Chapter 44

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

Chapter 44: Go to School?

In their home in Huayuan Estate of Jiangbin City.

The first thing that Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiao did when they arrived home was to divide the loots between them. Han Jiangxue took out a large handful of Star Beads from the coffin and meticulously saved a portion for Xia Yan. She then carefully picked out the ones that she wanted before handing two Star Beads to Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao looked at the “400,000 yuan” on his palm and was overwhelmed with emotions.

Damn it, I must grow rapidly and go to the other dimensions to kill more creatures and obtain some high-quality and rare Star Beads that I can sell to feed myself for the rest of my life, he thought.

No wonder everyone wants to be an Awakened. This money is really easy to earn.

Jiang Xiao and Han Jiangxue had natural advantages. Hence, they could enter part of the Dimensional Spaces in Beijiang land for free.

The entrance fee for each visit to the snowfield was 50,000 yuan.

Nothing about it was concealed at all. The officials were the ones who developed and controlled the snowfield, which was a playground for the rich and had nothing to do with ordinary civilians or ordinary families.

Han Jiangxue watched eagerly as Jiang Xiao absorbed the White Ghoul Witch Star Beads.

However, the Star Techniques, Blessing and Decoy, in his inner Star Map had already been upgraded to Brass Quality Level 7 and would require three more Star Beads to be upgraded further.

Han Jiangxue was somewhat disappointed because of that. On one hand, the Silver Quality Blessing was rather rare and more convincing. Not only could they increase Jiang Xiao ‘s combat power, but they could also help make the school realize Jiang Xiao’s potential.

On the other hand, Han Jiangxue was really afraid that Jiang Xiao’s Star Technique would be upgraded all of a sudden.

As Awakened, they had to attend classes that were different from ordinary children. They had plenty of practical lessons.

If Jiang Xiao’s well-known Brass Quality Star Techniques suddenly became Silver Quality during a practical lesson, how should he explain it?

At this moment, Jiang Xiao was a little hesitant too. He still had four Skill Points that would be enough to upgrade Blessing and Decoy to the Silver Quality.

However, he also wanted to reserve some Skill Points for the upgrading of his Star Power, for he knew that there were several levels to clear in each stage. Jiang Xiao was already at Level 4 of the Stardust Stage.

In the future, upgrading with Skill Points would do more with less when he was at Level 5, 8 and 9.

Jiang Xiao was really reluctant and fell into deep contemplation.

While the two of them were dividing the loots at home, Xia Yan, who had just separated from them not too long ago, rushed over and knocked on the door.

Han Jiangxue opened the door in an extremely dissatisfied manner, only to be greeted with a peck on the cheek by Xia Yan, who then leaped onto Jiang Xiao angrily.

Jiang Xiao was taken aback and hurriedly backed away. However, he did not expect Xia Yan to continue her attack.

Han Jiangxue watched as Xia Yan swiftly subdued Jiang Xiao, and after a few rounds of scuffling, she simply pressed his arm behind his back and kicked him into his bedroom.

Unable to take it any longer, Han Jiangxue interjected. “Xia Yan?”

“Wait a moment.” Xia Yan entered the room and slammed the door shut angrily.

Jiang Xiao rubbed his buttocks and looked at Xia Yan in bewilderment.

Xia Yan’s voice was rather soft and she seemed to be seething. “I only found out today who ‘My love is vaster than the oceans and cannot be rivaled by the mountains’ was meant for.”

Jiang Xiao froze and finally remembered what he did before they entered the snowfield.

Has the case been cracked just like that?

That doesn’t seem right.

You should be feeling ashamed, shouldn’t you? How do you even have the cheek to get angry?

Jiang Xiao said, “If you lay a hand on me again, I will tell Han Jiangxue about all your tricks and let her know that you’ve been acting.”

“You rascal.” Xia Ya paced back and forth in Jiang Xiao’s tiny room and spoke in an extremely soft voice. She clipped. “My father actually thinks I have a mental issue.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao blinked.

