Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 50 chapters


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Jiang Xiao hummed a tune as he washed the dishes in the kitchen, clearly in a good mood.

Although the body that Jiang Xiao was in belonged to her younger brother, Jiang Xiao was still an adult, after all.

After Jiang Xiao merged his memories, he felt more distressed and sympathetic towards Han Jiangxue who was a strong girl. Deep down, he had long taken Han Jiangxue as his younger sister. He decided that he would help her out and do more household chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and taking out the garbage.

He would do his best to take care of this strong and independent girl as much as possible. He found her to be rather pitiful, for her parents had never returned ever since they left to embark on a mission.

Not only did she lose her parents’ support, to make matters worse, she even had to look after an ignorant and insensible brat like Jiang Xiaopi.

Han Jiangxue, who was already helpless, had to become someone else’s pillar of support. Indeed, nothing was predictable in this world.

Not only did she have to go to school, cultivate Star Power, and participate in a variety of school activities, but she still had to take care of Jiang Xiaopi when she went home. Fortunately, she was a young and energetic girl. If she were a middle-aged or elderly person, she would have probably been mentally and physically exhausted.

Of course, their parents were also one of the important reasons the family could sustain themselves. Their father Han Cheng and mother Jiang Hongye were both Awakened, though Jiang Xiao had no idea what their levels were.

Although the two of them had left, they had also left a lot of money for the family. Of course, Han Jiangxue was holding the pursestrings. Although Jiang Xiao didn’t know how much money was left, the fact that he still had braised pork for lunch meant that they could still make ends meet.

However, no amount of wealth would last forever.

As an adult, Jiang Xiao knew that he had a responsibility to do his part for the family too. After all, it was a man’s obligation to contribute.

Since Jiang Xiao was able-bodied, making money would never be a problem for him so long as he set his mind to it and was mentally sound. Only those who were greedy yet lazy would find it difficult to make money.

He could become a waiter, a food delivery man, or a gas station attendant. To put it nicely, he would be gaining more experience in life while generating some income.

However, now that he had acquired his Star Technique, there was a higher possibility that he could operate it and take up other jobs.

Jiang Xiao felt that he could go camp outside the hospital and treat patients with minor external injuries.

What? Did you accidentally cut your hand with a table knife?

Do you need some medicated cream? Or stitches? Do you need to bandage your wounds? Need time to heal?

Come to me, you don’t need anything else except what I’ll give you. It works on the spot!

Are you asking how I’m going to treat you?

No, I won’t be giving you any treatment.

I’ll be giving you a Blessing!

Brother, did you twist and sprain your ankle while playing basketball? Does it hurt? Is it swollen? Is it difficult to move?

Want to get rid of the pain? I’ll help you!

Are you asking how I can help you to reduce the swelling and pain?

Hah, I’ll give you a Blessing!

In that case, he would be able to train and practice his Star Technique while mastering its limits and efficacies. He could also learn about what effects the Star Technique would have on actual injuries.

While he was squatting, Jiang Xiao could also think and try to figure out the Basic Technique Star Power Abundance when there were no patients around.

Killing two birds with one stone.

He came to a decision merrily and set a small goal for himself. At least, he wanted to stop being a burden to the family. Since he was already so old, he felt that it would be too embarrassing to ask Han Jiangxue for pocket money.

Hey, what happened to exploring the vast world? Why did I still end up choosing to go to the hospital…

The door of Han Jiangxue’s room opened suddenly and she walked out in a white dress that matched her aloof and delicate face. She looked just like a fairy as she strutted out.

Passing by the kitchen, Han Jiangxue heard some jingling sounds coming from inside. Clearly, Jiang Xiao was doing the dishes.

Under normal circumstances, Han Jiangxue would have just ignored Jiang Xiao and left home to go about her daily life.

However, her brother, whom she had slapped, seemed to be particularly well-behaved today. Although he was still as mischievous as ever, he would only crack a few harmless jokes. He was no longer willful or foolish. In fact, he had even packed the house and was now cleaning the kitchen.

