Chapter 30 GODDD PUNCH!

Chapter 30 of 100 chapters

The Great White Snake slammed its tail at Jin but he reciprocated with his Lazy Panda Swipe. He was thankful that the technique he learnt was a simple one with much utility. However, during Jin's attack, he was careless enough to allow a sonic projectile by Lady Snake to inflict damage upon him and he fell backwards with a pulsating pain going through his body.

The sonic wave vibrated through his whole body, causing him to be paralysed momentarily. That was all the time needed for the Great White Snake to wrap around Jin and bind him. Now the pulsating pain turned into strangling pain and Lady Snake started to play a melodious tune on her zither as if to signal her victory.

"Let's try out my theory then." In his left hand was the handphone he had used previously. Jin lightly tapped the phone onto the snake. Lo and behold, the snake disappeared in a whiff into thin air and Jin fell to the ground in pain.

"Capturing in progress," Yun reported to Jin.

"Great! That means my theory actually works." He gritted his teeth and started dashing towards Lady Snake. She was not happy with the abrupt change of events. Changing from the melodious tune, she caressed all the strings on the Chinese zither and made an extremely sharp piercing sound.

Five sonic wave projectiles, larger than the ones Jin initially encountered, came towards him at great speed.

"Capture incomplete, Monster will be released," Yun reported and Jin curled his lips a little as he raised his phone and faced the screen towards the onslaught of sonic wave projectiles.

From the phone's screen, the Great White Snake broke out of the device, rushing out to where it should belong, the grasslands. If not for its overwhelming strength, it might have been detained forever. Hence, it was expecting an attack from Jin since he had the ability to detain it for a few seconds. That was why the white snake burst out of the device with its mouth wide open.

Little did it know that it faced an attack albeit not from Jin when it burst out of the phone's screen.

The sonic wave projectiles had no mercy, ripping the Great White Snake into pieces. The head of the snake fell to the ground in disbelief that it was killed by its beloved mistress. The mistress that it had served for the past 200 years. Did the mistress think that it had betrayed her?

At its dying breath, Jin squat and tapped the phone on its struggling head. "You will be reunited with your friend soon, just give me a few more minutes."

"Capture complete," Yun reported.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" For the very first time, the girl screamed instead of using her zither to express her feelings. Jin could finally have a proper look at Lady Snake without the interference of the Great White Snake.

Her pale skin complexion made it whiter than any Caucasian he had ever known. Her crystal white hair was as wavy as a den of little ivory white snakes, moving around her hair There she sat and tears of white blood dripped from her ruby coloured eyes as she screamed in agony.

She banged her zither a few times in frustration and then glared at Jin. That look of hers contained such baneful killing intent and it was all directed at Jin. It was as if she vowed to the heavens that she would not stop even if Jin died in her hands. She would come after his family members and make sure everyone related to him was dead.

"Oh no you don't, you little bitch." Milk finally got out of her total paralysis. "I am the one who should be mad. You made me unable to serve my master properly, let me teach you a thing about frustration!"

Jin was at a loss for words. "That girl has probably just lost a companion that was with her for years."

"To be accurate 183 years," Yun interjected.

"And your anger is stronger than her loss?"

"I am just angry for not having enough sleep!" Milk was like a little child wanting her way of things so Jin stepped aside for her to take the stage.

Milk walked towards Lady Snake with each step fuming with anger. However, each step was also met with multiple sonic wave projectiles which Milk blocked with her current holy shield. "Oh, this little bitch needs a personal lesson." Milk got even more upset that the situation was not going her way.

"I can try to-" Jin was interrupted by a slam of Milk's oversized book.

"To temporarily capture her like how you did with the white snake so we can advance forward and have a better shot at her? Sure, after you let me break that barrier around her first." Milk gave a pouty face and opened her book to start chanting.

"Barrier?" Jin thought to himself quietly and realised he did not think this through enough. If Milk could cast magical barriers to protect him, why couldn't enemies do it too? He had forgotten the enemies he fought were now of higher grades. It should be of no surprise to him that higher level monsters had stronger skills and chi/magic abilities.

Milk shone brightly with holy magic and Jin could feel the warmness of her spell powers. On the other hand, Lady Snake felt threatened and she was at a loss due to the different types of emotions conflicting within her.

Without her companion, she did not have a proper guardian to protect her against attacks. It had never happened before so she frantically dished out as many sonic wave projectiles to not only protect herself from the insanity of emotions but also to attack the enemy as well.

Jin helped block a few projectiles coming towards Milk with his Lazy Panda Swipe but inadvertently got hit too. However, he stood there as long as possible for Milk to finish her incantations.

"Master, thank you for your sacrifice for the undeserving me. I present to you Milk's special... GODDD PUNCH!"

An ethereal golden fist emerged from the skies and came crashing down towards Lady Snake. While it looked slow from a distance, the impact against the shield barrier was tremendous, causing the large blossom tree to be blown away.

Lady Snake saw the attack but did not run from it. Instead, she tried to direct her attacks towards the ethereal golden fist. The god punch eventually broke the barrier and it continued to fall downwards.

As the golden fist was about to touch its enemy and obliterate the little girl into nothingness, Lady Snake looked as if she reached a moment of enlightenment. Lady Snake did not panic nor did she cry at her impending doom. She became calm and played a peaceful calming melody at the end of her demise.

"Now!" Using the strength of his Lazy Panda Swipe, he threw his phone like a frisbee and it whisked through the air faster than the falling golden fist. With a large bang on Lady Snake's head, she was knocked over away from her zither and disappeared before the golden fist landed.

The little girl was absorbed into the phone and Yun said the process of capturing was ongoing. The golden fist continued for a while longer, penetrating into the ground and causing a large hole around the area of impact.

Both Milk and Jin stood their ground to withstand the aftershocks of the golden fist. However, Milk seemed weak after the attack and Jin held tightly onto Milk and thanked her for exerting herself.

"Oh No!! Master, do not take me if I faint, I am still a pure nun." Milk began to hold onto Jin even tighter. Jin could not help rolling his eyes to the back of his brain but continued to grab on to her as her gait was still unbalanced after the attack.

"Ahhhhh~! Master, you are so- " Milk immediately fell onto the ground as Jin suddenly let go of her when she made that sound.

"Capture completed... for some reason, she did not resist," Yun reported and she opened the portal for Jin. Jin tried to return to the shop via his portal but he continued to hear an aegyo whining sound from behind. "Master!!! Don't leave me behind!"

"Bye." Jin opened the bellator's app and recalled Milk. He stretched a little before heading back to his store via the portal.

Mission Complete.