Chapter 16 Pandamonium

Chapter 16 of 100 chapters

The party of four decided to rest for a while at the bar counter while most of the crowd dispersed since lunch hour was near its end. Jin offered them some of the thirst quenching spring water and they had never felt so great. Yue Wen kept asking what brand of water it was for it to taste that great.

"Bu Dong, what you said is true. I feel my cultivation stirring furiously in me." Yue Han sat cross legged upon saying it and so did Yue Wen and Kong Xian. "Yeah Boss Jin, how come there is spirit force that can stir our cultivation in the monsters? Are they really real life monsters?" Bu Dong asked bluntly.

Bu Dong was the only one that did not need to cultivate. He was feeling good with the increase of cultivation grade. He had been stuck in Grade 2 Peak for nearly eight months and he thought the only way to increase it was to go into the military service. Never had he thought that this new dungeon supplier's instance pushed him to the limits. Perhaps that was what he needed.

"Trade Secret." Jin did not say much.

"So Boss Jin any rewards for clearing the instance?" Bu Dong changed the topic, knowing he would not be able to get much by pestering Boss Jin. However, he got excited to know what he could get after he and the others managed to clear the dungeon.

"Give me a moment, let me check." Jin gave an excuse for Yun to immediately step into the picture and she quickly briefed Jin with regards to the rewards. Jin pretended to walk back to the Panda Port to buy some time for her explanation.

"While it is not necessary for you to do so, download this app here for a better utilisation of our store." Jin realised the lazy panda standee near the cashier port he created previously suddenly had a Quick Response (QR) code attached to it. Regardless, he pointed it to Bu Dong and Bu Dong took a look at it.

Bu Dong did not notice the lazy panda standee previously and found it cute too. He opened his QR code reader and his phone started to ask the permission for the app download. When he downloaded it, Bu Dong found out that the app was named 'Pandamonium'. Its app icon was portrayed by a panda peeping through from the corner of the icon.

He tapped on it and a loading screen with a group of panda lazily stacking on each other was shown. "Too cute, Boss Jin loves pandas way too much." Bu Dong saw a login screen prompting for a username only but no password. "Place your dog tag near your phone. The near field communications (NFC) chip in the dog tag will do everything for you." Jin instructed Bu Dong on it.

Bu Dong did as instructed and realised a profile was already set up for him. The app was quick and responsive as compared to other apps created by the dungeon suppliers who tried to get their feet wet in the app market. Even the major local dungeon supplier King's Monsters app was not as advanced as Jin's.

Within the app, Bu Dong realised the app interface was extremely clean and intuitive, making it easy for people to use. There was a personal stats tab, rewards tab, a panda chat tab which had a contact list to connect with the future cultivators visiting the store, an in-house currency tab, a score ranking tab and even the food menu tab.

When Bu Dong scrolled through the app, the tabs were easily identifiable by the different unique pandas. For example, the currency tab has a picture of a panda holding a large coin with a 'P' in it. The app even had a web store but it was currently not available for viewing. A notification stating "work in progress!" was shown when Bu Dong tried to tap on it.

"My items have not arrived yet, so it is not wise to open the web store." Jin gave an easily believable excuse. "You can check the rewards tab."

Bu Dong quickly scrolled back up to the rewards tab, which was portrayed by a panda inside the gift box with its head and paws hanging out of the box. He saw there was a mail notification in the rewards tab stating that he had been awarded 35 Bronze Panda Medals.

"Each dungeon instance gives 10 bronze medals. A first clear bonus varies between instances. For this dungeon instance, you received 25 bronze medals. Once the web store is up, you can exchange your medals with store items." Jin explained clearly.

At this point, the other three got up from their cultivation stance and Bu Dong introduced them to the app as well. All of them indeed received the same amount of 35 Bronze Panda Medals and they even started to exchange contacts within the Panda App.

Kong Xian got curious and decided to open the personal stats tab and was bewildered. There was a full analysis of his current ability by breaking it down to certain attributes. "Boss Jin, these personalised stats of mine are they true? How did you predict them?"

"Trade Secret. All I can say when you are in the dimensional space, the pandas behind the scenes worked especially hard to analyse your stats like Strength, Dexterity, Chi and Constitution into this table. Whatever you revealed in the dimensional space like your Armour Projection, the pandas will record it." Jin tried to poke fun with them a little since they were starting to get the hang of the pandas.

"Boss, are you sure those pandas are not skiving?" Yue Wen giggled at how immensely adorable these pandas pictures were in the app. Even the emoji in the Panda Chat was all well animated pandas making such expressions.

"We will be back soon. I promise, also I would like the HD video download again." Bu Dong took out his phone and automatically placed it at the credit port.

"You guys were in a party, there are four individual videos and a party video. Would you want your individual video or all of them?" Jin asked.

"I will take all five of them, keep it as a trophy and research. Can I pass them the links in the Panda Chat?" Bu Dong queried but before he had any explanation, he saw his phone gave a beep to indicate the total cost of 25 Yuan was deducted from his e-wallet. That Boss Jin did not skive when it came to collecting money!

"It has already been placed in your rewards tab and yes you can share it with them via Panda Chat," Jin replied. He waved goodbye to the party of four as he stretched his legs and body for a while.

"Remember to eat your meals! Do not neglect them! A boss that is sick for a day is a boss with no revenue for a day!" Yun reminded him.

"Ah yes, I just remembered I have not eaten after all the commotions."

"Isn't that what I said just now?" Yun got a little annoyed and gave Jin a Panda emoji with its tongue stuck out. Jin ignored Yun as he quickly helped himself with a plate of Tonkatsu curry rice and started to savour its taste. The store became quiet again.

But not for long.