“He thinks I really like you, that’s why I orchestrated this entire act by posing as you and using your Weibo account to publish those posts to fulfill my fantasies. He even told me that if I really think that you’re the one for me, he can let you marry into our family. He said that you may be mischievous, but he will help me to discipline you.”

The amused Jiang Xiao thought to himself, What a great father.

Thank you for the help, Father-in-law!

Jiang Xiao sat on the ground and leaned his head against the bed. Tilting his head to look at Xia Yan, he teased. “Sis, shall we fall in love with each other?”

Xia Yan was greatly stunned, and she suddenly widened her eyes to stare at Jiang Xiao in disbelief. Then, she began to kick him…

“Hey, hey, don’t kick me. I’m like a deity now. If you kick and injure me, who are you going to suck up to in the future?” Jiang Xiao quipped and pleaded for mercy. He was no longer lying down nonchalantly and was instead squatting and hugging his knees.


“Go ahead and continue being mischievous!”

Han Jiangxue stood for more than ten minutes outside the door and heard the whispers as well as the sounds of things getting slammed. She even heard Xia Yan’s rhythmic chiding…

Han Jiangxue sobered up as the sounds gradually came to a halt.


As Jiang Xiao’s door opened, Xia Yan strode out, adjusted her breathing, and forced a smile at Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Yan’s chest heaved up and down and she adjusted her messy and short chestnut-colored hair while blushing in an alluring manner. “I’ve asked my family and we didn’t get any White Ghoul Witch Star Beads. I’m sorry.”

“That’s great, lest I get stuck in a dilemma about whether or not I should collect Star Beads of such a high value,” said Han Jiangxue.

“There’s something wrong with your mindset. I’m doing it for myself too.” Xia Yan shook her head and continued, “We’ll try to think of another solution.”

“Okay.” Han Jiangxue nodded.

“I… I shall get going. I still have something to attend to.” Xia Yan then quickly left the siblings’ home.

Unable to contain her curiosity, Han Jiangxue opened Jiang Xiao’s door.

She was greeted with the sight of Jiang Xiao lying on the ground with a hopeless expression while staring at the ceiling above.

Han Jiangxue asked softly, “Xiaopi, what’s going on?”

“Um.” Jiang Xiao decided to act decently after sensing that she was showing him some concern. He gave it some thought and pondered over what he should say. He then decided that he’d better not let Han Jiangxue find out about Xia Yan’s evil prank, lest they get into an unnecessary conflict.

Jiang Xiao said, “It’s okay, I was just joking with her. Well, girls are more sensitive, so she tried to retaliate and take revenge on me. Look, I didn’t get injured either. We were just playing and bickering.”

“Okay.” Han Jiangxue nodded and did not think much of it. “Go get changed and go out for a haircut.”

Jiang Xiao was full of complaints.

Not only is she sending me to school, but she’s also accompanying me to get a haircut too?

What am I?

Is she that worried about me?

A haircut only takes 10 minutes. What trouble can I possibly get into within such a short period of time?

The elderly man in the barbershop was rather enthusiastic and talkative, making Jiang Xiao feel a lot better.

Jiang Xiao and the elderly man talked about their experiences in repairing cars and Jiang Xiao managed to get a great and refreshing buzz cut.

There was no need to style Jiang Xiao’s hairstyle at all, and it was no problem for the hairdresser. In fact, a pair of clippers was all that was needed.

“Haha, you even have a widow’s peak.” The barber put down the clippers and touched Jiang Xiao’s forehead before continuing, “It’s not smooth at all. I’ll shave it.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

“Ah.” Jiang Xiao looked at the mirror and touched his widow’s peak.

He thought, This Uncle’s hairdressing skills are not bad. This buzz cut looks great.

“You look much more energetic.” Han Jiangxue put down the magazine while seated on the chair and looked at Jiang Xiao’s reflection in the mirror. “Let’s go.”

Han Jiangxue then left 10 yuan behind.

Let’s go then… to school?

The thought of going to school made Jiang Xiao feel rather distressed.

Does this mean that I’ll have to go back to a 6 to 9 lifestyle?

I’ve really had enough…