Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of 50 chapters

Chapter 47: Demons and Monsters

Everyone began running around the field at night.

There were only eight phalanxes there. In other words, ordinary students need not go for military training at night, unlike the eight classes of Awakened students.

Their formation turned from horizontal to vertical, and Fatty Liu Bufan, who was originally in front of Jiang Xiao, moved beside him.

The dense teams and shuffling sounds of footsteps gave Liu Bufan an opportunity.

The formations of the team would be changed tomorrow and Jiang Xiao would be assigned another spot. Hence, tonight would be the best opportunity.

After all, Jiang Xiao was 1.72m tall and should be assigned to be at the front.

He thought, What were these children fed when they were growing up? It’s alright for the boys to be 1.85 or 1.9 meters tall, but the girls are all 1.84 or 1.88 meters tall. What’s going on?

Did they grow up on giraffe milk?

While running, Liu Bufan whispered to Jiang Xiao who was beside him, “Do you see this beauty beside me? She’s the belle of our class.”

“Which one?” Jiang Xiao. Given his height, he ought to stand in the back row to have an advantage. He saw a beautiful girl beside Liu Bufan.

This little one is rather exquisite and beautiful.

Jiang Xiao quickly turned away after taking a glance. After all, it was rather disrespectful to be gawking at a girl for such a long time.

Since Jiang Xiao was standing at the back, he could observe the beautiful girl comfortably.

He noticed that the girl in the front row was particularly outstanding.

“That’s Yi Lianna. She’s Chinese-Russian. However, she doesn’t carry much of her father’s genes, so she doesn’t look very Asian.” Liu Bufan had clearly noticed what Jiang Xiao was paying attention to. He continued to explain, “Don’t be fooled by her appearance. She speaks Mandarin better than we all do. She grew up in China.”

“Her height is really daunting.” Jiang Xiao looked away.

Liu Bufan smiled and said, “Hey, friend, you’ve made us wait for a long time. All the Awakened of the eight classes are waiting for you to come. It’s almost the end of the military training and they’re all looking to see which big shot deserves the reserved spot in Class 2.”

“Nah, I’m not a big shot.” Jiang Xiao sighed and said, “Maybe being handsome gives me an advantage.”

Liu Bufan was slightly stunned, and he could tell from the brief conversation that Jiang Xiao was personable, jovial, bubbly and liked joking around.

Liu Bufan decided to switch tactics by saying with a smile, “Hehe, you’re right.”

Why does that sound so weird?

“Brother, you have plenty of star slots, don’t you? What Star Techniques do you have?” Liu Bufan asked while chuckling.

Awakened were different from ordinary students and didn’t need a long time to prove their abilities and potential. There was no need for tests either.

Everything could be seen in the Star Map.

Amongst the eight classes of Awakened, only a few obtained their first Star Technique using the Star Beads that were given to them when they first got enrolled.

Most of the students got enrolled in school with Star Techniques.

Students who had three or four Star Techniques were rare.

There were plenty of affluent people in Huaxia who could easily afford to buy Star Beads from merchants.

Of course, for an Awakened, having two to four Basic Techniques were more or less sufficient. After all, most of them were ordinary people who had about 15 star slots. So, four was considered enough since it was one-third of the available star slots.

In Beijiang, the White Ghoul Star Beads and Lava Ghoul Star Beads were the most common and most practical ones. For the children who had just started, physics and law Star Beads were used for increasing the upper limit of Star Power and replenishing depleted Star Power. It was already enough.

As long as they were slightly wealthy, purchasing White Ghoul Star Beads and Lava Ghoul Star Beads would be easy.

Therefore, most of the Awakened were enrolled in school with Star Techniques, which was not unusual.

However, the problem was that once Jiang Xiao talked about his Star Techniques, it would be an eyesore.

Jiang Xiao’s problem was not the amount of Star Techniques but their quality.

What kind of Star Techniques did other kids have? The common ones were Green Glow, Endurance, Burning Flame, and Bursting Flames.

What was Jiang Xiao’s Star Technique?

Blessing? Decoy, which he did not wish to expose, was also a Star Technique that was difficult to purchase in the market.

However, Endurance could be purchased in the market, but Jiang Xiao’s Green Glow was Silver Quality and not Brass Quality.

