Chapter 14 Boss Monster!

Chapter 14 of 100 chapters

Upon hearing the comment, the crowd's mood suddenly turned silent. What Jin implied was true. Ever since the strict laws set upon cultivators, most people cultivated for the simple benefits like being less fatigued. They did not cultivate because they wanted to be the best but it was just beneficial for them.

"If you want to cultivate, why would you bother cultivating half ass?" Boss Jin stung them hard with the truth. "Do not give me the crap that I have a job and therefore I cannot cultivate much. Back then, people cultivated while ploughing horse crap all day."

Boss Jin then walked away and thought that he gave them some food for thought. "That speech is like horse crap too." Yun said while giving a (-_-') emoji on his phone.

"Eh? I thought I did okay." Jin suddenly became embarrassed and hid near his Panda Port.

"Well, no use crying over spilt milk. While what you said is somewhat true and also irrelevant at the same time, let's hope the performance of the four young cultivators motivates them." Yun sighed in his head.

The crowd suddenly went wild again shortly after and Jin used his Panda Port to observe Station's 1 progress. As compared to Bu Dong's previous performance, Jin was impressed that Bu Dong learnt from his mistake and became warier by not underestimating the goblins.

Yue Wen poked the dead armless dagger goblin a few more times with her sword cane to make sure it was dead after Kong Xian did a heavy cleave that destroyed both the dagger goblin's weapons and his hands. While Bu Dong was blocking the spear goblin's attacks, Yue Han used his Blind Bat Style to do a swift slash towards the spear goblin despite his internal injuries.

This gave time for Kong Xian to pull Bu Dong out of range of the spear goblin and Yue Han retreated immediately. "Yue Wen senpai, try and heal Bu Dong! I will distract and defeat the spear goblin." Kong Xian instructed Yue Wen and charge towards the spear goblin.

"Heal me too Sis, I think I got poisoned by the dagger goblin." Yue Han started to pant heavily and his face became slightly pale.

The spear goblin looked at his left arm, the swift slash done by Yue Han was not deep but it was a little annoying. He could still handle it and it did not affect the spear's movement much. He took the blood from that wound and painted his face with it. Since he was the last one, he might as well go down in glory.

Kong Xian was used to one to one fights since he was in Kendo club. While official kendo tournaments forbid the use of cultivation, that did not stop unofficial matches during practice or even dungeon instances. He charged in a suitable stance that specifically dealt with pole weapons users.

Even the goblin himself went into a defensive stance, which made the crowd watching go crazy. The crowd's noise did not go unnoticed. More and more people near the shopping street started to query what was happening and the news of an insane dungeon began to spread like wildfire.

"I am not sure about this but the goblin seems more like a human than the goblin that we all are all familiar with!"

"I am thinking of rooting for the underdog as well. This goblin has guts!"

Jin smiled at the change of developments as he continued to watch from Panda Port. He initially wanted to master his cultivation move, the 'Lazy Panda Swipe' to at least intermediate level before he started hunting again. However, the urge to hunt became stronger.

If the crowd really became his customers, he needed to find monsters that are more difficult or at least a variety. The burning desire of cultivation started to burn furiously within him since he needed to obtain more power to become the number one dungeon supplier.

"Wow! That Kendo guy parried the spear at the very last moment and cut the goblin into two!" The crowd was cheering loudly for Kong Xian without him knowing.

Meanwhile, in the instance, Yue Wen was trying to close the arm wound for Bu Dong. She brought a sling bag filled with some essential medical supplies like bandages and some basic antidote concoction she learnt in university. When Yue Han told his sister about the goblins using poison, she came prepared.

Yue Wen subsequently used her own chi via her cultivation, Healing Maiden Technique to close the arm wound after she wrapped the wound nicely. She also told Yue Han to go into cultivation stance and try to slow the poison within him after he drank a bottle of poison antidote.

Kong Xian started to look at the surroundings and asked, "Shouldn't the instance stop by now?"

"I have no idea at all. Perhaps there are more goblins around? Mind staying on guard Kong Xian? Ah, Yue Wen senpai, could you please be gentler?" Bu Dong struggled a little when Yue Wen applied a little more pressure at the area.

"Hahaha, I cannot believe the champion of King's Monster is afraid of pain." Yue Wen applied a little more pressure cheekily. The mood around the dungeon instance livened a little but good things like peace do not last. A sense of heavy pressure appeared from nowhere.

"This pressure...It's a Grade 1 Peak!" Kong Xian struggled to move his sword into a defensive stance.

Heavy footsteps and a sound of an animal was approaching closer to their position. A voice of a female announcer issued a dungeon wide warning. Even the crowd was shocked by the change of developments.


"Yue Wen senpai, attend to Yue Han and get his poison out as soon as possible. My right arm can still work and I can now feel my left hand. Tend to me later!" Bu Dong and Kong Xian immediately took a fighting stance when the pressure wore off.

A boar with eight legs emerged from the forest and whenever it goes, the trees start to break in order to give way. The eight legged boar boss monster saw the two humans and stared at them.

"Holy shit! Now I understand why Boss Jin's instance is expensive!"

"Now I understand why you asked me to wear the Kendo armour." Kong Xian had cold sweat dripping.

"Well then, let's beat this pig down." Yue Han spoke with some panting as he used his sword as a support.

"Agreed, but have an adrenaline shot first Yue Han, else you will not have any strength." Yue Wen injected the syringe into Yue Han without asking for his permission.

"You are the healer...but why are you inflicting more pain upon me." Yue Han wanted to cry so badly.

"OINK!" The boar snorted in such a cute way that the mood of the party lightened up and the crowd outside nearly burst into laughter. "I think it meant to provoke us?" Kong Xian started his charge after he calmed down a little from that 'menacing growl' from the boss monster.

"Let's go!" Bu Dong pointed his sword towards the boar and followed behind Kong Xian. Yue Han and Yue Wen split out from the group, hoping to flank it from both sides.

"The show has just begun... I hope." Jin looked at his screen with much interest.