Chapter 49

Chapter 49 of 50 chapters

Chapter 49: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

“Wow, it’s great, marvelous!” Liu Ke sighed and almost applauded and cheered in joy. She watched in awe as Jiang Xiao and Zhu Wen exchanged strikes.

“Wait, wait!” Jiang Xiao took a step back and began heaving and panting heavily while his chest ricocheted vigorously.

The difference was huge!

Jiang Xiao admitted that he couldn’t beat Zhu Wen, at least when he didn’t have the help of Star Techniques.

The scene looked rather intense and there seemed to be an exchange of strikes, but Jiang Xiao could sense that he was incredibly inferior.

He reckoned that Zhu Wen had probably started training since he was a child. Although he started with a kickboxing style, he slowly exhibited various other techniques of different traditional martial arts.

He would definitely be extraordinary with the help of Star Power.

His kicks were superb too.

“Good, very good.” Zhu Wen looked at Zhu Wu, after which he turned to look at Yi Lianna, the Eurasian beauty.

Zhu Wu nodded and thought, Indeed, I can’t have high demands on high school students. But based on reflexes alone, the students who had been transferred to their class were not necessarily better than Jiang Xiao.

After gaining the approval of the twin brothers, the silent Yi Lianna finally spoke.

The distribution of tasks was rather clear in the team.

“Hey, Classmate Jiang, my name is Yi Lianna,” the Eurasian girl said smilingly.

It did seem strange for a Western-looking girl to speak fluently in proper Mandarin.

“What’s your surname?” Jiang Xiao asked, thinking to himself that it was a godsend opportunity for him since he was late to the military training and it would be difficult to join a team, what more such a strong one.

If he wanted to represent Class 2 in the battle, he would first have to stand out in Class 2.

“Yi. My father’s surname is ‘Yi’,” Yi Lianna answered smilingly.

Jiang Xiao answered, “Oh, I thought your name was a transliteration of a Western name. The surname ‘Yi’ is not that common.”

Yi Lianna answered, “It’s written in the book of Hundred Surnames. Haven’t you heard of Minister Yi Yin from the Shang Dynasty?”

Jiang Xiao said apologetically, “Oh, my apologies.”

Although Yi Lianna was a Chinese national, she had Western features.

Jiang Xiao could not help but feel peculiar about having her lecture him about Chinese culture.

“Hehe, my family specially chose a name that’s suitable for transliteration, so they named me Lianna. It’d be easier for my mother’s side of the family to pronounce my name,” Yi Lianna (sounds like Elena) answered smilingly.

“Oh,” Jiang Xiao said with a nod.

Yi Lianna did not expect Jiang Xiao to simply express assent, causing the atmosphere to become awkward all of a sudden.

The Lolita Liu Ke remarked softly, “What a great conversationalist.”

Jiang Xiao recovered from the shock and asked, “Are you guys short of a member in the team? Don’t you guys already have four people?”

Liu Ke frantically said, “I’m just here to fill in the vacancy so that the quota can be met. I can’t fight. The school has given me Star Beads, but I didn’t acquire Bursting Flames either.”

“The school gives out Star Beads too?” Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but raise his voice.

“Of course. Oh right, you only came yesterday, so you missed the collection period,” Liu Ke said while chuckling and covering her mouth with her hand.

Yi Lianna explained, “At the beginning of military training, the school distributed Star Beads according to everyone’s Star Map. Those with Melee Star Maps would be given three Star Beads, while those with Law Star Maps will be given one Lava Ghoul Star Bead each.”

Lava Ghoul Star Beads?

The creatures of other dimensions in the volcanoes?

The Lava Ghoul Star Beads were of Silver Quality while White Ghoul Star Beads were of Brass Quality. Although they were both Basic Techniques produced in Beijiang, there was a huge difference between the two of them.

“Very few students with special Star Maps were given White Ghoul Witch Star Beads. Unfortunately, no one has awakened a Medical Star Technique.” Yi Lianna stared at Jiang Xiao and asked, “Since you claim to be a Medical Awakened, you must have a basic Medical Star Technique. What is it? Blessing?”

“Oh, yes,” Jiang Xiao admitted with a nod.

“Ah, White Ghoul Witch Star Beads,” Liu Ke said, all green with envy. A White Ghoul Witch Star Bead could mean plenty of things.

She reckoned that he either got it from his family or from fighting his guts out in the snowfield.

Regardless of what it may be, it was enough for Liu Ke to be envious.

“Hehe, I’ve been to the snowfield a couple of times,” Jiang Xiao said smilingly.

“Oh?” Zhu Wen’s eyes lit up and he said, “Seems like the field you’re good in is not sparring but killing your enemies.”

“I’m alright, I’m alright,” Jiang Xiao said perfunctorily.

“I like people whose hands are stained with blood. You’re thousands of times better than those sissies,” said Zhu Wu, the younger brother.

Jiang Xiao muttered, “Ahem…”

“Brother, how many star slots and Star Techniques do you have?” Zhu Wen asked before continuing, “I have 20 star slots and two Brass Quality Star Techniques, Green Glow and Endurance.”

The younger brother Zhu Wu said, “Me too. I have 20 star slots and two Brass Quality Star Techniques, Green Glow and Endurance. We’re both in the early Stardust Stage.”

