Chapter 23 Yun

Chapter 23 of 100 chapters

The whole store was bustling with such fervent energy as the crowd watched four simultaneous dungeon instance runs in the store. Not only were the TVs at each stations large enough for the crowd to share together, the new customers were also amazed by the magic eye technology employed by the store.

"Switch! Shi Zuo back up now!" Shi Zuo parried the spear goblin's attack upwards with his axe and sidestepped for Bin Yong. While its spear was high up in the air, Bin Yong placed his round buckler forward and slammed it towards the spear goblin body, causing him to stagger and fall to the ground.

With the goblin now stunned, three simultaneous arrows from Luo Bo flew into the goblin's body and Shi Zuo followed up with an axe cleave to the goblin's right arm. Blood continuously flow out from the goblin and Bin Yong took the chance to stab his sword into the goblin's heart.

The crowd cheered at Station 4 when the last goblin went down but the rest of the stations did not have such luck. Most of them were defeated by the sneak attacks of the dagger goblin. Jin stopped his shop operations and started to carry them to second floor for health monitoring.

Before he carried them to the second floor, Jin placed them at a couch near the stairs leading to the second floor. This way, the customers next in line could use the station without being hindered by the unconscious bodies in front of the TV. Some of the customers even offered help to assist Jin but he declined the offer and told them it's his job.

As Jin did not wish to waste time, he decided to carry two unconscious male customers at a time to the couch area and to do so, he used his cultivation technique to increase his strength. At this moment, most of the the crowd realised why the store was full of pandas.

"Boss! No wonder you have so many pandas stuff in the store. We figured you were a Panda user!" One of the customers pointed out the obvious.

During this occasion, Jin realised something extremely important. What about the female customers that were rendered unconscious? Even though there were CCTV cameras as proof, Jin may still be accused of molesting them or worse, **** by the unsuspecting crowd or even the female customers themselves just for carrying them to the second floor.

Even so, there were no chaperones to handle the second floor since the recovery area were used by both genders. If a male customer had malicious intent to do something underhanded to a fellow female cultivator that was unconscious, how could the shop handle such a scandal?

"Do not worry, Jin. I will handle it." Suddenly a very familiar voice came from within the crowd while Jin was handling the two unconscious customers. That familiar silky walnut brown hair came into view. That same devious smile and beautiful wide eyes.

That 173cm tall lady with a simple white silk office shirt with her sleeves folded up. That grey formal office skirt with a thin chocolate brown belt accessory that showed her curves and a nude colour stocking that went easily with the pair of black kitten heels. What she was wearing, cried out demure but her facial features were second to none.

The male customers dropped their jaws and stopped what they were doing just to appreciate the refined beauty of nature while the female ones were amazed by the perfect three dimensions of her body she was portraying.

The flawless beauty took the initiative to pick up the unconscious female customer with pure elegance and carried her effortlessly to the couch.

She winked at Jin as she continued to help Jin with the female counterparts. When the first floor was cleared of unconscious customers, she lied down on one of the available lounge chairs on the second floor to monitor the customers. Jin went back to operating the store and serving the customers.

"Boss Jin! You know that gorgeous lady that helped you?" One of the customers could not hold his curiosity and started to ask questions. The other customers surrounding him pretended not to be interested but they were actually listening intently into the conversation.

"Ehhh, she is someone I know and am close to." Boss Jin was dumbfounded as he did not know how to reply. Should he say that that was his mom but she actually died before and came back looking younger instead?

"Any idea if she's attached?" the other customer could not bring himself to not ask.

"Do not get any ideas, she's….married and very faithful." Not to mention she also gave birth to him and was still scolding Jin for not taking care of himself.

"Now, that is a challenge to partake!" One of the customers joked. All Jin could respond was with a bitter laughter with a tinge of hostility. "I dare you, you rascal." Jin quietly thought.

"Hahaha, to see my own son wanting to defend me. That's a first." Yun giggled and replied in his head.

"How can you exist here and there?" Jin took a look at the CCTV live footage on his Panda Port and he saw Yun still lounging leisurely on the comfortable reclining chair.

"Magic! Hehehe! The system took your thoughts into consideration and decided to gift me a body to help with the shop. We cannot let the store go bankrupt from lawsuits, accusations or even scandals even before it starts to earn proper money right?" Yun explained to him.

"Besides, if you hire an assistant, they might not possibly be able handle the magical stuff as calmly as you did." Yun stated.

"Blame it on the internet. Those light novels are the culprits that made me immune to these kind of surprises. However, ehh Yun." Jin stuttered a little.


"You are really beautiful." Jin thought and blushed a little. Thank goodness he was squatting down to get some curry from the magical cabinet so the customers did not see his expression.

"Awwww, do not fall in love with me okay? I have your father already. But I am starting to love you as my child too." If Jin could see the CCTV footage at the Panda Port, Yun was peacefully smiling while laying back on the chair.

"Thank you for the opportunity to reunite with my son, Dad." Yun thought quietly of Ming, Jin's grandfather.

Meanwhile, the crowd burst into roar at Station 4. "This could be the next group on the ranking board!" One of the Station 4's crowd shouted!

Bin Yong panted rapidly as he held up his buckler to hold off the tusk attack by the Eight Legged Boar. The lucky arrow shot to the eyes made the boar extremely furious but the trio was still holding on without any healing personnel.

Shi Zuo remembered he still had some quick healing sprays from previous dungeon suppliers they visited and passed everyone a few bottles before the battle started.

"Okay sorry for judging you brother. This battle is beyond my comprehension on how versatile the monsters can be that deadly and dangerous. But one thing is for sure, I actually like this a lot more than other dungeon suppliers." Bin Yong took another blow from the angry boar but he managed to sneak in a few sword slashes while activating his Bombardier Beetle Style.

"I told you! This could be our next regular hangout place! You have yet to try Boss Jin's food yet, the smell of the curry rice was incredible!" Shi Zuo dashed and did a leap attack with his axe using his Mad Monkey Style towards the boar's flank.

"Hey! I was the one who encouraged you to come with us! Stupid Bin Bin!" Luo Bo went for a good angle and released her arrows with her Illusive Rabbit Style.

Bin Yong could not give a reply to her immediately with his hidden feelings now vulnerable and in the open. However, that one moment of thought allowed the blind boar to hit his target properly and Bin Yong was knocked a few meters away.

"Shit, Luo Bo go help Bin Yong now! I will distract the boar for a while!" Shi Zuo let out a shout similar to how a Mad Monkey screamed and the Boar turned its head to face him.

Bin Yong was bleeding quite a lot at right shoulder and he saw Luo Bo panicking while rushing towards him. "Ah, I failed them again like that time." He placed his head down on the ground to breath as slow as in order to endure the pain.

Luo Bo came and she quickly knelt down, put down her bow and searched her sling bag for the quick healing spray. "Do not die on us now Bin Bin, you are not allowed to do so!" Luo Bo words were firm despite that innocent looking face Bin Yong was staring at.

"I will do my best." Bin Yong closed his eyes as Luo Bo started to use the healing spray.