Chapter 15 Angry Ape Pronounces Its Superiority

Chapter 15 of 100 chapters

"Do not let the boar charge!" Kong Xian shouted and clashed with the boar head on before it could move. Bu Dong tag teamed with Kong Xian while exchanging blows with the boar so that it could not find the chance to retaliate.

Yue Wen went from the side to strike its flank with success but the attack was insignificant to make a difference. The multiple flesh wounds by the sword crane were not sufficient to attract the attention of the boar.

On the other hand, Yue Han decided to attack from its rear. He hoped to jump up the moment the boar was distracted by Kong Xian and Bu Dong. The two at the front of the boar realised Yue Han's intention so they took a step back and sprinted forward again for a joint attack. Yue Han took the chance to ambush the boar's rear.

However, the boar was smarter than they thought. It powered up its tusks and rushed forward to face the joint attack. The distance for Yue Han to cover immediately lengthened and he had no choice but to dash after the boar.

When Yue Han timed his leap the moment he got close, the boar suddenly let out an ominous amount of fart! The fart was strong enough to knockback Yue Han when he was in midair. Yue Han rolled around the ground to cover his eyes and nose as the fart smell stings and stinks.

"Oink Oink Oink hehe Oink!" The boar was laughing as it parried Kong Xian and Bu Dong with its tusks. ", I think I'm poisoned again." Yue Han coughed badly and held onto his throat as he crawled further away from the boar's surprise attack to gasp for air.

"At this rate, that guy with the Blind Bat Style will probably grow poison resistance." The crowd laughed at poor Yue Han's predicament. "Ahhh Choo!" Yue Han sneezed at Yue Wen as she brought him aside of the battlefield. She then concentrated to push the fart's poison out of his body with her chi. "You are really unlucky Yue Han."

Separately, the duo seemed to be at an impasse with the boar. "For just a Grade 1 Peak, this is a better training bag than my juniors." Kong Xian stepped back after clashing with the boar. "A training bag that can literally kill me!"

"But at this rate, we will run out of stamina. I am thinking of using my secret skill." Bu Dong breathed heavily from the intense exchange of blows.

"There are weapons lying around from the goblin fight, I will keep it busy!" Kong Xian roared and two tortoise silhouettes appeared above his head. "Towering Tortoise Style! Wide Armour Projection of the Tortoise!"

His Kendo armour glowed deep with greenish colour energy and he provoked the eight-legged boar to come towards him. Bu Dong ran to grab the spear from the dead goblin and started to concentrate his fighting stance.

"Is he doing what I think he is doing?!" One of the office workers in the crowd had his jaw wide open. The others that were familiar with Bu Dong's techniques started to comprehend the situation.

"That's the stance for one of his secret moves: the 'Angry Ape Pronounces Its Superiority!'. He used it when fighting in the semifinals of King's Monsters!" The crowd started to chat loudly and some struggled to catch a glimpse of it on the TV.

"What a long name for a technique." Jin thought to himself. "Maybe, that's why it is a secret technique, haha." Yun threw in her comments.

Bu Dong gathered his chi and concentrated it at the tip of the spear that he was holding with his right hand. His offhand sword was placed over his right shoulder for a follow up attack and perhaps Bu Dong thought that it looked cooler that way as well.

Apparently, the crowd did not deny that and started chanting for Bu Dong to kill the boar. "Bu Dong! Bu Dong! Bu Dong!"

"Are you done?!" Kong Xian handling the brunt of the assault from the boar was getting push back every second. If he faltered, he could be killed at any second.

"Now! Sword Art! Angry Ape Pronounces Its Superiority!" Two highly defined angry ape silhouettes emerged from Bu Dong and a burst of speed was released from his legs. Like an arrow being let loose from the bow, he bolted pass Kong Xian and the spear went straight into the boar's skull.

"I will not fail!!!!" Bu Dong screamed and he slashed his sword with his offhand. With the momentum of the raised sword, he decided to puncture his offhand weapon into the open wound.

Just he was about to do that, he felt a major change in his Dantian and suddenly a burst of power came from within him. He did not hesitate any further and struck the sword into the boar's skull. A massive amount of blood ruptured from skull wound and the pig gave a soft 'oinkk….'

The crowd went hysterical when they saw Bu Dong had not two angry apes but three appearing above him as he came down from the dead boar. "He turned into a Grade 3 cultivator while fighting the boar! This situation became so overbearing!" Everyone was extremely excited, even the party of four in the dungeon was surprised by the turn of events.

"Hmm, why didn't the boar activate its shedding of its body?" Jin was happy for Bu Dong but being unable to see the full potential of the boar, Jin could not help but feel bad for the boar.

"Bu Dong managed to do a critical hit, causing an instant death for the boar. Remember? Only when near death will the boar shed its body." Yun explained to Jin.

"Oh well, they did well though." Jin smiled.

"Bu Dong, that was amazing!" Kong Xian could not help but drop to the ground from fatigue.

"This battle is the best dungeon instance I have ever had." Yue Wen was amazed by the attack.

"I cannot say that for myself...but it sure was intensely stinky." Yue Han was a little annoyed he did not contribute much to the fight. All of them laughed.

A female announcer's voice echoed through the entire dungeon. "Congratulations on your dungeon clear. Instance is closing in 3, 2, 1." The party of four were teleported back to the shop and they were stunned when they saw themselves being surrounded by a lively crowd.

"Bu Dong! That attack was amazing!" Bu Dong was not the only one who received praise. Some were impressed by Kong Xian tackling the boss monster solely by himself. Others took this chance to talk to the sporty Yue Wen and praised her for her medical skills in the midst of battle. Yue Han was not left out but obviously not for the right reasons. Thankfully, he was an easy going guy and laughed with the crowd.

What felt like a lifetime of adrenaline rush for the party of four, in actuality lasted for only ten minutes or so in real time and a little over 1 and a half hours in dungeon instance time.

"Bu Dong, Yue Han, Yue Wen, Kong Xian," Jin shouted their names and beckoned them to come to him.

"Yes, Boss Jin?" All four nearly said it at the same time. They had a lot of respect for this new dungeon supplier for giving them a thrill of a lifetime.

Jin pointed to a large board at the back of the store, near the stairs leading to the second floor. Bu Dong then realised that it was a score and rankings board.

"First to clear Goblin Dungeon Instance: Grade 3 Hong Bu Dong, Grade 2 Ma Yue Han, Grade 2 Ma Yue Wen and Grade 2 Heng Kong Xian." The names were embossed in silver at the top of the scoreboard under Goblin Dungeon Instance. The scoreboard also stated their timing 1 hour 39 minutes and 11 seconds and it was placed right under the 'First to Clear' section.

"Oh my god, this is the first time my name is on a scoreboard and the first to clear!" Yue Han could not believe his eyes, he thought there were still after effects from the poison.

"Boss Jin, will this be here forever?" Yue Wen was also excited, she did not expect to have such a glory to her name! The crowd started to whisper about it and talked to Jin.

"Boss, are you open later in the evening? I would like to try the dungeon instance!" One of the office workers initiated first.

"I should be open," Jin said so bluntly which made the crowd nearly staggered as a whole. Boss Jin seemed so shameless even when he should be the one bending his back over for customers.

"Hahaha, Boss I like your attitude. You got the guts to reprimand your customers and yet serve them such a good quality dungeon instance. I will come later and try it!"

"Me too! I will ask my friends to come later!" The crowd became friendlier to each other and started to exchange what kind of cultivation styles they practised with each other before they to went back to go work.

"Ahh, this is the shop I always wanted to open." Jin thought quietly.