Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 50 chapters


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“Stop, stop, Xiao, Xiaopi…” Han Jiangxue placed her elbows on the table and held her forehead with her hands while muttering softly.

Wow, she sounds so gentle.

Her voice is so mellow, meek and pleasing to the ear.

Why does she have to usually be so aloof?

Jiang Xiao retracted his hand in time and suddenly realized that the Star Technique he had obtained did not seem to have a decent function.

What happened to the supposed function of restoring my teammate’s vitality? What about the function of healing my teammates?

Why does it work so well at attracting girls?

The atmosphere in the kitchen was rather awkward and silence filled the air all of a sudden.

Knowing that she was shy and easily embarrassed, Jiang Xiao broke the silence jokingly. “Seems like you’ve received my blessing.”

Han Jiangxue raised her head abruptly and glowered at Jiang Xiao.

10 minutes ago, Jiang Xiao would have been able to guarantee that he would be affected by her icy cold gaze that was full of contempt and disdain.

However, Han Jiangxue now looked fierce yet gentle, just like a non-assertive sister who was trying to maintain her pride and authority over her younger brother.

Is the Brass Quality “Blessing” that powerful?

What about “Blessings” after the quality is upgraded? Will it become heavenly?

Jiang Xiao thought about it carefully. According to Jiang Xiaopi’s memory, the quality of Star Technique and Star Pets were classified based on this quality too.

Above Brass Quality was Silver Quality, followed by Gold Quality, then Platinum Quality and the highest of all, Diamond Quality.

In Jiang Xiaopi’s memory, it could be divided into five levels of quality, with the lowest being Brass and the highest being Diamond. According to online information, it was said that there was a higher level of quality above the Diamond Quality, but it had yet to be found by people of the world. Perhaps, only those god-level could possess Star Techniques and Star Pets of higher quality.

Unknown to the world?

But Jiang Xiao, who had transmigrated, knew about it!

Was there still a need for questions?

The quality above Diamond would be Master, and above Master would be King!

“How fortunate that it turned out to be a Medical Skill.” After receiving a satisfying blessing, Han Jiangxue’s cold and aloof voice became a little more mellow and gentle. She continued, “Beijiang is abundant in White Ghouls, but the number of Awakened who has truly acquired the Blessing Star Technique is few and far between.”

“Well…” Jiang Xiao knew that he had been a little mischievous and that Han Jiangxue had to pretend to be authoritative since she was now the head of the household. Hence, he nodded obediently.

“No, you don’t understand the preciousness of the Medical Skill.” Han Jiangxue sighed softly, staring at Jiang Xiao like she was staring at a silly boy.

“Out of 100 Awakened, there would probably only be one who possesses a Medical Skill. Such a special Star Technique is very difficult to obtain. The world may be full of Rule Awakened and Melee Awakened, but Medical Awakened are really rare.” Han Jiangxue seemed relieved as she rattled on.

“Do you know how popular an Awakened from an Auxiliary caliber who also has a Medical Star Technique is?”

Han Jiangxue continued, “After we graduate, we will join various national agencies. Most of the agencies do have field personnel who basically group in fours. Any Awakened would hope to have a teammate who has a Medical Skill.”

“The Medical Awakened would give the team endurance, smooth combat effectiveness, and even save the lives of their teammates during critical circumstances. It’d be enough to possess a Medical Skill, even if the Awakened only has one Star Technique in his Star Map.”

Han Jiangxue looked at Jiang Xiao with admiration.

It was Jiang Xiao’s first time seeing the aloof Han Jiangxue gaze at him with such an affirmative expression.

“Unfortunately, it’s only a Blessing of Brass Quality.” Despite the change in tone, Han Jiangxue’s face did not change much as she continued, “I don’t have to worry about your future anymore. Go to school as per normal and after you graduate, I can get you a job at a hospital. Being a doctor is a feasible career choice too.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Why are you in charge of my destiny?

The owner of this body has just graduated from middle school. How does the old saying go?

I’m now the nation’s pride and as long as I work hard, I can create endless possibilities!

Jiang Xiaopi, just how much did you disappoint your sister?

I originally wanted to embark on a path towards becoming divine and yet, Han Jiangxue simply plans to pave the way for me to go work in a hospital?

Hey, wait a minute.

Actually, being a doctor was great too, for Jiang Xiao could use his Star Power and Star Technique to resolve medical issues that could not be solved through normal medical methods.

