghoul Witches were rarer and there would at most be one White Ghoul Witch in a group of White Ghouls.

Ordinary White Ghouls dominated with their fangs and claws, but the White Ghoul Witches were more advanced. They had mystical magic which was known as Star Technique to the people from Earth.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao, who had no Star Technique, finally obtained the first one of his life.

No, it was the first and second Star Techniques of his life:

Blessing and Decoy.

As Jiang Xiao opened his Star Map, a virtual figure of him appeared suddenly and became an enlarged background.

A Big Dipper Star Map was displayed on the chest of that figure, and the first star that was initially dim had already been lit at this moment.

Countless dots surrounded the stars like fireflies in the dark, flying around unrestrainedly and creating a beautiful sight.

Star Power: Stardust Stage Level 2

Is the Star Power still Level 2? Absorbing a Star Bead is the most effective way to increase Star Power. Since I’ve already absorbed a Star Bead, why didn’t my Star Power increase at all?

Something has to be explained. Star Beads can indeed consolidate the Star Techniques in the human body and even increase the upper limit of the total Star Power. However, Star Power is also associated with the physical fitness of a person’s body.

The increase in Star Power can promote the growth of the physical fitness of humans. It will help make them stronger, faster and more agile.

The human body is like a bucket. Only by continuously improving physical fitness can more Star Power be absorbed.

The two have a mutually-reinforcing relationship where Star Power promotes physical fitness, while an increase in physical fitness boosts the Star Power capacity.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao is facing problems with his physical fitness. If his body is to be compared to a small bucket, Jiang Xiao’s bucket can be considered to be already full of Star Power and can no longer absorb any more. That is also the reason the Star Power on the Star Map did not improve.

Jiang Xiao should exercise, digest the Star Power he has absorbed, and improve his physical fitness to become a larger bucket.

Will staying at home and idling around all day and waiting for the body that has been saturated by Star Power allow transformation to automatically occur? Without exercising, digesting, and improving, Jiang Xiao will probably never advance in level even after 10 years.

Jiang Xiao temporarily put it aside.

He looked at the second tab.

Star Technique:

1. Blessing: Slow Restoration Of Target Vitality (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

2. Decoy: Creates An Illusion To Confuse The Enemy (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

Indeed, he had obtained two Star Techniques despite only lighting up one star!

Damn, who said that I can only have nine Star Techniques in my Big Dipper? I probably can have nine more!

The most important thing was that while others could only have their Star Power stagnate at Brass Quality after painstakingly obtaining a Star Technique, Jiang Xiao could continue to improve the quality of the Star Technique!

There was a common rule in this world: Once a star slot was ignited, the Star Technique could not be replaced, upgraded, or eliminated.

In other words, even a godly person who had 10,000 star slots in his Star Map would have to stay at Brass Quality forever if the Star Technique he had acquired first was of Brass Quality.

Brass was just so stubborn!

Jiang Xiao thought about it and looked at the “Upgradeable” selection tab behind the Star Technique tab to see that it read: “Upgrade requirement: White Ghoul Star Bead (10) or Skill Points (10).”

Wow, I’m so motivated now.

Jiang Xiao looked at his second Star Technique again—Decoy.

It also required Star Beads or Skill Points of the same type.

The question was, how was he supposed to obtain Skill Points?

Jiang Xiao was a little puzzled. When the Star Map was first hung on Jiang Xiaopi, it had probably been explained to him, right?

“System?” Jiang Xiao asked.

“Huh?” Han Jiangxue looked at Jiang Xiao quietly and thought to herself, This silly brother of mine, who usually just fools around, seems a bit unusual today. Did I knock some sense into him by giving him a slap? But why did he start spouting nonsense again?

Jiang Xiao frantically put away his thoughts and continued to look at the third tab.

Basic Technique:

Basic Fighting (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

Star Power Abundance (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable)

Jiang Xiao finally discovered the difference.

Basic Fighting (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable), Upgrade requirements: Autonomous Improvement or 10 Skill Points.

Star Power Abundance (Brass Quality Level 1, Upgradeable), Upgrade requirements: Autonomous Improvement or 10 Skill Points.

If it was said that Star Techniques could be upgraded with Star Beads of the same type, Basic Techniques could only be upgraded with autonomous training or Skill Points.

Jiang Xiao was just about to close the Star Map when he saw a small line of words in the lower right corner. “Skill Point: 1”.


Isn’t this extortion?

Fine print?

Isn’t this the same as the drugs and medicine advertised in TV commercials?

Those ads continuously brag about the wonderful efficacies of the advertised drugs and yet, they include a translucent fine print in the bottom right corner of the screen—This product is a health supplement and cannot be used to replace medicine.

Who would be able to see this?

Three tabs.

Both the Star Power in the first tab and the Basic Technique in the third tab could be upgraded through self-training and Skill Points.

The second tab, Star Technique, could be upgraded with Star Beads of the same type and Skill Points.

Even a fool could tell the importance of Skill Points, but Jiang Xiao still had no idea how to obtain them.

After giving it some thought, Jiang Xiao decided not to use the Skill Point. After all, he wasn’t in a hurry and could wait for a while. He decided to thoroughly understand the situation before upgrading since he was not in any danger now, anyway.

“I’m asking you a question,” Han Jiangxue questioned sternly while her gloomy eyes grew sullen and menacing.

Jiang Xiao recovered from the shock and stared at the girl opposite him.

Tsk, tsk, this girl is really domineering. Although she has just turned 18, she may have become really stern and cool because of Star Power that has exposed her to battles that ordinary people will never encounter.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xiao was not intimidated by her at all.

“Show me your Star Map,” Han Jiangxue said with a frown.

Jiang Xiao shrugged his shoulders and energy flowed through his body, after which the Big Dipper constellation diagram appeared on his chest.

Han Jiangxue expressed assent and nodded gently. Although she had a sullen expression, she was incredibly agitated deep down.

The first star has indeed been lit up and is emitting a brassy color!

“Which Star Technique did you get?” Han Jiangxue asked calmly.

Jiang Xiao spurred the energy in his body, and the pathetic streams of stardust began to flow slowly. As Jiang Xiao waved his right hand, a white ray of light shone on Han Jiangxue.

—Star Technique: Blessing!

At the next moment, the standoffish Han Jiangxue, who was dressed in white, suddenly moaned in a nasally yet alluring voice. “Ah~”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

After five seconds, Han Jiangxue’s hazy and beautiful eyes gradually became clear again, while her fair and tender cheeks turned rosy like an attractive peach.

Jiang Xiao was a little puzzled. What benefit is this?

Is this technique… really that comfortable?

Alright, lady, let me continue to bless you!

Jiang Xiao channeled his Star Power again and a white light flashed in his hand before landing onto Han Jiangxue’s body again.

Han Jiangxue moaned. “Ah~”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.