Chapter 29 Lady Snake

Chapter 29 of 100 chapters

Yun dragged Milk off the couch and up to the second floor bathroom while commanding Jin not to follow them. "Do not even think about looking at the CCTVs!" Yun stared at Jin with the eyes of a tiger as Milk whined to Jin.

"Help me master!!! Save me from this demoness~!!! I just want to sleep five more Ahhhhhh!" Yun was ruthless as Milk was continuously hit by the threads and risers of the stairs all the way up to the second floor. It was like a little kid pulling her giant little doll.

"What a wonderful sight." Jin nearly teared up due to being able to witness such a pure and beautiful scene. He quietly looked at the two new stations installed by the System, allowing him to operate a total of six stations in the shop.

The new stations had a slightly larger TV, 55 inches compared to the other four which were only 49 inches. Perhaps, the System had underestimated the size of the crowd when it first started.

Suddenly Milk ran down the stairs with her standard battle equipment and hid behind Jin. He could feel a slight plushie feeling pressing against his back as she cowered from Yun. "Master! Save me from this demoness!"

Yun did not bother too much about her and snapped her fingers. A portal appeared right in front of Jin and Milk. "Just get this woman to work and I will not bother her." Yun walked away to the second floor with a little spite.

"Let's go, Milk." Jin took out his pathetic Grade 1 iron sword and went into the portal. When they exited from the portal, all they saw was a large patch of grassland. Beyond the grassland, there was a slight slope with someone sitting by a large cherry blossom tree.

The wind blew and it carried a soft melody with it. It was coming from the large cherry blossom tree. Jin knew that Yun probably brought them straight to the enemy. Since the clue to the whole mission was Lady Snake, the grassland was the best area for such a monster to ambush them.

Milk immediately cast holy shield which was a visible magic barrier protecting the team and Jin started to move forward.

Upon closer observation, there was a little girl playing an ancient 1.4 metre long Chinese zither with 16 strings beside the cherry blossom tree. The girl saw her guests arriving and started to play an enchanting melody.

Jin suddenly felt that his body could not move and Milk was affected as well. The melody became even louder and from the grassland, a Great White Snake slowly slithered in front of Jin. Its eyes, which was a mix of ruby and blood red, stared at Jin with great intensity. At this point, the melody stopped and the girl gave an innocent smile to Jin.

"I assumed that's Lady Snake." Jin made some serious eye contact with the snake yet it was not making a move to bite Jin.

"Actually no, the one playing the zither is Lady Snake," Yun said in his head.

"What? She is the Lady Snake? That's more like a Loli Snake!" Jin thought at the back of his head.

Lady Snake plucked the strings of her zither once more and two giant ants, each with an individual colour to it. One white and one red ant crawled out of the ground. The ants tried to grab Jin and Milk with their large wide mandibles but the holy shield previously cast by Milk was protecting them to a certain extent.

"Not good, we will be cut in half by these giant ants if we do not do something fast." Jin tried to tremble as much as possible to the point he managed to bite his own tongue. The moment he did so, he was free from the spell and he quickly used his sword and stabbed it into the white ant's mouth.

The white giant ant split out haemolymph, a mixture of interstitial fluid and blood from when it was pierced by Jin's attack, making it move backwards. Jin used his cultivation to summon the strength of Grade 3 to slash his sword, which was within the ant, upwards. He quickly took his phone and threw it into the mess he made of the white ant.

"Capture complete," Yun reported.

The Lady Snake realised she got complacent and played a fast violent melody which made the Great White Snake, who was originally completely docile into a vengeful and frenzied creature. It immediately opened its mouth and tried to bite Jin.

The speed of the snake's attack was swift but the snake did not know the power of a simple swipe by Jin as he tried to parry the bite with his sword. The snake's fang collided with his iron sword and the snake's fang broke into two pieces.

It immediately recoiled backwards, which gave Jin the opportunity to push forward and attack the red ant. Due to change of melody, the red ant also changed its target, leaving Milk alone and directly charging at Jin with its broad mandible open.

"Chance!" Jin thought to himself as he dashed closer to the ant, hoping to perform the same attack he did to the giant white ant. Unfortunately, he was wrong when the red giant ant spewed out a breath of fire towards Jin.

"What!?" Jin could not change his trajectory in time so he decided to bet everything on the holy shield that Milk had cast on him and dramatically increased his speed like a lightning bolt that pierced through the skies.

The holy shield held for a short while before the magic wore off. That short while though, was sufficient for Jin to successfully plunge the whole sword into its mouth. More of the haemolymph leaked out and Jin slammed his phone on the ant's head, causing it to fall to the ground and subsequently disappear into thin air.

"Capture complete." Yun reported once more.

This time, the girl playing the zither was extremely livid. With Milk still paralysed from Lady Snake's ability, Jin had personally taught this girl how to respect her elders.

"Actually, she is over 200 years old." Yun interjected when she read Jin's thought.

"...I will just focus on the battle." Jin was too dumbfounded to say anything else.

The little girl plucked another string but this time, a visible sonic wave projectile flew towards Jin, which he barely dodged.

"Is she even a snake?!" Another sonic wave came but Jin controlled the situation by utilising his Lazy Panda Swipe's impact to block the attack.

"Who said she was ever a snake? Are you making assumptions that she's a snake from her name?" Yun's comments were getting on Jin's nerve but he tried to concentrate as much as possible on the battle.

The snake did not spare Jin after his attempt on its fang. It relentlessly tried to bite him while Lady Snake kept releasing deadly sonic wave projectiles towards him. In addition, the open grassland gave Jin zero advantage against the attacks and all he could do was run. There was nearly no chance to capture the girl even though she was stationary.

"Stationary...I might actually have a chance!" Jin thought of a stupid but feasible idea.