Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of 50 chapters

Chapter 48: The Eurasian Lolita and the Boy with the Crew Cut

Liu Ke was extremely lovable and attractive because she was adorable and had a cute smile and two tiny dimples.

At this moment, Liu Ke had already gotten out of bed and gone downstairs for her morning workout, after much persuasion by Elena.

There were already two boys waiting at the entrance of Dormitory 4.

The four were obviously companions who had agreed to work out together in the morning.

Liu Ke often had a bad temper after waking up, and once she was angered, she would rake up the past, including the information that Liu Ke had given her yesterday.

That new boy actually doesn’t have WeChat!?!

Do you believe it?

Is he an aboriginal?

Jiang Xiao did not want to take the rap because Jiang Xiaopi didn’t have WeChat and only opened a Weibo account. Who knew what tricks he had up his sleeve?

Besides, Jiang Xiao entered the snowfield as soon as he arrived in this world, after which he headed to Xia Yan’s basement for intensive training. His mobile phone was also confiscated and later on, he had to go back to the snowfield. He then got admitted straight to school.

Jiang Xiao really almost forgot that he had a mobile phone. Last night, he only used it to call Han Jiangxue to inform her that he was safe. He then threw his mobile aside and began cultivating Star Power.

He had already forgotten what he was good at—publishing Weibo posts to tease Han Jiangxue.

Since he could forget such an important matter, what was WeChat to him?

Liu Ke was mumbling and yawning at the same time.

Elena, who had her dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, pointed at a corner of the field and asked, “Are you referring to him?”

“Huh?” Liu Ke glanced over to see that the sweaty Jiang Xiao was doing leg presses. She remarked, “This guy is really hard working.”

A male voice said, “I paid attention to him during the training session last night. His reflexes are great and he doesn’t seem to be a beginner. He obviously has some background.”

“Yes, his movements and postures are correct. He has a great foundation,” another boy chimed in.

The two boys looked almost identical and even a fool would be able to tell that they were twins.

Their heights were identical and they both stood at 1.78m, with broad shoulders, slender waists, long legs, and muscular chests. They both looked extremely domineering.

However, their hairstyles were a little special.

They both had crew cuts.

Logically speaking, there was nothing strange about crew cuts, but their heads were a little too flat and chiseled. However, it matched their square faces and resembled bricks. It was rather… amusing.

“Stop boasting. You could tell from just one segment?” Liu Ke questioned apprehensively.

One of the boys seemed to have strong pride and quickly explained, “Well, I’m an expert. I’m a martial artist. I can’t go wrong.”

“Which one is you, the elder brother or the younger brother? Are you Zhu Wen or Zhu Wu?” Liu Ke asked while chuckling and staring at the boy in front of her eagerly trying to explain.

“Can’t you recognize him? He’s Zhu Wu, the younger brother. His elder brother wouldn’t bother explaining,” said the Eurasian girl at the side.

“How is it, Elena? Shall we try?” The elder brother Zhu Wen seemed to be asking Elena for her opinion. He continued, “Although a Medical Awakened doesn’t seem to be of much help to the team now, his reflexes are good. I think we should snatch him first.”

“But, Liu Ke…” Elena muttered while staring at Liu Ke hesitantly.

“Psht, I don’t care about joining any team. It’s so violent and brutal. You guys can go ahead and find another member for all I care. If you can’t find any, I’ll join for the sake of fulfilling the quota. But if you can, I’ll finally be free,” Liu Ke said while pursing her lips in disdain.

“Shall we try, then?” Elena asked while glancing at Zhu Wen inquisitively.

“Okay, let’s try,” Zhu Wen said while leading his team across the field and towards Jiang Xiao.

In fact, his team was not short of members because the two brothers Zhu Wen and Zhu Wu had strong combat skills and many other students wanted to join their team.

However, the brothers of the Zhu family either looked down on the people who approached them and asked to join their team or missed the people they wanted to poach. They also wanted Elena to be in the team. Liu Ke, who was Elena’s best friend, naturally had to join the team too, and she was just like Elena’s accessory.

Liu Ke was completely disconnected from the team.

After some discussion, the two of them shifted their gaze onto the fish that they were possibly going to catch.

