Chapter 12 Tonkatsu Curry Rice

Chapter 12 of 100 chapters

Jin visited Lele Diner Cafe again for breakfast and started his work. This time, he did not take up the discount as suggested by Si Fang since Jin did not wish to owe Boss Si too much.

There were no customers in the morning so Jin went to the small park beside his shop to practice his Lazy Panda Swipe move. Like the move suggested, the attack looked seemingly lazy but it requires careful coordination of the muscles as the strength that pulsed through it was immense.

"Yun, since I managed to change my cultivation type to Panda, is it possible to unlock a part of the rewards? If not, the shop may seem a little empty." Jin asked.

"Sure, I will unlock the Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet) Curry Rice for you first, that way you do not always have to eat those rubbish Wacdonalds meals too." Yun contemplated a little before she answered Jin.

"Awesome, do I really have to learn how to cook? I do not exactly have a kitchen...just a bar counter." Jin questioned when the panda with the gift box appeared in his phone again.

"Not really, your main objective is to be a dungeon supplier. If you were aiming to be a chef, the System would have forced you to do everything from scratch. However, it does not hurt to learn some cooking!" Yun was a little angry with her tone.

"Gee, I am sorry Yun." Jin wiped his sweat away after practising his new move. Yun began to sound more like a mother to him.

"Hmph, you better be. Anyways, take a look at the bar counter and you will know where to get your food for your customers." Yun opened the store layout app for him and it automatically zoomed into the bar counter blueprint.

Jin went back into the shop and checked the bar counter. When he opened the allocated cabinet, he saw a series of piping hot pork cutlets in an oven looking compartment. In the other cabinet, there was a ladle and a pot of nice smelling curry waiting to be scooped out.

"Wow, this bar counter is magical too? Won't the customers be suspicious since this bar is at the centre of the shop?"

"You do not have to worry that much, as the bar counter is designed to hide its presence. Besides, most of your customers will be concentrating more on the instances." Yun made Jin speechless but he continued his tour around bar counter items found out where to obtain the plates, glasses and how to use the rice cooker and dishwasher.


"Quickly, let's get Kong Xian and head to Boss Jin's shop!" Bu Dong quickly packed his belongings and hurried Yue Han the moment class ended. "Even if you hurry, Yue Wen will not be there until 1.30 pm!" Yue Han shook his head a little at Bu Dong's hastiness.

"It's fine, we can discuss tactics a little when we reach there." Bu Dong argued back.

"This is the first time I've seen you so pumped up. At least get lunch or something." Yue Han suggested to Bu Dong while they waited for Kong Xian at the school's bus stop.

"Didn't Boss Jin say that he will be selling food items as well? Why don't we go there to eat instead? At worst, we can eat at Lele Diner Café." Bu Dong proposed the idea.

"Hey guys, I brought my full kendo armour as requested. It is a pain to move things around though." Kong Xian arrived at the bus stop with his bag and a duffel bag full of equipment.

"Hi Kong Xian and thanks, I will hold that for you." Bu Dong held onto Kong Xian's duffel bag and it immediately transferred into Bu Dong's storage ring.

"You sure this dungeon supplier's monsters were that hard that I even need to bring my official duelling equipment?" Kong Xian was a member of the school's Kendo club and even represented the school's team in tournaments.

"You will understand when you fight, let's go! The bus is here." Bu Dong knew it would be difficult to explain unless Kong Xian saw it for himself.


It was noon and Jin was about to prepare the tonkatsu curry rice for himself when a lady came in. "Is this the dungeon supplier store? Erm Boss Jin?"

"Yes, I am Jin. How can I help you? Do you wish to enter a dungeon?"

The short hair lady was dressed in her black sports attire and wore a thin layer jacket to cover her sports tank top. She went nearer to the bar counter to look at the cleanly laminated menu. "So what Yue Han said was true. This place is clearly a ripoff."

Jin did not even bother to correct her but before he could say anything, she interrupted him once more. "One Goblin Dungeon Instance please."

Jin blinked but showed her to the cashier port. "That will be 245 Yuan. Mode of payment?"

"E-wallet." the lady smiled gently towards Jin. When the payment was done, she saw the new credits in her wallet. "Panda Credits?"

"You can use this to buy food at the bar counter or refreshments on the second floor. There are some items still pending shipping so please bear with me a little. Also, here is your dog tag." Jin passed the customised dog tag to her and the food menu.

"So that means I cannot buy food with real cash but only with Panda Credits?" The lady asked as she sat down and look at the menu.

"Yes, the food here is meant for the cultivators who participates in the dungeon instances. This is not an eatery. I believe some dungeon suppliers out there are doing the exact same model too."

"Ahh, I did not know that. I will get probably the only thing you have on your Menu." the lady giggled again.

"Coming right up, please place your phone at the credit port in front of you." Jin poured a glass of spring water introduced by the System and placed it in front of her. The lady did what Jin told her and the Panda Credits went down to 45 credits.

"Assuming, one credit is worth 1 Yuan, your curry rice cost 200 Yuan!" the lady was a little stunned when she looked at her phone.

"Miss...your Tonkatsu Curry Rice is here." Jin ignored her words and passed her the curry rice.

"Oh Sis, you are here early!" Yue Han shouted a little outside of Jin's store but Yue Wen was a little preoccupied with the curry rice especially when the aroma of the curry was thick.

"That's rather fast, I assume it is pre made kind of curry ri-" The first bite made her stop talking.

"Woah, Boss Jin, you serving curry rice? I want one!" Bu Dong saw Yue Wen chomping down on her tonkatsu curry rice.

"Boss Jin, this curry rice is the best I have ever eaten!! Even the cup of water tastes so good!" Yue Wen gave a wide smile. Jin quietly asked Yun what was in the curry rice. "Ehh, the usual. The boar is from the family species of the six legged boars, the curry is a mix of spices obtained from top quality farms etc." Yun did not bother to say so much, Jin was not aiming to become a chef anyways.

"Bu Dong, you know the drill." Yue Han ordered one Goblin Dungeon Instance and the rest followed. Bu Dong then transferred money to the rest as a promise to treat them for this dungeon instance.

"Thanks, rich guy." the three others nearly said it simultaneously which made Bu Dong rolled his eyes a little. He and the rest then ordered the same as Yue Wen and started to discuss their strategy for the upcoming dungeon instance.

Meanwhile, their plates were shamelessly licked clean, not a single drop of curry was left. Even Yue Wen cleaned her plate of curry but was more conscious of her actions than the high school boys. "Perhaps it was a mistake to sell food..." Jin quietly thought.