Finally, there was Bell and Imprint, which he did not plan to expose. It was a Medical Star Technique that was difficult to buy on the market. It was indeed a decent Silver Star Technique.

None of the Star Techniques was normal!

They were either unable to be purchased on the market or had problematic qualities.

Seeing that Jiang Xiao was not speaking, Liu Bufan continued, “Brother, I have 19 star slots.”

Jiang Xiao had a good impression of Liu Bufan. After seeing how Liu Bufan responded to the mean classmate just now, Jiang Xiao knew that he was much more mature than the average child.

Although Liu Bufan sounded like he was showing off, that was not the case.

Jiang Xiao thought about it and answered, “I have fewer star slots than you, but I’m a Medical Awakened. That’s perhaps why they recruited me into Class 2.”

Liu Bufan stopped in his tracks, leaned forward and almost fell down.

“Liu Bufan! One more round!” Lei Jin exclaimed in a loud and clear voice.

“Yes!” Liu Bufan hurriedly chased after him and said smilingly, “You’re really great at cracking jokes.”

“I’m not lying,” Jiang Xiao answered. Since the military training would be ending in three days, he had to show his identity because he wanted to compete on behalf of the class.

However, Jiang Xiao couldn’t keep a high profile and boast about it. Hence, he felt that it would be a good choice for Liu Bufan to spread the news on his behalf.

“Are you really a Medical Awakened?” Liu Bufan asked again.

Jiang Xiao answered, “Yes.”

Liu Bufan’s eyes glistened with joy and he said, “Our classmates are blessed, then. We have to go through plenty of battles regularly. Falling and getting injured wouldn’t be a problem anymore then.”

“Don’t we have any other Medical Awakened in the class?” Jiang Xiao asked in bewilderment.

Liu Bufan shrugged his shoulders and said, “No.”

“What about the seven other classes?”

Liu Bufan answered straight away, “Nope.”


Eight classes, 192 Awakened, and none of them are Medical Awakened?

Didn’t Han Jiangxue say that there would be one Medical Awakened out of 100 Awakened?

What happened to one in a hundred?

This is almost one in 200.

Jiang Xiao knew how precious Medical Awakened were, but he felt that they were not rare to such an extent.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but guess. “There should be some others who just haven’t shown their potential yet. After all, Medical Star Beads are too rare.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Liu Bufan nodded.

While chatting, the two completed several laps together with the rest, followed by some stretching exercises. Under Lei Jin’s guidance, they learned some grappling techniques and revised the combat moves they had learned.

The team finally dispersed at nine.

With the help of his enthusiastic classmate Liu Bufan, Jiang Xiao arrived at the supermarket and bought some daily necessities. The school dormitory was well-equipped, so it saved a lot of trouble.

After exchanging numbers, Jiang Xiao finally entered Dormitory 6.

To Jiang Xiao’s bewilderment, the other students were in Dormitory 1 while he was in Dormitory 6.

Did that tan Headmaster Gao assign me to the wrong place?

The dormitory was rather empty and there were only a few students on each floor. He reckoned that most of them had already been assigned to their respective beds.

Jiang Xiao had no choice but to share a room with others.

Unfortunately, it was not a co-ed room.


The dormitory lady watched as Jiang Xiao walked towards the door to the leftmost dormitory on the first floor with his daily necessities.

Why is the person guarding the door an Auntie?

I don’t get it, I don’t get it.

The moment Jiang Xiao held the key and opened the door, a sentence popped up in his head—”This piece of fish… this dormitory is mine!”

There were six beds in total.

Although there were six beds, it was a single room.

It’s unoccupied?

Jiang Xiao selected a bed near the window gleefully and looked out of it, only to see an adulterous pair kissing each other by the roadside.

What a spoilsport.

Jiang Xiao immediately turned around to see that there was a desk under the bed and a small wardrobe on the right. He took out the duvet and looked around before stuffing it back.

I’d better sleep on the wooden board tonight and wash the duvet tomorrow.

My body is superb now that I have Star Power.

Having already slept in the snowfield, sleeping on the wooden board was no big deal for him.

A ray of Blessing was cast down on his body, warming him up.

The next day, Jiang Xiao woke up just as daybreak started.

It was time to see what Jiangbin High School was like at 4 AM!

I shall see if there are any demons who are as self-disciplined and hardworking as I am.

To Jiang Xiao’s surprise, he was really greeted with the sight of four demons and monsters…