Chapter 26 What a Cheat! -Part 2

Chapter 26 of 100 chapters

Jin was still lazily looking around the environment but in actual fact, he was using the Playful Platypus Style location sensing ability, a part of various styles he learnt before he had the Nineteen Lazy Astral Panda cultivation.

However, with the advent of Nineteen Lazy Astral Panda cultivation, the location sensing ability was actually enhanced. Pandas had inherent functional hearing that could be used to listen into ultrasonic range and with the cultivation technique he was using, he was able to take advantage of it.

Since he used the basis of Playful Platypus for location sensing and the Lazy Astral Pandas cultivation for enhancement, he casually called it the Playful Panda Hearing ability. "Both you and Ming have poor taste in naming convention." Yun pointed out.

"Well, it works, it should be fine." Jin started to notice where the goblins were. Although Jin seemed like he was not in any stance, the muscles in his hands were already starting to gather the chi within it, ready to burst out at any moment.

The goblins took the first initiative and all three leap at once, doing a three pronged attack, hoping to surprise their master. However, they were so wrong.

Jin was expecting them.

When the goblins were within range of their strikes, Jin immediately lifted his arm and used a simple swipe to counterattack. That Lazy Panda Swipe did not only block their attacks but the force was so powerful that it broke their weapons! That was not all, the impact of the swipe caused the broken weapons and the goblin to be knocked back at least tens of metres!

The after impact also made some of the broken pieces of the weapon penetrate the goblins during the knockback and the dagger goblin died in an instant from the broken weapon pieces during the knockback.

Unfortunately, the unluckiest one was not the dagger goblin but the sword goblin. The knockback from the swipe caused it to have its neck pierced by a dislodged branch and it died choking.

The spear goblin was already coughing up blood due to serious internal injuries but it remembered the master's orders to be dramatic. So it held its throat to suffocate itself while pretending to be choking from the internal injuries and it died for the 'show'.

The crowd outside of Station 4 stared at the screen and the disbelief in the people was plain for all to see. Some had their jaws opened so wide that any wider, and they would need to have surgery to fix it back. The silence was so deafening until one could not take it and shouted. "OH MY GOD, IS HE A CHEAT?!"

The silence in the room rapidly turned into an upheaval of complaints.

"You sure Boss Jin was a Grade 2 Cultivator?!" One of the crowd tried to confirm it.

"Did you not see his cultivation when he was carrying the unconscious up to the recovery floor?"

"Yeah! At most he could be a Grade 2 Peak from the looks of it!"

"This is too overbearing! Did Boss Jin reduce the difficulty before he went into the instance?"

"That is not possible, you saw how those goblins move and how perfect the three pronged strike was coordinated by the goblins! They were aiming to kill him!"

"Ahhhhh my brain is going to explode!!"

"Here comes the eight legged boar! Mr Oink!" One of the customers shouted at the top of his voice to attract attention. Each and every customer was looking with hawk eyes to make sure Jin was not cheating.

"Oink Oink!" The boar stared at Jin with murderous eyes. All Jin did was put his hand out and beckoned it to come towards him.

The boar stomped his feet on the ground for a few times before he starts to charge furiously towards Jin with its tusks facing right at him. This time round, Jin was not just standing around, he bent his knees a little.

"Is he going to sidestep the boar?" One of the customers asked.

"I think so if he sidesteps too early, it will be useless, the boar can change directions very quickly, especially when it has eight legs. If he sidesteps too late, he would not be able to avoid the large wide tusk attack since the boar basically has a 160 degrees angle of attack with a radius of roughly 1.5m."

"Are your estimates even accurate?" A customer doubted the reply.

"I'm quoting based on the closest monster I know of, the six legged boar." the nerdy customer replied with confidence.

"Maybe, he just going to swipe the boar to death. Hahaha!"

"Those tusks are definitely harder to break than the goblin's cast iron weapons. Even if he can do that, he probably will die alongside with the boar from the charge impact. You cannot ignore the basic physics of the dimensional space." the know-it-all customer chipped in his opinion in again.

"Shhhhh!" The crowd around the nerdy customer wanted to see with their own eyes the defeat of the boar.

The boar was getting closer but Jin was not moving at all. The charge of the boar suddenly changed and it became twice as fast the moment it was at least 10 meters away from Jin. Instead of side stepping, he was still in the same position, unmoving.

"It's too late, he can not sidestep in time when the charge quickened." Man Zhuang said.

Yes, the boar was reaching him in a matter of seconds and its tusks were aiming straight at Jin. But Jin was waiting...waiting for the boar to reach as close as he could before he released his Lazy Panda Swipe. The stance he was in was to gather as much strength and chi to handle an opponent that was oversized and heavy. Besides, he had practiced more than enough times in the afternoon.

"What is this boar when you have to handle Xiong Da?" Jin thought to himself.

"Here it comes!" One of the customers just shouted out her anxiety.


The crowd went silent again as they saw through the TV, a jumbo eight meters long boar being sent upwards as if it was a backyard rocket experiment. All that was left on the ground was Jin with two lazy panda silhouettes hovering above him.

Like a rocket that ran out of fuel, the boar dropped to the ground with a loud thud. Jin was walking towards it to confirm his kill when the female announcer stated that the dungeon was completed.

Jin was teleported safely back to Station 4 and everyone looked at him like tongue tied horrors. Jin smiled and bowed a little before he returned to the bar counter. After which, he looked at the time and saw that it was nearly 10 pm.

"Shop is not taking anymore dungeon runs for today. Those who wish to do their dungeon runs and have not done so, please finish it. Food services are closed." Jin shouted as he ignored the crowd's stare.

"How did you have such power for Grade 2??" Man Zhuang said in a voice as steady as possible.

Everyone suddenly looked at Jin waiting for his answer but instead, he said two words.

"Trade Secret."

"Ah, I think I hear a crow caw." a customer sarcastically replied.

"Yea, oh look, I am one now. Caw Caw Caw." The customer portrayed his cultivation and 2 crows silhouettes flew around his head, cawing in the store.

The crowd started to laugh at the senseless conversation and Man Zhuang also gave up asking for now. Some continued with their dungeon while others started to leave the store with mixed reactions.

However, one thing was for sure. They would come back here again, the sense of excitement and the atmosphere was totally different from other dungeon suppliers, not to mention the food was amazing.

The second day of the store's opening was eventually concluded once the unconscious customers woke up. Jin bid them goodbye and closed his shop.