Early Stardust Stage? According to Jiang Xiao’s internal Star Map, their levels should be between Level 0 to 3 of the Stardust Stage.

He only had 20 star slots and he was already recruited into Class 2, just like the fatty Liu Bufan who mentioned that he had 19 star slots.

It seemed that those who could reach 20 star slots were considered to have great qualifications.

Jiang Xiao also knew that those who had the most mediocre qualifications mostly had 15 star slots.

Those who had fewer than 15 were considered to be lowly-qualified. For those who had 15 star slots and above, every additional star slot was an additional talent. Reaching 20 star slots would be a remarkable feat.

The slow-witted Jiang Xiao finally knew how powerful Xia Yan and Han Jiangxue were since they had 28 and 30 star slots, respectively.

They’re both really shrewd!

Yi Lianna rubbed her brown, short hair and said while appearing beautiful beneath the sun, “Their Star Maps are both in the shape of a fist.”

The younger brother seemed to be as competitive as usual. He exclaimed, “The fist is as large as a punching bag!”

Yi Lianna said helplessly yet perfunctorily, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m in the Stardust Stage and four of my star slots have been filled. There’s nothing too special. I only have Green Glow, Endurance, Burning Flame, and Bursting Flames. Oh, and my Star Map is in the shape of a double-handed magical wand. I have 21 star slots.”

Putting the Bronze Star Techniques Green Glow and Endurance aside, her Silver Quality Star Techniques Burning Flame and Bursting Flames were both from the Lava Ghoul Star Beads which cost 3,000 yuan each. Jiang Xiao thought, Did this chick acquire the Star Beads on her own or did her family buy them for her?

Jiang Xiao was rather familiar with those Star Techniques since Xia Yan and Han Jiangxue both had them. He also knew that the Star Techniques were too powerful even for the coarse and thick-skinned beasts, let alone high school kids.

Yi Lianna was considered extremely dominant, at least for now.

The Awakened of the Stardust Stage could acquire four Star Techniques, and even though Yi Lianna had 21 star slots, there was no use if her Star Power could not be upgraded.

Yi Lianna’s Star Technique combination was rather representative.

For the Awakened in Beijiang, those four techniques were the cheapest but also the most practical.

The more interesting thing was that the twin brothers did not acquire any Silver Quality Star Techniques like Burning Flame and Bursting Flames.

Jiang Xiao believed that the brothers could afford to purchase Lava Ghoul Star Beads, but he reckoned that the two of them had never touched the Lava Ghoul Star Beads before.

They all had 20 star slots, so it was reasonable for them to not be stingy with their star slots.

In that case, the only possibility would be that… the two of them had a conscientious family who thought ahead and planned every star slot for them.

Jiang Xiao turned to look at the pouting Liu Ke. “I only have 18 star slots and my Star Technique is Burning Flame. I wasted plenty of my family’s money, but I never could acquire Bursting Flames.”

“It’s alright, Liu Ke, you’ll definitely acquire it one day as long as you work hard,” the younger brother said frantically.

“Who knows?” Liu Ke did not appreciate his comforting words. Yi Lianna then tugged at her arm and she snapped out of her trance to smile at the younger brother.

Before he even felt hurt, his spirits were lifted after seeing the therapeutic smile of his adorable goddess.

“What about you?” Zhu Wen asked.

“I don’t have many star slots. To be more specific, I have very few of them,” said Jiang Xiao, who decided after some thought that there was no need for him to hide.

“Very few? How few?” Zhu Wu asked in bewilderment.

“Nine,” Jiang Xiao answered, clearly a little embarrassed.

“Psht… ” Liu Ke made a strange sound, for she was unable to tolerate it.

“Nine?” the younger brother Zhu Wu asked in shock.

“Nine,” Jiang Xiao reiterated with a nod.

“Oh my gosh.” The younger brother Zhu Wu smacked the back of his head, feeling astonished because he had never seen someone with so little star slots.

He had even seen powerhouses with 27 or 28 star slots!

However, he had never seen an ultimate loser who only had nine star slots.

From a certain perspective, Jiang Xiao and Han Jiangxue were similarly rare.

“Hey, star slots are not important at all. Think about it, we’re all in the Stardust Stage. No matter how many star slots I have, we only have four Star Techniques at the very most. Ignore my potential. Let’s just talk about combat power. Isn’t the competition our goal?” Jiang Xiao said, trying to defend himself.

“Makes sense.” The older brother Zhu Wen nodded.

“Brother, it’s been hard on you to become an Awakened.” The younger brother Zhu Wu patted Jiang Xiao on the shoulder, looking sad and sympathetic.

Jiang Xiao said softly, “I have three Star Techniques, Green Glow, Blessing and Bell. I may have few star slots, but it’s enough to treat you guys.”

The second brother Zhu Wu’s hand suddenly froze in mid-air and his miserable expression changed too, for he was overwhelmed with embarrassment.

What am I doing?

Showing sympathy to a big shot?

Three Star Techniques!

Of excellent quality!

Bell is a genuine Silver Quality Star Technique. This kid is not only a Medical Awakened, he also has a great potential.

He actually embellished the Silver Star Technique, Bell, too?

The elder brother Zhu Wen’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “Great! Great! Great!”