Chapter 3 First Mission

Chapter 3 of 100 chapters

Jin went into his room to change his clothes into something more suitable for combat. The clothes were slightly enhanced with some defensive inscription magic and had leather pads in the joint areas.

He also took out his Grade 1 iron sword that he had since high school. He could have bought a Grade 2 weapon but he was too used to the weight of the iron sword and it was given to him by his grandfather Ming.

Perhaps, he had yet to accept the fact that he had really lost his grandfather and holding this sword gave him some closure. Regardless, it had been some time since he used it last due to the intense workload at university and this was the only weapon he had familiarity with.

Now that he was nearly graduating from his degree course in computer engineering, he suddenly pondered whether it was wise of him to go into battle just like this. Although a Grade 2 cultivation was average for his age, there were talented people that had Grade 5 or 6 cultivation.

In China, the province of Guangdong, Shenzhen where he was living, the cultivation grades goes up to Grade 20. Grade 20 was the highest that the most supreme being had ever reached and recorded. There was only one cultivator ever to reach to Grade 20 in China's history. His name was Lu Guan Yu and he was the one who proposed the change in the laws of nature to let commoners have a better standing against the cultivators.

Other countries had similar cultivation grades but some might be using a different system. To quote an example would be like the metric system versus the imperial system. To date, most countries adopted China's cultivation system because of its simplicity in measuring strength and power.

"Yun, I do not think I am able to do this." Jin took out his iron sword from the scabbard and gave it a few swings. His confidence wanes a little as he knew the swing was not as strong as it used to be.

"Jin, if you give up now, you are disappointing not just your grandfather but yourself too. If not now then when? When are you ever prepared? Tomorrow? Ten years later?" Yun said in his head and Jin felt like Yun started to act like a mother which that he never had.

"Besides, you have yet to explore the functions of your new handphone, why are you so discouraged so soon."

Jin went back to the living room and picked his phone up to read the list of conditions at the current mission screen.


Mission 1: Capture a goblin.

Many viewed goblins as mundane monsters that are not worth fighting. They did not realise how goblins can be as intelligent as a normal human being and they gain experience fighting against them. Capture a goblin and through training, the goblin will be a menace to even high cultivators in time to come. You are allowed to use one Bellator.

Optional objectives: Catch a variety of goblin classes (at least three different classes)

Rewards: A Grade 1 Boss monster for your 1st instance.


"What's a Bellator?" Jin asked Yun which she immediately responded by closing the mission app and automatically went further down the phone's menu. An app with the name "Bellators" was on it. Jin tapped it and the starting screen had a panda carrying a sword and shield while wearing a roman full helmet. The app loaded and rectangular grey boxes appeared as if trying to say that the content behind it was locked.

"I will randomly unlock a Bellator to accompany you for this trip. Other Bellators will need to be paid for by you to be unlocked." Yun casually said while the phone screen received a notification. He tapped on it again and a panda holding a gift box for him appeared.

Jin tapped on the gift box and a magical circle summoning loading screen popped up. It was similar to what he usually saw in those mobile game apps. A grey light flickered in the magical circle before a lady with a simple white robe held onto a book surfaced from the magical circle.

"Bellator meant warrior in Latin, fearing none and feared by all. These fearless warriors will only be loyal to you and only you. They will follow you to death if necessary. Of course, resurrection is possible, you just have to bear the cost." Yun giggled a little.

Suddenly, the lady in the phone jumped out from the screen and into reality. Seeing how a slender looking lady appeared out from Jin's phone, he was not prepared to hold onto her properly and both of them fell.

Jin recollected himself and realised the lady was clumsily sitting on his chest. "Hi Master, my name is Milk, I am of the class acolyte which can cast holy magic. Still a beginner though! So it will be a pleasure to work with you!" Milk grabbed Jin's right hand and shook it vigorously.

"Ehh, Ms Milk, you can first get off my chest."

"Am I that heavy!?" Milk pouted and crossed her arms right below her breast as if it was supporting it. Jin felt her weight even more as she relaxes but he could not help and sensed a tree growing in his nether regions.

"No no no, it is just that I like to formally greet my-"

"AH! You are blushing, aren't you!" Milk slowly placed her face closer towards Jin, making him feel more uncomfortable.

"Yes, yes I am blushing." Jin turned his head to the right as he answered to Milk.

"Hahaha, at least you are honest enough, I will let you off this time." Milk stood up and patted her robes a little.

"Anyways, yes I am Milk, a Grade 2 cultivator too. I will like to be at the backline supporting you but that does not mean I cannot hold my weight in a one to one fight when necessary. Just remember to rescue me, Master." Milk gave an aegyo face while holding her book on her chest while pushing her glasses up. The smooth long brown hair complemented the look, which made Jin stared blankly for a little while.

He quickly came back to reality and took a look at his mission app once again. He did not know what he would face but without the courage to step forward, he would not be able to start his dream as a dungeon supplier.

Jin asked whether Milk was ready before he pressed the red big button at the bottom of the mission screen after reading the conditions again.

The screen on the phone turned yellow with black stripes indicating "CAUTION, GATE OPENING." The phone flew out of Jin's hand and an eastern magic circle appeared from the phone. It created an opening akin to a small portal which subsequently sucked both Jin and Milk into an all-new region with sparse forests.

"The mission has teleported you to the goblin parallel world where goblins ruled the area. Humans are their enemies and the rebel resistance against them. You will find true goblins worthy to be part of your dungeons." Yun said.

"I am starting to believe those fantasy novels are stories recounted by people who really encounter them." Jin took a gulp of his saliva and heard footsteps from afar with the heightened senses he had cultivated in Grade 2. There were at least four or five individuals, with one cladded in armour.

"Let's bash some goblin's skulls Master." Milk looked a little too sinister to be an acolyte. If one had not known her, they might that she was a fraud.

Jin nodded and unsheathed his sword from his scabbard.