Chapter 19 Instructors

Chapter 19 of 100 chapters

"Eh no Mr Wa, that picture is just a wallpaper on my phone. I just so happened to do some back stretches." Jin tried to make some excuses but it seems that Xiong Da knew they were lies. The truth, on the other hand, was still interpreted wrongly.

"Big Brother Boss, just call me Xiong Da. You do not have to hide from me, I fully understand how you feel." Xiong Da had his body fully reclined on the lounge chair. Jin felt that there was no use arguing with him and just accepted as it was. Anymore disagreement would further strengthen the thought of his idea.

Also, thank goodness, the chair was made by the System as Jin could not bear to see furniture break on the second day of his store's opening.

"Great chair by the way." Xiong Da was a little quiet and Jin decided to leave before things start to get complicated but he was one step too late.

"I have this girl that really likes me, but this love rival of mine stole her from me. He pummelled me in a duel and demanded that the girl belonged to him. She had no choice but to respect the rules of the duel and reluctantly left with him but also because he kept saying he had the money to pay for her parent's medical debt."

"But I have the ability to pay for her parent's debt too, She just kept denying me to do so! Why did she accept that guy's money?" Xiong Da started to cry loudly.

"At this day and age...people still duel for such consequential decisions? How old fashioned can they get?" Jin wondered.

"Technically, they can still invoke the rites of a duel to settle things in court, but only if both parties agree to it. It's just that most sensible people would not do such stupid things and instead let the law and evidence decide." Yun replied.

"Xiong Da, why did you even accept the rites of duelling if you knew you are going to lose badly? You could have peacefully settled it."

"He kept provoking me and said I was useless, and that I could not protect her. Besides, I wanted to act cool in front of my girl. If I cannot protect her, how can I call myself a man? I had to die trying... just that I did not die. I wish I could die now." Xiong Da started to wipe his drippy nose with his sweaty shirt.

Jin realised that this was a customer that he might be able to help. Provided, Xiong Da decided to still help himself after that insulting humiliation from his dungeon instance.

"You said you have the money right?" Jin questioned him.

"Yes! All I have is money. Useless things if I cannot get my girl." Xiong Da started to sulk.

"Rest up and wash, when you are ready to come down, we will discuss how to win that girl back." Jin started to walk towards the bathroom.

In the recovery area, there were two mixed gender bathrooms equipped with showering capabilities. Jin thought the bathroom space provided by the System was spacious until the likes of Xiong Da proved that the System was just being accommodative.

He reached out for a towel from the cupboard near the toilet and gave it to Xiong Da. "So fluffy! the towel is so fluffy!! It seems Boss Jin really prides himself with quality service for his customers." Xiong Da once again praised Boss Jin.

"As I said, get a shower. I assume you have some clothes in the luggage that you carried in just now right?" Jin questioned him once more and Xiong Da nodded.

Jin went down the stairs and saw no one was around the shop yet. He took Xiong Da's luggage and brought it up to the 2nd floor for him.

Xiong Da listened to Jin and placed his dog tag near the scanner to the bathroom to take a shower. To his surprise, the shower itself was unique. Instead of just one showerhead, he realised they were placed throughout the whole shower unit. The corners of the floors, the ceiling and the walls had mini shower heads. The moment he pressed the wash button, jets of high pressure water came from all side of the shower unit, similar to how a car goes through an automated car wash service.

At the soap dispenser unit, there were various types of soap available with panda pictures indicating which part of the panda you should wash. Shampoo, conditioner, face soap and body soap were all available. Xiong Da did not even need to press the dispenser as when he placed his hand at the soap dispenser unit, the shampoo was automatically dispensed for him.

The dispenser was also responsive enough for him to accumulate a large amount of soap. He thoroughly washed his entire body. He was thankful that the shower was spacious enough for him to move around in.

He turned around to press the wash button for the shower and the jets of high pressure water came out again. This time the shower heads even moved slightly and gave a massage-like feeling with the jetstreams of water. If he could openly confess, this was probably the first time Xiong Da felt he was very clean from a shower.

After he was done, there was even a blow-dry function in the shower unit that blew alternating lukewarm and cold air from the floor and ceiling which dried Xiong Da up in less than a minute. The towel given by Jin was more for his hair.

"For 245 Yuan, the food and shower alone is worth it." Xiong Da wore the new clothes he had taken from the luggage and went down the stairs to meet with Jin.

When Jin went back to the first floor, he immediately gobbled the remaining tonkatsu curry rice despite it being a little cold. He did not wish to waste any food.

"What features did you unlock Yun?" Jin talked as he had his mouth full of food.

"Firstly, one that might aid your current situation. Your bellators can now be used as instructors if your cultivators require help. In the olden days, only the famous high grade dungeon suppliers were able to produce such models in their dungeon instances and they were called scholars instead." Yun explained the new feature to him.

"Ah, I have heard of such instructors being provided by high end dungeon suppliers. However, I remember them as a programmed AI with a set of instructions for the users. They cannot be compared with bellators like Milk."

"Oh, do remember you can only use one bellator for each instance and they cannot be summoned concurrently in two dungeons."

"Well, I only have Milk with me." Jin finally finished his curry rice and placed the plate into the dishwasher.

"She costs 189 Yuan per instance run. Either you or the customers can buy new equipment for her but that cost needs to be taken up by you all."

"That's interesting, if Xiong Da employs Milk for the dungeon instance, he might have a chance of passing the dungeon in the long run."

"Also Jin, take note that the monsters will not attack the bellators. All the bellators will do is guide their students. They are able to weaken the monsters a little to help their students but they won't kill it for them. Hence, only support class bellators will be available for hire."

"Classes like archers, tanks, mages and healers can be used. Offensive bellators will not be shown for instructor selection."

At this moment, Xiong Da arrived downstairs. "I will explain the other features to you later. Good luck getting this customer's money. I await your success." Yun seemed to have a happier tone.

"Boss, I am here. What did you want to talk about?" Upon hearing Xiong Da arrive, Jin's eyes looked as if he saw a juicy meaty hippo served on a golden plate.