In the future, as Jiang Xiao improved the quality of “Blessing”, he might be able to save some dying patients and gain some credit and merit.

Wouldn’t that be a meaningful thing to do too?

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but begin to contemplate. He had only been here for less than two hours and had experienced drastic changes and forced to accept plenty of new things. He did need some time to calm down and think about his future.

After all, Jiang Xiao was not a 16-year-old ignorant boy, but a 25-year-old adult with a mature mind.

After accepting and integrating himself into this strange world, it would be Jiang Xiao’s top priority to plan his life and find his true ambition.

A profession like a doctor is indeed noble and beneficial to society, but wouldn’t that be a little too proper?

Since he had accidentally entered this strange world, he felt the need to embark on a mystical journey to make the most out of his transmigration.


Otherwise, it would be letting Han Jiangxue’s slap go in vain.

Star Power, Star Technique, Star Pet and the dimensional world described on the internet were all waiting for Jiang Xiao to explore.

There was also an internal Star Map in this body. If Jiang Xiao were to really opt for a regular occupation, it would be a complete waste of heavenly resources.

Han Jiangxue looked at Jiang Xiao who was remaining still and silent, feeling slightly surprised. Usually, her younger brother would have already shown his true colors and clamored about not wanting to be a doctor. He would have insisted on being unemployed and going out to roam the world and have fun instead…

Yet, Jiang Xiao was astonishingly quiet at this moment.

Perhaps, it’s because he has just obtained a Star Technique and has yet to process it, she thought.

Han Jiangxue got up and walked towards Jiang Xiao before stretching her hand out. However, she paused with her hand in mid-air.

She retracted her fair and slender arm in the end and said, “Don’t brag about this to everyone or film those nonsensical videos. Be obedient and focus on cultivating, practicing your Star Technique and absorbing Star Power.”

Han Jiangxue then walked towards the kitchen.


A 1.72-meter tall boy who was rather skinny and frail-looking suddenly showed up at the entrance of the kitchen and obstructed Han Jiangxue from proceeding.

Dumbfounded, Han Jiangxue looked into Jiang Xiao’s gloomy eyes to see that he had started to speak.

However, his voice seemed to be coming from behind.

“I did just Awaken, but I know that the Awakened are also classified into different categories. Those who have acquired low-quality Medical Star Techniques will have a higher success rate when absorbing other high-quality medical Star Techniques,” Jiang Xiao continued.

“Those awakened through violent output would very likely have no chance at obtaining a Medical Star Technique, regardless of how talented and high their qualifications are, or how many star slots they have.”

Han Jiangxue’s eyes widened slightly and she looked down at Jiang Xiao who was right in front of her. She slowly turned around and looked at Jiang Xiao who was sitting on the dining chair behind her.

An illusion!?!

White Ghoul Witch’s second Star Technique is Decoy!?!

Han Jiangxue looked down at Jiang Xiao in shock and thought, Two techniques in one star!?!

Such a phenomenon has occurred in human history, but such a lucky Awakened is really rare!

“You’re afraid I’ll become too popular.” Jiang Xiao turned around and looked at Han Jiangxue who remained silent. He analyzed. “You know my qualifications are not high and I have pathetically few star slots, yet I’m a Medical Awakened.

“You know that with such a shortage of Medical Awakened, I’d still be recruited into some institutions and agencies to participate in relatively dangerous tasks even if I may be incompetent.”

Han Jiangxue leaned forward and said sternly, “Only one of the stars in your Star Map has been lit up, so don’t use your second technique in front of outsiders.”

“No problem.” Jiang Xiao nodded decisively.

“No problem?” Han Jiangxue raised her eyebrows in surprise. She thought that her brother would be more self-righteous and lawless, given his character. Yet, he was still as obedient as usual.

“I have a condition, too,” Jiang Xiao said abruptly.

“Condition?” Han Jiangxue nodded and thought, No wonder he was so obedient, it turns out he has a request. “Speak.”

“I will work hard.” Jiang Xiao looked up at Han Jiangxue and continued, “When you go to the snowfield again, bring me.”

Noticing the solemn expression on Jiang Xiao’s face, Han Jiangxue responded with a straight face, “Why should I promise you that?”

Jiang Xiao shrugged and said, “In return, I can give you a few Blessings.”

Han Jiangxue hurriedly refuted. “No, you don’t have to…”