Chapter 25 What a Cheat!- Part 1

Chapter 25 of 100 chapters

"Do you need my help with him?" Jin offered help to the trio to bring Bin Yong to the second floor for health monitoring.

"Thank you Boss for the offer, but we should be able to manage." Luo Bo struggled to smile a little but in other people's eyes, it was quite a natural smile. Shi Zuo and Luo Bo together slowly brought Bin Yong up the second floor.

"Boss Jin! Don't you dare try to run away!" one of the customers teased him.

"Yea Boss! Show us how you defeat them!" The crowd's chatter got noisy and some even started to chant Boss Jin's name. From the view of Tiangong Shopping District, it felt like there was a major party going on at the end of the shopping street.

People that were strolling around, doing some window shopping eventually started to become curious about the no name traditional shophouse being so crowded and lively while the rest of the shopping street was dead quiet.

Even Shen Si Fang, the owner of Lele Diner Cafe, pretended to clean the premises outside his store to check out at the high level of noise at the end of the shopping street. He was happy that the new store owner Jin already had quite a crowd even at the starting week of his store.

"Perhaps, those are his friends celebrating with him, the place will probably get quiet again after a week or two." Si Fang could not help but felt a little jealous. He used to have quite a decent amount of business until the Tiangong Shopping District was defiled by the Pachinko scandal.

"Come on Boss! Do not say I go back on my word." Man Zhuang who previously offered to pay for Boss Jin's instance came forward to the Panda Port and placed his phone down. "Thank you for your business." Jin did not back down at all.

"Wow, Boss is quite magnanimous, I was not expecting you to give me Panda Credits as well." Man Zhuang smiled at the sudden influx of Panda Credits. He could now afford to buy more drinks or even some curry rice. He thought to himself what a hit it could be if the curry rice or the drinks can be sold without purchasing the dungeon instance tickets. Perhaps it was the restriction that made it desirable.

As Jin walked out from behind the bar counter, the crowd from all stations started to peek at Station 4. Jin decided to use the dimensional space at Station 4 since it was emptied by the trio who recently passed the dungeon.

Jin did a few oblique side stretches to loosen his body and arms a little before he placed his phone near the TV and got teleported. Some were already amazed by the technology employed by the store and Jin's act of using his phone got even more hype.

"I thought he needs to use dog tags to go in?"

"Perhaps, he has a dog tag attached to his phone?" The customer replied to the person beside him.

"No, I think it's the same NFC technology he used in the dog tags. I believe he was thinking for the customers, hoping not to clutter our phones with customised apps unlike those new hippie stores." Man Zhuang, who was more tech savvy, theorised.

"But Boss Jin has a customised app for this store too! Take a look!" One of the customers opened the Pandamonium app to show it to the Man Zhuang.

"Ah, so that means there is a possibility that Boss Jin is actually giving us the option to use dog tags if we plan to just 'try out' his store. If we actually like the store and hope to patronise it more, the app will be a more convenient option rather than the dog tag." Man Zhuang concluded as he immediately downloaded and tried out the app himself.

"Woah, it is actually quite well designed! So clean, and the app features respond quickly too! It even allows you to connect to the store's secured Wifi without any prompt." He was unable to stomach this properly. As one of the department heads for the telecommunications giant in China, Huawee, Man Zhuang could not believe that the technology employed in this little store was as sophisticated as theirs, or perhaps even better.

"Okay tech guy, let's take a look at Boss Jin's performance! You can rant to us about how great Boss Jin is later or maybe mock him for boasting too much." The crowd started to laugh a little at the customer's remark towards Man Zhuang.

Jin was teleported safely into the dimension space and the quiet sparse wood environment was a refreshing change from the lively atmosphere he had in the shop. Not that he despised the lively atmosphere, it was just that the change was pleasant.

Jin stood there while still scrolling through his phone. He was checking on the monsters' stats and hoped that the goblins had grown a little after all those fights.

"The dagger goblin and spear goblin are eligible for a Grade 2 promotion" Yun said.

"How do they get promotion? By me fighting them? Doing some side quests for them? Obtain certain rare crystals to grow them?" Jin tried to think of possible ways to deal with the Grade 2 promotion.

"Haha, it is actually simpler than that. You just upgrade them on your phone, there's an upgrade icon at the bottom of their stats if you scroll all the way down. Their equipment will also change for the better although if you upgrade them now, they might prove a little challenging to you as compared to them being in Grade 1 at the moment."

"Perhaps, I will do that tomorrow, why spoil such a wonderful show in the making?" Jin smiled.

"Shrewd businessman, you have what it takes to be one." Yun replied.

"It's a pity I cannot upgrade the sword goblin though." Jin was looking at the sword goblin's attributes.

"Most cultivators are sword users, they have been training against opponents using the sword for the longest time. Hence, the sword goblin being at Grade 1 proved to be just another inferior opponent. As compared to the dagger and spear goblin, which most modern cultivators do not have a chance to fight and practice against, those two goblins were able to have a slight advantage against them." Yun explained the rationale behind the sword goblin's lack of promotion.

"However, this does not mean that the sword goblin is not learning. Being exposed to many fighting arts, the sword goblin itself is starting to be able to defend and strike more precisely than before."

When Yun finished talking, Jin could sense the three goblins approaching.

"What is Boss Jin doing on his phone? Should he not be aware of those goblins or is he that confident of winning?"

"We shall see." Man Zhuang spoke.

"My minions, do not hesitate to attack me like how you would attack my customers. Of course be a little more dramatic in dying since we are putting on a show for them." Jin placed his phone in his pocket and started to look around.

He remembered what Yun told him about the monsters. They were all loyal to him no matter what due to the System's influence. The goblins nodded their head slightly to prove their loyalty but to the audience that was watching, it felt like the goblins were communicating with among each other.

The goblins internally agreed and quickly went into position for a three pronged attack.

"Oh the goblins are moving towards Boss Jin!" One of the customers shouted and all of them in the shop tried to look at Station 4's TV.