They initially thought that it was the end of it. To their surprise, they stumbled upon a schoolmate who had good reflexes. Hence, the elder brother, Zhu Wen, decided to seek Elena’s opinion.

Jiang Xiao also discovered that the four of them were approaching him, including a beautiful and sweet girl and another pretty Eurasian.

The two of them indeed formed a beautiful scenery.

Standing at 1.63m tall, Liu Ke was a little shorter than the rest.

Her height was perfectly petite, unlike the tall and wild Xia Yan who could never seem like a Lolita unless she chopped off half of her legs.

The Eurasian girl at the side was the one whom Jiang Xiao joked about by thinking to himself that she must have been fed with giraffe milk while growing up. She stood at 1.84m tall and her legs were dauntingly long.

She had short, dark brown hair, deep-set brown eyes, a tall nose bridge, and pronounced features.

Jiang Xiao scanned the two girls from head to toe for a long time before glancing at the two bodyguards beside them.

Jiang Xiao never looked away since then.

Damn this…

Guys with crew cuts?

Is that you? Guy with a crew cut?

Your eyes are a little too focused, aren’t they?

Jiang Xiao noticed the pair of twins last night, for they were the most vigorous ones during the last sparring session.

Perhaps because they were brothers, they often trained together and hit each other mercilessly to the extent that Lei Jin always took them as his teaching examples and made everyone watch the two of them fight each other.

Jiang Xiao had a deep impression of them and bore in mind that they were good at martial arts.

For a bunch of high school kids who had just Awakened and started attending school, the brothers were definitely way ahead of their peers.

Of course, they both exhibited strong combat abilities that were fully human and had nothing to do with Star Techniques.

After all, they were all Awakened, and if they were to combine their strengths, there might be a few prodigies emerging from Class 2 again.

“Zhu Wen,” said one of the boys with the crew cut, who then stuck a hand out with a smile.

Jiang Xiao hurriedly grabbed it, for fear that he would offend him if he were to be any slower.

In this world, the strong were afraid of the tyrannical, and the tyrannical were afraid of those who had nothing to lose.

Last night, the older one of the twins beat his younger brother up into a pulp.

“Welcome to the big family of Class 2.” He was at least rather friendly so far.

The younger brother was rather straightforward and cut straight to the chase. “I heard you’re a Medical Awakened?”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao was stunned for a moment, after which he nodded and exclaimed, “Ah!”

“I watched you yesterday and you seem to have good reflexes and a great foundation. Would you like to join our team and represent Class 2 together in the battle?” The younger brother suggested.

“Hey you, it’s no wonder you have no friends. That’s not how you should be talking to others,” said Liu Ke, who glowered at Zhu Wu.

To Jiang Xiao’s bewilderment, the second brother actually succumbed.

Why is he chuckling and scratching his head?

Liu Ke turned around and blinked at Jiang Xiao adorably. “Hey, I heard that you’re a Medical Awakened. You’re so impressive!”

Jiang Xiao could not help but shudder.

Such a glib tongue!

What a sweet voice too!

How sweet…

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiao began to fancy Xia Yan’s angst voice and Han Jiangxue’s cold tone.

Am I a masochist?

Jiang Xiao chuckled wryly and said, “Hehehehe, I’m alright, I’m alright.”

“Hah, Classmate, pardon my brother for being too straightforward and blunt. Don’t take it to heart,” the elder brother hurriedly explained before changing the subject. “Your reflexes seem great. You’ve probably trained for years, haven’t you?”

He didn’t train for years, but Lei Jin did say that Jiang Xiao managed to achieve the progress that the latter thought he would in one month, within just seven days.

Perhaps because of the internal Star Map, Jiang Xiao’s techniques advanced in level while he trained.

Perhaps because of complementation, Jiang Xiao’s movements and techniques under the level standard in his Star Map and techniques would slowly be improved after he broke through a small level.

Jiang Xiao’s basic skills improved greatly, especially after the few rounds of fighting in the snowfield.

“I’ve indeed been training for a while,” said Jiang Xiao, trying his best to stay humble.

“Shall we try? Are you interested?” Zhu Wen asked with an intense animosity in his eyes that resembled his brother’s.

Jiang Xiao thought to himself, He should probably let me off after I lose to him. After all, there are two other girls watching. He can’t possibly eat me up, can he?