Han Jiangxue was impressed with his behavior. On one hand, she felt that her younger brother had really grown up. On the other hand… she felt that she should have slapped him long ago.

Sensing that her younger brother had suddenly matured, Han Jiangxue stopped at the kitchen door and got ready to tell him about her plans to travel.

“Jiang…” As soon as Han Jiangxue spoke, she paused because she began to hear him sing, amidst the sounds of the dishes being washed.

Jiang Xiao was humming a tune enthusiastically.

“There are 365 sunrises a year, I’ll send you 365 blessings…”

Han Jiangxue froze in shock and began to get a little flustered.

Three seconds later, she turned around and walked out of the house in her low-heeled white sandals without looking back.


“Huh?” Jiang Xiao heard the sound of the door being slammed shut while standing in the kitchen. He put the washed crockery down and wiped his hands with a piece of tissue before exiting.

“Han Jiangxue?” Jiang Xiao yelled in bewilderment.

However, there was no response.

“Han Jiangxue?” Jiang Xiao shouted twice and looked around, but realized that there was no one in sight.

“This lass didn’t even bother informing me that she was going out,” Jiang Xiao said helplessly. “No, I have to set rules in the future. It’s fine to go out in the afternoon, but she must report to me when she goes out at night.”

Despite saying such mature words in a puerile tone, Jiang Xiao did not find it strange at all. He picked up the wet tissue that he had just wiped his hands with, placed it in front of his nose, and blew hard into it.

Wait a minute.

Can I speed up the treatment for a cold?

Jiang Xiao stood rooted to the ground and began channeling his pathetic Star Power, after which he pressed his right hand on his head and a white light engulfed him!

Jiang Xiao’s expression changed because… it was indeed a little comfortable.

Soaking in the white light, Jiang Xiao felt warm all over as his limbs turned sluggish and the tension in his muscles was greatly relieved. A magical wave of vitality was infused into his body.

He felt like he was standing under the sun in March and enjoying the warm breeze.

It also felt like he was basking under the warm sun at the start of the cool Autumn, enjoying the beauty of life.

Jiang Xiao could not help but humph like a satiated pig. “Ah~”

Finally, Jiang Xiao has taken action on me!

On the other hand, Han Jiangxue had already walked out of the elevator. They lived on the seventh floor, on which there were two houses.

The door of Unit 702 was also an anti-theft one and it was obviously occupied since there was a small carpet at the door. However, the owner seemed elusive, because the siblings had never seen him or her before.

Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiao had always lived in the house left for them by their parents. It was an estate with a pleasant environment. Although it was not considered luxurious, it was at least full of lush greenery and was peaceful.

The fairy-like Han Jiangxue trod along the path aloofly and faced the bombardment by the elderly men and women seated in the pavilion. However, she did not succumb to a matchmaking session in the end. After a long and arduous journey, she finally made it out of the estate.

“Tell them that you’re only 18 years old and you haven’t graduated from high school yet!” A short-haired girl with a pretty face and a sexy figure exclaimed while seated in the driver’s seat of a jeep. She wore a white short-sleeved shirt and denim shorts which accentuated her beautiful figure.

The Jeep’s door was swung wide open, and the short-haired girl’s legs overlapped, hanging on the car window. She was staring at the embarrassed Han Jiangxue nonchalantly and teasing her.

Han Jiangxue shot the short-haired girl a cold glance but did not respond.

Tell them that I haven’t graduated from high school? I’m only 18 years old? Is it useful? Those elderly people said that when they were 18, their children were already born…

“Well, Xuexue is angry, so cute.” The short-haired girl retracted her long legs and placed them on the ground. She grabbed a handful of her short, maroon hair and stood up before hugging Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue tried to push the girl away in annoyance but was too weak. In the end, she had no choice but to let the short-haired girl hug her.

“Why did you ask to see me?” asked Han Jiangxue, who shunned as far back as possible, feeling pampered.

“To have some fun. It’s the holidays, why do you stay at home every day? If I don’t bring you out on an adventure, you won’t even be out of the house.” The short-haired girl took Han Jiangxue’s arm and pushed her into the car.