Chapter 28 Underground Floor

Chapter 28 of 100 chapters

The glass panel door was next to the stairs leading to the second floor. The couch that was once there was shifted further to the right.

It was a reinforced glass panel sliding door that did not obstruct the current design layout of the storehouse. It seemed like the upgrades had been taken into consideration when the store was created.

"Specially reinforced NASA-approved military grade glass with top quality extreme defence inscriptions, capable of withstanding Grade 19 Peak attacks at least twice," Yun said with some gusto.

"What in the world are you hiding down there that it requires such a powerful glass door?" Jin was now curious.

"Go downstairs, you will see." Yun suddenly appeared as her younger self now and followed him from behind.

Beside the glass door was a panel, similar to the credit port at the Panda Port PC. Jim took his phone out and placed it over the port to activate the door.

"For customers, they can use the dog tags given to them to gain access," Yun said to Jin as the door slid open quietly

When the door opened, the stairway was lit brightly and at each side of the stairway were pictures of pandas tumbling, as if they missed a step and continued to fall all the way until they reached the underground floor.

Jin stepped into the basement and saw a few large crates lying around. Yun told him that the phone was needed to authorise the crate opening and he did what was instructed by Yun.

Suddenly, items flew out of the creates and started to fly around the room, filling the area. Upon further inspection, he found that some of the parts were used to create a cinematic screen on each side of the wall.

In total, three cinematic screens were constructed, filling up all three walls of basement 1. In the middle of it all, three cute carved pandas in white jade were placed side by side, equally spaced out from each other. As exquisite as the System always was, the white jade statues even had black jades within the carved pandas design, which made it even more lifelike.

The three carved white jade pandas were not without their identities. The panda on the left wore an old eastern Chinese war helmet but the helmet was too large for it that it covered its eyes

The centre panda had a long beard, and carried an ancient backpack with a variety of goods in it. The craftsmanship of the white jade was so detailed that the goods on the backpack could be easily identified.

Lastly, the panda on the right was a young lazy panda nibbling on a spear as if it was eating bamboo.

"Let me guess. For you to have a seemingly 'innocent looking' glass panel door on the first floor means that you have items of very high value in the basement. What can be more valuable than what they are portraying? I have also deduced that these statues have a dimensional space port similar to the stations on the first floor. So....shops?" Jin tentatively asked Yun, who was touching the white jaded pandas.

"Yeap!! Panda Armoury, Panda General Store and Panda Weaponry." Yun's smile was dazzling like the white jade. Now he understood why his dad was smitten over her.

"So...three shops in my store. Am I a boss of a department outlet now?!"

"It's called an efficient use of space! I wonder why greedy capitalists of the world never thought of doing such a thing?"

"Are you kidding me? I cannot possibly handle this all by myself." Jin suddenly had a big headache.

"Silly Jin, why are there dimensional space ports here?" Yun questioned him.

"Dungeon Instance? As a shop?!" Jin was surprised why no one really ever thought of that.

"Yeap! Instead of a proper dungeon instance, there will be an exit added to the dimensional space and which they do not have to pay for it. All they have to do is show either their phone with Pandamonium installed or their dog tags!" Yun explained to Jin as she walked around basement 1.

"Also, they are not exactly stores, more like reward redemption counters. The panda medals your customers earn can be used to exchange for essential items here. Most of the items offered in the global market can be found here and your customers can use panda medals to buy them. Of course, ours are of a higher quality." Yun smiled.

"Now I understand why you need to have such a reinforced gate at the front entrance. You literally have the entire world's market in these three stores." Jin started to think that he was going insane.

"Did I mention to you that your store is protected by the best defensive perimeter and anti-hacking systems in the world? Would you believe me?"

"At this rate, if you said that you were a god. I would believe you too." Jin said in response.

"Nonsense, I am better than god. I am your mother." Yun knocked Jin on his head and started to walk up to the first floor.

"In any case, you can use your phone via the store layout app to activate this area," Yun shouted down from the first floor.

Jin searched for his store layout app and he scrutinised the basement blueprint. He realised that there was a possibility that the store layout did not stop at basement 1. The excitement of having a complete shop made him unable to wait to unlock more levels of his dungeon supplier store.

As he activated the basement level with his store layout app, the three cinematic screens immediately came alive. It appeared as if they were advertising each of their own stores and the screen quality itself was top notch.

"Angry with goblins backstabbing you? Get your armour here for just 8 panda medals! First week opening!" Flashy pictures of clothing and armour were shown along the cinematic screen of the Panda Armoury

"Quality potions. 2 medals. No negotiation." An old-school Chinese way of writing prices on wooden plaques was shown on the cinematic screen for the Panda General Store.

"GREAT DISCOUNT, FIRST WEEK OPENING! 10 panda medals for all weapons!" Various animated short clips showing the weapon's design were shown for the Panda Weaponry.

"Even the shops have their own personality." Jin giggled at the amazing reward redemption counters.

"Hey Yun, what about me? I do not have a personal weapon or armour for myself." Jin slowly walked back up to the first floor. "I cannot possibly get panda medals since I am the Boss."

"Do I really need to spell it out for you? Is it not obvious enough after you have been with me for so long?" Yun folded her arms as she stared at Jin.

"Oh...missions. Right...I should start doing the Lady Snake mission soon too." Jin searched for the bellator App and summoned Milk out. However, Milk was teleported onto the couch and she was lying down on the couch sexily while holding her bolster.

"Hmmm? Five more minutes...Master." Milk turned to her supine position and used her left forearm to block the light from going into her eyes. She lazily dropped her right arm down to the floor and her bolster rolled towards Jin. Milk's figure was extremely revealing with the thin maroon silk gown that she was wearing.

Yun picked the bolster up, went towards Milk and stuffed the bolster into her face. "NO FIVE MORE MINUTES!" Milk was suffocating and tried to pull the bolster out of her face but Yun was not giving her any chance.

"Okay Okay! I'll wake up!" Milk tried to kick Yun away but Yun persisted as if she explicitly knew Milk's sleeping behaviour.

Two beauties fighting in the morning. Jin could only stare at the current scene. "Ah...such a blissful morning."