Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of 50 chapters

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Half an hour later, Jiang Xiao sat in a corner of the training room, his face swollen and bruised.

Jiang Xiao looked at the energetic and suave girl punching the speed bag vigorously, feeling a little helpless.

A true Awakened is indeed more physically fit than ordinary humans.

“Delete your Weibo account,” Han Jiangxue said while punching the speed bag. She was wearing fingerless gloves and was dripping with sweat, though she looked rather tall, slender and athletic.

“The first line or the second?” Jiang Xiao asked as he rubbed his bruised face with his right hand that was emitting a white ray of light.

Han Jiangxue paused and turned to look at Jiang Xiao. She shot him a cold glance and asked rhetorically, “What do you think?”

Jiang Xiao shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who knows?”

Han Jiangxue felt the veins on her head bulging and she glowered at Jiang Xiao. “Seems like you’ve gotten enough rest.”

“Wait a moment.” Jiang Xiao hurriedly extended his hands in a bid to stop her. “Everyone learns from the basics, how can you make me start sparring immediately?”

“Well, that’s true.” Unexpectedly, Han Jiangxue nodded and said, “I’ve done enough of boxing, so let’s practice from the basics.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Jiang Xiao tried his best to hold himself back from losing his temper and continuously told himself that two hours would pass quickly. When Jiang Xiao opened his internal Star Map, he felt less disgruntled because he saw that his unarmed combat skills had risen to Level 2.

After the lesson, Jiang Xiao took a refreshing bath and looked at his bruised and swollen face in the mirror, feeling a little emotional all of a sudden.

He thought, What a handsome face with stunning features. Yet, it’s all swollen and bruised.

Jiang Xiao stroked his head with his hands that were emitting a white glow to give himself another Blessing.

The level of his Star Technique Blessing was rather low, and although it could make others feel comfortable, the therapeutic effects were not impressive and the depletion of Star Power was rather low too.

Of course, with Jiang Xiao’s pathetic Stardust Stage Star Power, even Blessing, which was of the lowest-level, could not be used 10 times in a row within a short period of time.

Nine consecutive uses seemed to be the limit.

Looking at the “handsome” guy with a swollen nose and a bruised face in the mirror, Jiang Xiao opened his Star Map again.

Character: Jiang Xiao.

1) Star Map:

Big Dipper, Stardust Stage Level 2

2) Star Technique:

1. Blessing, Brass Quality Level 1

2. Decoy, Brass Quality Level 1

3) Basic Technique:

1. Unarmed Combat, Brass Quality Level 2

2. Star Power Abundance, Brass Quality Level 1

4) Skill Points: 1

But then again, How are skill points even obtained?

While feeling doubtful, Jiang Xiao also felt a sense of accomplishment, for his Unarmed Combat level had finally risen by one level.

In the last two hours, Han Jiangxue briefly explained the combat characteristics of punching techniques, kicking styles, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and fight stances. Although she had yet to conduct in-depth teaching and training, Jiang Xiao’s Unarmed Combat skills still did improve.

From an objective viewpoint, Jiang Xiao felt that it was the result of his hard work and attentive learning.

It seems that basic skills can be effectively improved through learning and training.

Jiang Xiao was overjoyed to find out about that.

After all, he still didn’t know how to obtain skill points.

Jiang Xiao returned to his room and worked hard to condense his Star Power in order to apply his Star Technique Blessing to heal his wounds. Although the bruises on his body were continuously recovering, he became more and more exhausted. Eventually, he fell onto his bed and dozed off.

At noon, Han Jiangxue, who had already cooked, kicked the door of Jiang Xiao’s room.


Jiang Xiao, who was sound asleep, did not respond at all.

Han Jiangxue was quick to react and the moment she opened the door, she was greeted with the sight of Jiang Xiao laying on the bed in fatigue. She hurriedly leaned forward, stretched out her arm, and grabbed the doorknob.

Managing to stop the door from slamming against the wall in the nick of time.

Han Jiangxue looked down at Jiang Xiao who was sleeping, and her icy cold expression slowly became warmer. For once, he’s sleeping at home and not out to party, she thought.

Thinking that he had finally become sensible, Han Jiangxue turned around to look at the training room, which was also her parents’ bedroom. It was as if she could see the wedding photo through the wall.

After a long silence, Han Jiangxue gently closed the door and turned around to go back to her own room.

Since Jiang Xiao wasn’t going to eat, she didn’t have much of an appetite.

The condensation and cultivation of Star Power can indeed boost one’s energy, but mental fatigue can only be alleviated more effectively through proper sleep, allowing the brain to fully rest.

Although Han Jiangxue looked aloof and standoffish, she was in essence, a modern person, just like other girls of her age. Before taking a nap, she played with her mobile phone for a while and read the news about Jiangbin City.

The major news of the past few days seemed to be revolving around the appearance of energy waves at midnight, in the Northern suburb of Jiangbin City. Since the area had already been cordoned off, a dimension portal should have been opened at that spot.

Han Jiangxue looked at Weibo for a while and posted a status after giving it some thought and making up her mind to document her life.


“He’s finally changed a little. I’m really glad. August 21, 2015.”

The Weibo post sounded rather frightening.

Han Jiangxue pondered for a while and clicked on the account that she had been following—Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not.

There was still only one Weibo post.

Feeling really lonely on this boring night. I really want to go out for a while. I’ll bear with it for ten more minutes. If I can’t tolerate it…

PS: It’s the first day of me having a crush on Little Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue read the content under “PS” over and over again and her face grew increasingly sullen, though her expressions changed continuously. It was unclear if she was happy or furious.

He actually has the audacity to fancy me?

Why does he fancy me now?

How dare you call me Little Jiangxue?


Huh? There’s a new reply?

Han Jiangxue opened her notifications to see that there was a series of replies to the Weibo post that she had just posted.

Hong Yan: Who is he?

Hong Yan: What happened?

Hong Yan: Why are you happy?

Hong Yan: You don’t love me anymore.

Hong Yan: Do you have an affair?

Hong Yan: Did I change or have you left?

Hong Yan: Hah, Woman, you’re really heartless.

Han Jiangxue looked at the series of replies with a look of disdain and said, “Scram.”

Hong Yan: “Who is he?”

Han Jiangxue simply tossed her mobile phone aside. After giving it some thought, she picked it up again. Behind her aloof facade laid a little devil which would appear only when she was facing special people.

Hence, Han Jiangxue intentionally posted another post.


It’s the first day of me having a crush on him.

Hong Yan: Are you out to spite me!?! Damn it!

Hong Yan: Are you doing it on purpose?

Hong Yan: Answer the phone!

Hong Yan: Reply me! Answer the phone! Hang up again and I’ll get angry!

Running-Pork-Belly: Streaming this life! It’s a huge break-up scene. Senior, I love you!

Hong Yan: You! Answer! The! Phone!

All-the-pigs-in-the-world: Popping some popcorn while seated in the front row. Yay!

Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not: @Hong Yan She has fallen asleep.

Han Jiangxue suddenly stopped as if she had seen something strange.

Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not!?!

This kid pretended to sleep!?!

Han Jiangxue immediately sprung up.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao was staring at the reply that was displayed on his mobile phone screen. Hong Yan actually directly responded to my comment?

Hong Yan: Oh, so it’s your younger brother. Are you two teasing me? You gave Sis a great shock.


Is Hong Yan a girl?

Ah… interesting…

At the same time, the door was kicked open with a bang and Han Jiangxue yelled in exasperation, “Jiang Xiaopi!”